Hushed Screams (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic) ON HIATUS

Abused, bullied, anorexic, yet expected to be perfect. Andrea Russel is abused and bullied, but keeps it all hidden under a mask. A mask everyone is familiar with. A smile. She has an abusive father, and never told a single person. Because if she did, Her life would be on the line...
When a normal day turns into meeting One Direction, everything in her life turns upside down when one boy starts to fall for her.
Louis Tomlinson.
Even though they become best friends, she doesn't tell him about anything. He insists she should tell him, but she doesn't.
Will he be able to save her from the hell she calls "Home"?


7. Chapter 7

(A/N - I'm so sorry you guys. Iv'e been a lazy writer. I totally forgot to put the time period their in at the moment. Right now the date is June 22, 2012. Andrea was born June 24, 1992. I hope i have cleared some things up :) Later guys!)

P.O.V - Andrea

I held back my tears as I stared at my bruised cheeks. Yeah... Last night didn't go so well. I think you can piece together what happened. If you can't, it was my dad. I ran my finger over the bruises and cringed as it stung. I walked back to my room and sat on the floor near the window. I stared at the scars on my wrists. "Stop Andrea. Snap out of it. You promised Louis you would stop." My mind told me. I wanted to cry. Before I could, Macie's ringtone played on my phone. I grabbed my phone and answered her call.


"Happy Early Birthday, Andy!"


"I have a present for you! It involves Starbucks"

"Is it what i think it is?"

"Only your favorite drink from there"

"A Caramel Frappucino?"

"Yup! Wanna meet up?"

"Um... Sure. I'll meet you there"

"Hurry! Before its no good!" 

I quickly hung up and put on my Flyleaf t-shirt, Skinny jeans, and my converse. I went into the bathroom, and remembered the bruises. I grabbed my foundation and smeared it all over my cheeks until they were no longer noticeable. I put my phone in my pocket and walked out the front door. My dad was at work, so yeah. I walked over to Starbucks and greeted Macie with a hug. She handed me the Frappucino and i took a sip. Heaven in a cup. We sat down at a table and started talking. "Thanks for getting me this" I said, taking one last sip, making it empty. "Well, i know its your favorite so." She smiled. Her phone buzzed. "I gotta go. My mom wants to go out to dinner. Bye Andy" She said giving me a tight hug and walked away.

P.O.V - Andrea - 2 days later...

The bruises are still there. I used the last of my foundation today because Louis was talking me to do something. I was told to put on something with an animal on it, so i put on this

I walked outside and waited for Louis to come pick me up. His car pulled up and he stepped out. I ran over and hugged him tight. He opened the passenger seat door for me and I sat down, thanking him. We drove off, and the first few minutes there was silence. "So, where are you taking me?" I asked. He didn't answer. We pulled up to a zoo, and I smiled. He smiled back at me and said "Why do you think i asked you to wear something with an animal?". We got out of the car, and paid to get in. We walked into the Zoo and went to see the Tigers. 

2 Hours Later...

We walked out of the Zoo and we were both wearing Tiger ears. We walked hand-in-hand to the car and he opened the door for me. We drove off and I thought he was taking me home, but took me to a park. It had a nature path. We got out and walked into the nature path. Left, right, left, left, and right. When we reached the last turn, I heard a party horn, and a chorus of "shh" 's. "Surprise!!!!" Macie and the other boys yelled. I covered my mouth, hiding my smile. Macie came up and hugged me along with the other boys. We spent the rest of the day playing football (Soccer), eating cake, and playing kid games. I waved goodbye as the day came to an end. We drove over to my house and Louis walked me up to my doorstep. I wrapped my arms around him tightly. "Thank you so much" I said almost in tears. He lifted my chin and kissed me. "Happy birthday" He said with a small smile.. We let go of each other and i went into my house. I watched him drive away from my bedroom window. I went to my closet and put on some plaid pajama shorts and a white t-shirt. I heard a car door slam, and then the front door slam. I quickly scattered to my window and saw dad's car in the driveway. Before i could reach the lock to my door, he walked in, and walked towards me...

P.O.V - Louis

I just noticed that Andrea left her phone in my car, so I drove to her house. I grabbed her phone and went to the door. Before I could knock, I heard a piercing scream come from her room. I opened the door, and ran up to her room.

P.O.V - Andrea

Louis ran in. My dad turned around quick and pulled an evil grin. He looked at me, my foundation gone, blood on my shirt, and my lip busted open. "L-Louis? what are you doing here?" I said quietly, barely able to speak. I don't think he heard me. He was the same height as my dad. He pushed my dad out of the way and stood in front of me. "Don't touch her again" Louis said. My dad laughed. "And what are you gonna do if I do, Pretty boy?" He spat at him. Louis didn't hold back, and punched him straight in the face. It knocked him out. He grabbed my hand and ran me out of the house and into his car. We drove off quickly as it started to rain.

It was silent. The only noises made were the rain and the car. I had my knees against my chest, too afraid to say anything. Was he mad? I don't know. We pulled up to his apartment, stepped out of the car, and began walking to his place. When we got there, he unlocked the door and we walked in. I sat next to him on the couch in silence. He finally broke the silence. "Why didn't you tell me?" He said. I bit my lip. "Tell him..." My mind told me. I took in a breath. "He said he would kill me if i told anyone" I managed to say. His face showed hurt. A tear ran down my cheek. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I hid my face in my hands. He turned me to face him, and wrapped his arms around me tightly. "I promise. I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you. I'm keeping you safe" He said. I looked up at him, and he wiped away my tear with his thumb. "Come on. Lets get you cleaned up" He said softly. I nodded and followed him to the bathroom. I dabbed water on my lip where it was broken. I washed the dried blood from my face and went back to the living room. I curled up on the couch. "How long has this been going on?" Louis asked "my whole life..." I said quietly. "I'm sorry i never told you" "Its alright. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Its been a rough day" Louis said. He sat next my me and i cuddled up against him. He put a blanket over me, and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes, and drifted off in Louis' embrace.

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