Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


4. chapter 3:Meeting The Lads And The Concert

*Alex`s POV*

I woke up and i went to go check on darcy but she wasnt in her room i was starting to get worried i went to the kitchen and she was sitting on the bar stool eating waffles and eggs and watching a cartoon eleanor was making breakfast "Good Morning" i said "good mowning mummy" darcy said i went to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then sat next to her "So i have to leave soon because i got to go to the new agency because we are starting to talk about the show for season 4 and it is going to be over here" i said to Eleanor "ohh what show is it" she said "Supernatural" i said "your in that show OMG i love that show i didnt know you were in it who do you play" Eleanor said "really...and i play Hannah but maybe you dont recgonize me because i wear dark make up and different clothes than the ones i usually do" i said "Oh if you want me and Louis can babysit Darcy he knows that Darcy is Harry`s daughter but didnt tell him yet" Eleanor said "oh please that would be really great and louis is the only one that knows right" i asked "yeah" she said "well i am going to go take a shower"i said eleanor nodded and i went to go do my buisness and got out and put my clothes on (on right side with concert outfit) then i went downstairs and said bye to Eleanor and Darcy and went to my car.

(skip boring car journey)

*At Agency*

I walked in to the agency and walked up to the Front Desk "Hi I`m Here to see Amber Peterson daughter of Robert Peterson" i asked "Hi Your Alex Right" she asked "yeah" i said she called Amber on the Phone thingy then said "she will see you now" "thank you" i said then walked to her office and knocked me and Amber are practically sisters but we are not related "come in" i came in and she ran up to me and hugged me tight "Cant...Breath" i said "oh sorry so are you ready to talk about buisness" she asked "yeah i am excited for this season" i said "i know i am to. okay so here is the script for season 4" she said and handed me a packet that said "Season 4 of Supernatural" in bold letters "you got to know your lines in 2 weeks tops they said" she told me i nodded "Amber i mesmerized season 123 of supernatural so i can handle this and when are we starting" i asked "we start shooting in 2 weeks tops or less something like that" she said "oh okay,anything else you wanted me to know" i asked "No so you can leave now not to be mean" she said "its fine thank you amber and bye" i said and walked out the door.

(skip boring car journey again)

*At Home*

i got home and opened the door to see louis and eleanor laying with darcy in the living room "Hey Guys" i said "Mummy" darcy said running up to me "hi baby" then louis and eleanor got up and came over to me "hi im louis as you already know since eleanor told you but we havent meet properly only over skype when you and eleanor talk" louis said "hey as you know i am Alex and it is nice to actually meet you in person" i said "hey alex are you coming to the concert tonight" louis said "Yeah" he nodded and then we all walked to the couch and started talking until louis had to go to rehersal and then it was just me eleanor and a sleeping darcy.

*Concert Time*

Darcy woke up from her nap and it was 5:00 in the after noon and we all started to get ready i put darcy in a plaid shirt with black pants and All Stars and i got dressed in (on top right side with agency outfit) and went downstairs to see eleanor ready with darcy in her lap watching T.V. then eleanor saw me and put darcy on the couch and she came to me and asked "you ready for tonight" "Yeah a little nervous but it will go away so lets go,Darcy come on were leaving" she came to me and i carried her paul was driving us there body guard we got in and said hi then we were off.

*At Arena*

we got out of the car and went in through the back we got there and went to the dressing rooms and we knocked *KNOCK KNOCK* "come in" Eleanor went in with me following behind her i was holding darcy eleanor went to go hug everybody and i was just standing there "alex come over here" then Every body looked up at me and i just walked i put darcy on the floor and she ran to louis and louis picked her up and put her on his lap. luckly harry wasnt there then the boys had to go on stage harry still didnt see me and i was scared. they started off with LWWY and Ended on WYMB there closing songs like always because eleanor told me. then they ran off stage because the concert finished. me eleanor a girl named danielle who is dating liam and darcy went back to the dressing room and the boys came in and harry saw me and said "Alex!?"


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