Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


11. Chapter 9:Visions

~Alex`s POV~
I woke up this morning not seeing harry in the bed i got up to go check on darcy but she wasn`t in her room i started panicking i went downstairs to the kitchen to see Harry in the kitchen and was cooking  while darcy was in the living romm watching mickey mouse i sighed in relief then harry spoke "Morning beautiful" "Good Morning Mummy" darcy said from the living room "Good Morning loves, whats for breakfast" i asked/said "Pancakes and "Milk" harry said "Oh OK" i said i went to go sit next to darcy and watched mickey mouse with her then harry said "Breakfast is ready" me and darcy both walk into the kitchen and sat at the table we ate and drank "milk" i finished my food then right when i was going to get up Eleanor texted me:
To: Alex<3
From: Eleanor :)
Hey You want to hang out today:)

To: Eleanor:)
From: Alex<3
How about in 10 mins:)

To: Alex<3
From: Eleanor:)
Sure be there in 10

i turned to harry and asked "Hey can you take darcy to the studio with you today because me and eleanor are going to have a girls day today" i asked/said "Sure Babe" he said "Thanks Love"

*At Park*

~Alex`s POV~
so when El came to my house we decied to go to the park we were talking when all of a sudden Eleanor stopped "El whats wrong" i asked then she started talking "we have to go home now" she said then we ran home home normal speed.

*At Home*
~Alex`s POV~
we got home and to my surprise all of the guys were there maybe they finished recording Early...back to reality "good thing your all here" Eleanor said "What do you need to tell us"i asked what she said was not what i expected "i had a vision" everybody stopped "what was the vision about" Louis asked

"Eleanor`s POV~
"OK, i saw the council the coming for Alex and Darcy the council is giving us 5 days to prepare for the fight(Vision),and then we go into war,we need as many of our friends to help us cause the council has about 100 people" i said they all looked at each other then Alex said "All of my workers at my job are vampires and i can ask robert for some of our family and friends to help out in the fight" i nodded then harry said "i can ask some of my friends that are vampires from my high school we still keep in touch" i nodded once again "then it is settled we will start training for the fight tomorrow"i said

~Alex`s POV~
after they left i cursed to myself quietly but harry heard me "you okay Alex" he asked "No" i said "Whats the problem love" he asked concerned in his voice "I know why the council wants me and darcy" i said harry looked at me with worry "why do they want you and darcy what did you do to them" he asked "Well when we broke and i found out i was pregant with darcy my friend that became my boyfriend helped me through the pregnacy and helped me raise her till she was 4 months old then we got in a bunch of fights and then we broke up and after that he has been wanting revenge so thats why he joined the council, thats why the council is after me and darcy and i am scared to what there going to do to darcy and me" i said then a tear escaped my and harry came and hugged me and i cried into his chest and the he said "Its okay Love i wont let them hurt you or darcy i promise okay now lets get changed into pajamas and go to sleep alright" i nodded and went to go change into my One direction Pajamas then i walked out to see harry shirtless with plaid pants on he said "i love your pajamas babe" i smiled then i got into bed with him and we both watched a movie then i fell asleep during the movie harry turned the movie off and wrapped his arms around my waist i turned around and snuggled into harry and mumbled "I love you Harry" "I love you to Alex" the we both fell asleep cuddled up.

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