Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


13. Chapter 11: Bachelorette Party

*Alex`s POV* "Alex wake up Today's the party" Perrie said i groaned then Eleanor said "C`mon alex if you dont get up we will throw cold water on you" i shot up and said "I`m Up" they laughed and left my room i smiled a little and got up and did my buisness then went to my closet then i started thinking "wow i`m getting married tomorrow." but then i started thinking "but what if the comes tomorrow." i shook the thought out of my head and picked out (whats in the picture with the make up and club outfit) after i changed and did my make up i went downstairs to see darcy eating eggs while watching her favorite show super why and saw my friends talking in the kitchen and drinking tea i walked in and said "good morning" darcy came down the bar stool and said "gwood mowrning Mummy" then hugged me i hugged her back then she went back to eating her breakfast i saw the girls staring at me all smiling at me "Is there something i can help with you girls" then they all screamed "YOUR GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW" i had to cover my ears and darcys after they finished squealing and stuff i asked while smirking "You finished" they all nodded and then Dani said "you excited for the party tonight" i nodded and said "Yeah i`m excited but i have to ask someone to stay with darcy because my mum and harrys mum and the other boys mums are going to the party so i have no one that darcy can stay with" they nodded then said "Hey maybe my friend can watch her you know her its Angleica" i smiled and nodded "do you think she would like to watch darcy" she nodded and said "yeah she loves little kids and she woks at a daycare" i nodded and said "i`ll call her now" i walked into the room that was close to the kitchen which happened to be the bathroom i took out my iphone and searched for her number and smiled when i found it and called her Ring Ring Ri... Angie:Hello Alex: Hey Angie its Alex Angie: Oh hey Alex whats up Alex: Yeah i was wondering if you can babysit darcy tonight because me and the girls are having a night out Angie:Yeah sure ill babysit for you i love darcy Alex: Thank you Angie you are awesome and i will pay when i pick her up Angie: Oh you dont need to pay me i like babysitting kids Alex:You sure Angie:Yeah Alex: Okay well thank you again Bye Angie: You`re Welcome Bye *End Of Convo* *At party* We entered the club Funky buddah and went to the bar and got 4 champanges and payed the bartender and went back to the girls. after i got back to them and gave them there drinks Eleanor spoke "Lets give cheers to Alex soon to be Mrs. Alex Styles Whoop! Whoop!" i smiled and Then started thinking Eleanor and Louis are made for each other They both are loud,crazy and everything you can come up with but her and the girls are like sisters to me after we finished Partying at the club we went home. when i got home i went to change in to my beautiful pjs which were my fluffy one direction pajamas and as soon as i hit the pillow i was out like a light thinking about me and harry`s wedding tomorrow

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