Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


7. Chapter 6:Zoo with Harry

~Alex's POV~

I woke up to my iPhone making that bubbling noises which means I got a text message 

Hey Alex sorry if i woke you up i was wondering if maybe you me and darcy could go to the zoo today.

i smiled to myself i have to admit i still have feelings for harry but i dont know if he has feelings for me.

sure at what time

(If your wondering if darcy knows harry is her dad she does i just forgot to right it but the media still doesnt know about darcy carry on reading lovelies)

Um its 9:00 now cause the zoo opens at 11:00 so we can go at 11:00

okay see then bye:)

I finished talking to harry and got up and went to the living room to see Eleanor and Darcy watching Max And Ruby i smiled to myself and left the room to get breakfast which was fruit loops cereal i then got up and went to sit with Eleanor and Darcy "Hey Darcy do you want to go to the Zoo with mummy and daddy" i asked her she nodded her head "aunty El can you help me pick an outfit today" darcy asked "sure sweet cheeks lets go" with that they went upstairs i got up and went upstairs to and took a shower and brushed my teeth then i changed into my outfit (on right side with Darcy`s outfit) and then i went downstairs to see harry and darcy sitting on the couch "we ready to go" i asked "yup" he said "El be back in a couple of hours" i said "okay have fun bye" then we were off.

*At Zoo*

"Were do you want to go first Darcy" Harry asked "can we go to the ewaphants" darcy said "yeah we can go to the elephants" i said then we went to go see the elephants and then we went to the tigers then the seals and all the other animals in the zoo we got stopped by a couple of fans that wanted my autograph and harry`s then we left to the food court "baby what do you want" i asked Darcy "chicken nuggets" she said "okay i ordered my food so did harry but when i was about to pay harry gave money to the cashier "you didnt have to do that" i say while walked to find a table which we found under a tree "yes i did" i just ignored it "Alex" harry said "yeah" i said "im sorry i cheated in you with another girl please forgive me" he asked "i already forgave you harry" i said "Daddy i`m twired" darcy said Harry picked her up and started siniging Little Things to her  he was so good with kids. after darcy fell asleep we went home "thanks for inviting us to the zoo harry" i said "your welcome" he said the next thing he did caught me off guard he kissed me then i kissed him back and then he pulled away "i still love Alex" he said i was shocked "i love you to harry" then we kissed again and we said are good byes he went to his house which is next door i and i went in side my house and went to go change/brush my teeth and went to sleep.   

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