Falling For Him Again

"why didnt you tell me i had a daughter" he said "i was going to tell but i came into your house and saw you snogging another girl and... you now what harry just stay out of my daughters life and mine" and with that i walked back to the lads and girls.


12. Chapter 10: Training For Fight

*Alex's POV*
I woke up to see Harry staring at me while smiling "Your such a creep" I said jokingly "we'll I can't help to see your beautiful face evey morning" he said I smiled I tried to get up but Harry pulled me back down I laughed "Harry I have to wake up Darcy because we have to train today and she will be in pre-school while we are training" I said he sighed "fine" he groaned I laughed I got up and made my way to Darcy's room when I got there I saw her sleeping peacefully I smiled to myself I walked up to her bed "Darcy Love you have to wake up you have to go to school" she moaned and then she got up and I took her to the bathroom to take a shower and brush her teeth then after she was done I picked out an outfit for her which was a shirt that said 'I love daddy' I smiled at the shirt and I put some jeans with her converse and then I did her hair into two braids and then I was done and we went downstairs to see harry in the kitchen making breakfast "Good Morning Daddy" darcy said "Good Morning Love" Harry said then gave Darcy her food And her "Milk" then we ate our breakfast which were blood bags. "Come on Darcy we have to go and harry if you want to come then hurry up" i said they hurried up and we buckled darcy in her cars seat and drove her to school me and Darcy got out i gave her a kiss on the cheek then she went in with her class.

*Picking Up Darcy*
*Harry's POV*
we were on are way to pick up Darcy I still can't believe I'm a father and I am happy to be one. We got to Darcy's school and Me and Alex Both got out of the car then we went to were the other parents are waiting when classes started coming out I tried to hide myself as good as i can but I guess that doesn't work to well because a little girl that looked like she was 6 years old yelled my name "OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY STYLES" then a lot of other girls were yelling as well they asked if I could give them an autograph or take a picture with them then they all got quiet I was a little bit happy but I saw what was going on Darcy and Alex were coming this way then they started whispering stuff like "why are they walking to Harry Styles" or "Slut" they were saying mean things to my two favorite girls but after all that nonsense we got to our car and drove home.

*At Home*
*Alex's POV*
when we got home Darcy immediately ran to her room to play with her toys I laughed a little then me and Harry walked to the kitchen I was making dinner which I was cutting carrots then felt arms go around my waist and someone kissing my neck "Harry I'm making dinner and darcy is sleeping" I said while giggling a little he turned me around and gave me a kiss full with passion then he licked my bottom lip for entrance but I teased him a little then he squeezed my bum and I gasped he got the advantage to put his tongue in my mouth exploring every inch then he lifted me up by my thighs I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried us up to our room and then Laid me on the bed gently I think you can guess what happened.

~Alex's POV~
we got dressed for training then I went to go wake up Darcy from her nap and she got changed into some shorts and a tank top with gray converse then we all headed to the woods were everything was set up everybody else was there already "hey guys" they turned around and waved at us then we started training there dummies were I was standing and I started kicking them Darcy was practicing with the little dummies and she was really good at this and everybody else was either fighting each other for training or practicing how to run then we all finished our training and went home.

*At Home*
*Alex's POV*
when we got home I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower then I took Darcy a shower then harry went to go take a shower then I went to pick out Darcy's pajamas which were matching unicorn pants and shirt then harry sang her a lluby and she fell asleep me and Harry were in our room I picked out my favorite pajamas which were matching Starbucks pants and shirt I loved it harry was wearing plaid pajama pants and no shirt I didn't know I was staring for so long because he cut me out of my thoughts " like what you see"  I saw him smirk at me I laughed "well I couldn't help that you have such a good body" he laughed then we both got into bed and he started singing 'Don't Let Me Go' which was his song after he finished the song I was going to sleep before I heard him say "Goodnight Alex I love you" I smiled then sleep took over me.

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