The Past

Peyton is a popstar...,but before she was a popstar she use to "date" Niall from 1D
What happens when Ariana,Andrea,andPeyton see them at Nandos (ps Ariana as in Ariana Grande)(p.p.s Andrea as in Andrea Russett)
Peyton Crystal Russett played by Madison Beer


2. I'm backkkk

Peyton's POV

Well right now,me,Andrea,and Ariana were walking to Nandos

With bodyguards around us

Fans running over to take pictures

I really wanted to take pictures with them also

But stupid management won't let me!

Well right now

But anywaysss

We finally got to Nandos!

I ordered my usual 

So did Ari and Andrea

When we finally sat down and waited for our food

Fans came running in screaming 


Then a familiar blonde boy turned his head to look over....

And that boy was...

Niall James Horan

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