Summer Love

I've always hated Harry since I was about 7? Well things changed over the summer for us once we saw each other again after two years. I was really ugly when I was a kid until I got older. Harry has been teasing me how ugly I was. I've improved since then. Things have changed... Harry has gotten taller I've gotten prettier but things have changed after two whole years not that I'm counting or anything. We've gotten closer but I just haven't gotten used to it yet... Will things change forever between me and Harry? Read more.


1. Meeting Again

Chapter 1
(Bri's POV)
My beeping alarm woke me up. Oh great. A nice start to a terrible day. I got up out of bed and started to get ready. I took a shower, picked out a crop top, shorts, and vans. I brushed my hair and teeth. I got my suitcase and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I let out a sigh. 
"Mom, do I have to go?" I ask as I poured my cereal.
"Yes. We skipped the past two summers we are going this time." My mom said back.
I finish my breakfast and that means its time to go. I put my bags in the back and got in the car.
As we were driving I put in my earbuds and looked out the window. I thought about how this summer was gonna go. Probably terrible like the rest. I'm 18. I just applied for a college far away from home. If I get in I won't come back for the summers. It was too far to come back. After about 2 hours we got there.
This was a beach house. My mom and I come out here almost every summer with Harry and his mom. Harry was a boy my age. I hated him though and I could tell the feeling was mutual. He teased me all the time. Called me names, played pranks on me. Stuff like that.
Our moms are best friends so ever since me and Harry were born they bought this beach house and we all spent the summer here. The past two years we didn't come. I used to have glasses and braces. I was chubby too. That's why Harry made fun of me. Since then I got contacts and my braces off. I've also kept the weight off since then. Anyway I looked like a different person.
I sat in the car for about 10 minutes until my mom forced me to get out. When I did I saw Harry and his friends playing football in the back yard. Yay, he had his sidekicks to make fun of me too. I walked up the porch steps and went inside. I walked into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. I looked around remembering being here all the time. I went up stairs to my room and unpacked my bags.

(Harry's POV)
As me and the boys were goofing around I noticed a girl walking in the house. I didn't recognize her so I followed behind her. I walked into Bri's room. "Bri?" I asked leaning up against the doorframe. She turned and looked at me.
"What?" She asked harshly.
"Whoa you've changed." I said smirking looking her up and down.
"Ok. Get out." She said before closing the door right in my face. Was she gonna be a bitch all summer? I rolled my eyes and went back outside to the boys.

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