Hushed Screams (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic) ON HIATUS

Abused, bullied, anorexic, yet expected to be perfect. Andrea Russel is abused and bullied, but keeps it all hidden under a mask. A mask everyone is familiar with. A smile. She has an abusive father, and never told a single person. Because if she did, Her life would be on the line...
When a normal day turns into meeting One Direction, everything in her life turns upside down when one boy starts to fall for her.
Louis Tomlinson.
Even though they become best friends, she doesn't tell him about anything. He insists she should tell him, but she doesn't.
Will he be able to save her from the hell she calls "Home"?


1. prologue


Thats me. Andrea Russel. My life is okay, I guess. Other than having

- No Friends

- A drunk bastard for a father

- And bullied everyday.

Yeah, i guess.

I'm 18, I play the Piano, I write poetry, I love to draw, and music is my life.

I'm expected to be perfect. 

Everyone thinks that i'm that girl who's always happy, No matter what, But in reality...

I'm not.

But enough of my soap opera no one cares about. 

Lets begin...

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