Hushed Screams (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic) ON HIATUS

Abused, bullied, anorexic, yet expected to be perfect. Andrea Russel is abused and bullied, but keeps it all hidden under a mask. A mask everyone is familiar with. A smile. She has an abusive father, and never told a single person. Because if she did, Her life would be on the line...
When a normal day turns into meeting One Direction, everything in her life turns upside down when one boy starts to fall for her.
Louis Tomlinson.
Even though they become best friends, she doesn't tell him about anything. He insists she should tell him, but she doesn't.
Will he be able to save her from the hell she calls "Home"?


2. Chapter 2

P.O.V - Andrea

(A/N: I didn't put this in the prologue, but Andrea lives in London)

Another day. Another day where i have to deal with him, AND school. It was getting close to the end of the year. One more month, and then i graduate. I changed into a plain t-shirt, my black skinny jeans, And some old converse sneakers. I grabbed my backpack and my phone, and Tip-toed out of the house. I walked to the school and waited by the steps for the bell to ring. When it blared through the loudspeakers, I walked quickly to my locker, Hoping not to be noticed by Kelly, and spun the dial, opening the door. Kelly is the girl who bullies me pretty much everyday. I quickly grabbed my books and shut my locker. "Hey, let me help you with that" Kelly said grabbing my books and throwing them to the ground, Causing my papers to go everywhere. I sighed as she laughed and walked away. I bent down to pick up my books, when a girl iv'e never seen around here bent down to help me. I looked to see what she looked like. She was sort of pale, had brown hair that she put in a fishtail braid, and hazel eyes. We both stood up at the same time. She handed me my papers. "Thanks" I smiled "No problem. Hey, do you think you could help me find my History class with Mr. Jacob?" "Sure, i'm heading there now" I smiled. She smiled back and we both walked to class together. 

I think iv'e finally made a new friend.


So that girl i met earlier, Her name is Macie. She and i are friends now, which makes me pretty happy considering i haven't made a friend the whole time i was at this school. But no time to hang out with her, because, yes, I have a job. I walked to Starbucks. Yes, thats where i work. I went to the bathroom, Changed into my work clothes, and walked out. I put on my apron and stood at the register. "Welcome to Starbucks, How may I help you?" I asked a woman that came up to the counter. I had to repeat that all day.

4 Hours Later

It was 8:00 and my shift was over. I went back to the bathroom and changed back to my normal clothes. I was walking home, looking through my phone, when i heard a bunch of girly screams. I looked behind me and saw a large group of girls chasing 5 boys. I squinted my eyes and figured out those 5 boys were One Direction. I started at them as they got closer, and closer, and closer. I tried to jump out of the way, only to have them bump into me, causing me to fall to the concrete. I saw Louis look back at me, tell something to the boys, and run back to me. "Come on, unless you wanna get mobbed" He said holding his hand out. I took it and watched his muscles get bigger as he pulled me back up. He didn't let go of my hand and we ran to catch up with the other boys. "Know a way out of this, Love?" Louis asked. I melted. "Yeah, this way" I said pointing to an ally. They ran into the ally and hid there for a bit, watching the crazed girls run by. "Your not gonna kidnap us, right?" Zayn asked "Are you kidding me?" I said crossing my arms over my chest "How about, 'Oh, thank you so much for saving us from a mob of girls who were gonna rip us apart'" I added. "Damn, She's like you Louis" Niall laughed. Louis laughed along while i slightly blushed. "But yeah, thanks... Whats your name?" Louis asked "Andrea" I smiled "Nice. I like that name a lot" He smiled back "Louis, no flirting. We gotta get back to the studio" Harry said. Liam chuckled. The boys started walking away, saying their thank you's, Leaving Louis standing in front of me. "I hope i get to see you again soon, you know, when we're not running away from fans" Louis smirked. I half smiled. "Me too" I said. He snatched my phone and started typing into it. When he handed it back, 'Louis' was added in my contacts. I looked back up to meet his beautiful eyes. "Oh my gosh! I just got Louis Tomlinson's phone number! Ahh! Best day ever!" I said mocking a fan. He laughed. "See you later" He said. I waved goodbye. I made my way through a shortcut from here to my house and quietly snuck into my room, making sure not to wake him up. I walked up to my room, changed into some pajamas, and fell asleep.

Is it wrong i dreamed about Louis?


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