Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


9. Chapter 7:Teaching Darcy How to hunt

*Alexs POV*

Today was the day we were going to teach Darcy how to hunt I know she's two but she knows a lot more than you think so I got up from my bed and went to do my daily routine and then went down stairs and went to the cabinet and got a packet of blood if you are wondering we're I get the blood packets I get them at a local hospital my friend works there so she gets me packets of blood. I drank it and after I finished I went to wake up Darcy "Darcy baby wake up" I said she stirred then I saw those green orbs that started into my blue eyes I told her to get up because we were going to train her how to hunt and other things stuff she got up and I took her a bath then put her in sweats and a t-shirt I fed her breakfast which was a packet of blood then Eleanor walked in with a similar outfit to mine we decided that we would dress the same but with different colors. She went to the cabinet and got a packet of blood. then after we finished breakfast we waited for the boys to meet us at the back yard.

*Harry`s POV* (Haven`t done his pov since chp 4 haha)
we were getting ready to train my daughter i still cant believe for two years Alex`s been hiding darcy from me so i am so excited that we are teaching Darcy how to hunt for a 2 year old she is smart and talks a lot i am happy she is a fan of our band *Beep* *Beep*

To: Harry<3
Hey hurry up all the girls are here and darcy is waiting for you guys :).

OK Be right there :)

"COME ON LADS ALEX AND THE GIRLS ARE WAITING!" i yelled then i heard a lot of foot steps come down the stairs then we left to our next door neighbor which is Alex.

*In the backyard*

*Alex`s POV*

When the boys came darcy ran to them yelling "DADDY DADDY!" harry picked her up and kissed her then came carrying darcy to me then set her down. we then went in to the forest getting ready "Okay Darcy look what mummy does and then you do it" i said she nodded i breath in from my nose then out and i got a smell of a deer near by i ran to the tree were i found it and quickly approched it put my fangs in his neck and sucked his blood it kept struggling but then it stopped after i sucked all off its blood then left it there and wiped my mouth darcy looked shocked "Darcy did you see what mummy did" she nodded "okay i want you to the same thing" she nodded i guided her through the steps then she was off running me and harry went to make sure she doesnt get hurt the other girls and the boys went hunting for themselfs. Then we approched darcy and she got a squirrel and sucked the blood out of it me and harry smiled then we left the woods.

*At Home*

*Alex`s POV*
 When we got home everybody was there Danielle asked me "how did darcy do" i said "she got a squirrel and sucked it Dry" everybody clapped at darcy then they all went inside the house but harry pulled me to the side of the door and said "I really Had fun today Alex" "Me two" i said then he did something i didnt expect he kissed me and i kissed back then we heard cheering and we pulled apart to see everybody out side i blushed and looked down but harry lifted me head up and gave me another kiss "So does that mean you will be my girlfriend again" i nodded and he kissed me again Then we went in side and for the rest of the day we watched Toy story for Darcy and Liam and i cuddeled with harry and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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