Hushed Screams (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic) ON HIATUS

Abused, bullied, anorexic, yet expected to be perfect. Andrea Russel is abused and bullied, but keeps it all hidden under a mask. A mask everyone is familiar with. A smile. She has an abusive father, and never told a single person. Because if she did, Her life would be on the line...
When a normal day turns into meeting One Direction, everything in her life turns upside down when one boy starts to fall for her.
Louis Tomlinson.
Even though they become best friends, she doesn't tell him about anything. He insists she should tell him, but she doesn't.
Will he be able to save her from the hell she calls "Home"?


3. Chapter 3

P.O.V - Andrea

I just got out of  my last period, and thank god its Friday. All weekend in my room, watching t.v , doing nothing interesting. Good thing is, My dad is gonna be working all weekend, so yay. Louis and I have been texting non-stop all week. So, yeah, I think i just made a best friend. I don't know. I walked to the Starbucks, cause tonight I had to work a bit later. Not bad though, I just have to work an extra hour. I walked to the Starbucks, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and the wind blowing. I stood behind the register, about to fall asleep. After my shift had ended, I changed back into my regular clothes, and it was raining. Awesome. I stepped out and felt the cold drops fall upon my face. Ughhh. I started walking towards my house and the rain fell down harder. Nice. Suddenly, the rain stopped. Wait, No it didn't. Someone was holding an umbrella above my head. I turned to see Louis. "Oh hey" I smiled "Hey, I just saw you walking down here, and you didn't have an umbrella so... Yeah" He said awkwardly. I giggled. "Thanks" I said. He half smiled. There were a few awkward silences. "Um, Hey, Me and the boys were going laser tag tomorrow if you wanna tag along" Louis said breaking the silence "Tag along, Nice" I chuckled. He smirked. "So you wanna go or not?" "Yeah, sure. But iv'e never played Laser tag" "Seriously?" He laughed. "Laugh all you want, I'm a fast learner" I said sticking out my tongue. "Okay, so your pretty much just trying to shoot the other players with a toy gun that has a laser. Everyone is wearing a vest that has a sensor in the middle, and if the lasor senses it, The sensor turns red and your out. The last one who hasn't been shot yet, wins. Just a warning, iv'e been playing laser tag my whole life" He smiled "Yeah, whatever. I'll bet I an ice cream cone I can beat you" "Yeah, right" "What? Too scared I'll beat you , Tomlinson?" "No, Your on" He laughed. We shook hands and finally reached my house. My house is decent, i guess. Its not creepy and gross, so that's a plus.

"Wanna come in?" I asked "Sure" He said. Thank god my dad wasn't home. We both walked into the living room and sat on the couch. We kept talking all day, then he had to leave. "See ya tomorrow, Lou" "Bye" He said. Before he left, he walked over to me and hugged me. I returned the gesture. I could smell his cologne. He waved goodbye, and left. I sighed. I walked up to my room and shut the door. It was getting late, so I changed into my pajama's, and flopped onto my bed. I shut my eyes and fell asleep.

The Next Day...

I woke up and outside my window, Dad's car was there. I turned to my door. It was unlocked.Hes asleep, its like 9:00 in the morning."Where are you?!" He boomed through the house. Spoke too soon. I looked around my room for a place to hide. No where. Before I could even get up, he Swung open my door. I gulped. He scowled at me. He grabbed me by the wrist and threw me to the floor. I don't know why he does this to me. He just does. Its like i'm his puppet. Sometimes it was because he was drunk, sometimes it was because he had a rough day at work, sometimes... There was no reason. He kicked me in the stomach, smacked me in the face, and left bruises on the right side of my body. I tried screaming for help, only to have him slap me again. He walked out of the room, leaving me in my own pool of tears. I sat up, Clutching my stomach. He drove out to work again, and i sat there, in pain, for three hours. Louis called me, and i picked up the phone.

I sucked up the pain.

"Hello" I said


"Whats up?"

"Do you want me to come and pick you up? Or do you wanna meet us there?"

