Summer Love

I've always hated Harry since I was about 7? Well things changed over the summer for us once we saw each other again after two years. I was really ugly when I was a kid until I got older. Harry has been teasing me how ugly I was. I've improved since then. Things have changed... Harry has gotten taller I've gotten prettier but things have changed after two whole years not that I'm counting or anything. We've gotten closer but I just haven't gotten used to it yet... Will things change forever between me and Harry? Read more.


2. Awkward

(Bri's POV)
I slammed the door in his face. I sighed and walked over to my bags and started unpacking again. I put all the stuff in drawers and on hangers. I finally finished and sat on my bed and sighed. This was gonna be yet another long summer. I rolled my eyes before standing back up and looking out the window. I looked down into the backyard and saw that Harry and the boys were talking. I saw Harry glance up here so I turned away. I went and got my swimsuit from my drawer and got changed. I put my clothes back over my swimsuit and grabbed a towel and a bag. I put my sunglasses, phone, earbuds, and towel into the bag. 
I sighed and opened the door. I walked downstairs and out the back door. All the boys turned to look at me.
"Damn Haz. You were mean to her?" Louis spoke up looking at me smirking a little.
I rolled my eyes in disgust and walked towards the gate.

(Harry's POV)
"Dude!" I yell at Louis and punch him in the arm after Bri leaves.
"What she's hot." He said laughing.
I rolled my eyes and bit my lip.
"Guys I'll be right back. You guys can go in and get lunch." I said standing up. They nodded and ran inside. I sighed and walked to the gate and opened it. I walked out closing it behind me. I walked towards the beach assuming Bri was there. I try to spot her. I see her taking her shirt and shorts off. I couldn't help but stare. I hit my head a little and went back to reality. I walked towards her as she layed down putting her sunglasses on and earbuds in.
"Holy shit she's fit." I whispered to myself.

(Bri's POV)
I start moving around and humming with the song a little bit. I realized a shadow was standing over me. I slid my sunglasses down the bridge of my nose. I raised an eyebrow. It was Harry. I sighed before speaking. "You're blocking my light." I said ignorantly.
He was smirking. "Nice dancing MJ." He laughs.
I roll my eyes and slide my sunglasses back up. I go back to listening to music. I look out the corner of my eye and Harry lays down next to me. Yay. He pulls my earbud out.
"So are you just gonna ignore me?" He asks.
"Yeah that's pretty much the plan." I say sarcastically smiling.
"Whatever bitch." He mumbles.
I yank my earbud out of his hand.
"Can I at least put some sunscreen on you?" He asks smirking.
"No." I say putting my earbud back in.
"Damn what's up your arse?" He laughs.
"Do ever shut up?" I ask turning my music off. He doesn't say anything. I sigh and put my stuff away standing up.
"Where are you going?" He asks grabbing my wrist softly.
"Anywhere you aren't." I sigh pulling my wrist away.

(Harry's POV)
I grabbed her wrist again pouting a little this time. "Don't go." I said looking up at her.
"Why?" She asks rolling her eyes pulling her wrist away again.
I pull her arm again but this time a little too hard. She falls right on top of me. We were so close. Bodies pressed together. I looked right in her eyes and she looked in mine. I smirked at her a little.
"Sorry." She says putting her hands on either side of me getting up.
I get up after her. "Don't be."
"Listen I'm gonna be here all summer. There's  no reason to pout about me walking away so get over it." She says and walks away.
It was nice while it lasted.

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