"Um... I'll just meet you guys there"

"Okay, See you soon"

"Okay, bye"


I hung up. My stomach stopped hurting. I walked to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I undressed and stared at my thin body. I have that thigh gap that everyone freaks out over. Iv'e had Anorexia since i was 16, and no one has cared. I got diagnosed with Anorexia when Kelly had a group of girls call me fat, ugly, and worthless. I looked at the bruises. I flipped over my arms to look at my wrists. All covered in cuts. I turned on the water and stepped into the shower. Once i finished, I walked to my closet. First, i locked my door, Then i changed into this

I grabbed my phone, and jumped out my window. I called a Taxi to get me to the Arcade. Once i got there, the boys were waiting out front. "Heyy!" They all said in unison. "Wow, your prepared and everything. You've got the look down" Louis said, greeting me with a hug "Yeah, well, If i'm gonna kick your ass in Laser tag, i might as well look good while doing it" I said hugging him back. He laughed. "Yeah, sure." He said "What are we waiting for? Lets go" Liam said. We all walked inside, got suited up, grabbed our guns, and waited for the alarm to go off. Once it went off, I hid in a corner, waiting for someone to walk by. Finally, Liam walked by. I pulled the trigger and watched his light turn red. He shrieked, causing me to giggle. One out, 4 more to go. I stealthed my way through the dark maze. I saw Harry at the end of a small corridor, and pulled my trigger, without being seen. Then Louis took out Zayn and Niall, Leaving me and him left. I silently searched the maze. Then, I saw him. I snuck up behind him. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and pointed the gun at me, as i did the same. "Nice moves" I said "Not so bad yourself. You made it through the whole game" He said "Told you i was a quick learner" I smirked "I can see that" He smirked back. "Okay, its on" I said turning around and running through the maze again. "Can't hide forever, Andrea!" I heard him laugh. I silently followed him through the maze. I got the best idea. "Ow! Louis help!" I yelled. I sat on the floor, holding my Ankle like I twisted it. He found me. "Nice try, your not tricking me" He said "I'm not faking, Louis! It really hurts" I cried. He came to my side. "What happened?" "I fell and twisted my ankle" "Come on, lets get you out of here" "Oh... Louis?" "What?" "Just kidding" I smiled and pulled the trigger in my gun. His button changed from black to red. "You cheated!"He said but started to smile "Did not"

"Did to"

"Did not"

"Did to"

"Did Not"


"Oh calm yourself Louis. Are you mad cause i beat you?"

"That was beginners luck, Love"

"Sure. Whatever. All i know is that i'm getting free ice cream"

Louis laughed. I laughed along. We both walked out to meet the boys. "How did you take me out on your first try?" Liam asked, sticking out his bottom lip. "I gotta say, Not bad for a rookie. Good job" Louis said. I bowed."I gotta go. I'm getting a free ice cream cone from Dairy queen" I said. Me and Louis said goodbye to the boys and walked to the Dairy queen. I got a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. "Thank you, Louis" I said like a child "No problem" He said half smiling. I heard a girl scream. I turned my head. It was Macie. I ran over to her and covered her mouth. "What are you doing?" I asked. She muffled something into my hand. "Shh. Listen, I'm gonna take my hand off, and you cannot scream. Got it?". She nodded. I removed my hand from her mouth. "T-thats Louis T-Tomlinson" She stuttered. Louis waved from behind me. "I'll talk to you about it Later. Just pretend you never saw us here, Okay?" I said. She nodded again, turned around, and walked the other direction. I sighed in relief. Louis walked me back to my house. "Here, have the rest" I said handing him my ice cream "Its empty" He smiled. "Sorry" I giggled. He tossed it in the garbage can. "I had fun today, Lou." I said with a small smile. Our faces were close."Me too, Promise me we'll have a FAIR rematch" He smiled "Okay, I promise" I laughed. I hugged him goodbye and went up to my room. I climbed in through my window and turned on my t.v. I pretty much spent the rest of the day doing that...

But i'm glad he hadn't found my scars.

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