Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


14. Worst day .. ever


I woke up around 4 in the morning, i looked at Harry, why does he have to look and be so cute when he is sleeping. Then my phone went off and i looked at the message from an unknown number.

"Ya i see you laying over there with Harry, cute sight, but im not liking it. How about you invite me over so i can have some Harry ;) if not... you have about 10 minutes before someone comes for you

I looked around and i didn't see anyone. I was starting to breathe faster and my heart was racing, i woke Harry up. "Harry we have to go inside now." He looked at me weird and he agreed. Once we got in i gave him my phone. He looked at me then looked towards the window. "Harry lock the door and um.. let's wake up the others. "Ok love." He did that and we woke everyone up. I explained and everyone nodded. I got another message.

"Times up Bitch."

I showed everyone then there was loud banging on the door. I jumped. "Harry!" I ran over to him and hugged him. "Shhh it's ok love!" The stranger yelled "LET ME IN!" I started crying. "Love please don't cry, everything will be fine! Guys lets go to the attic." We ran up the stairs and into the attic. I was freaking out. Harry and Niall were sitting really close to me saying everything will be alright. Then we heard the door break. "Love you have to be quiet!" Louis whispered but i couldn't help it. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" We heard doors being slammed and opened. I just cried silently into Harry's chest. "Shh.... it's ok... we won't let him touch you." Niall whispered quietly. Then we heard him trying to hit the attic door. I kinda jumped. "Liam take her back there." Harry said, Liamm grabbed me and we quietly walked back from the opening. "Shh...." Liam whispered. Then the attic thing opened. "Liam!" And we stood up and walked all the way back against the wall. "Where are you Alex?!?! Ah... i see you now." He started walking towards us but the other lads tried stopping them but they failed. Liam pushed me behind him, the guy knocked all of them out. He walked over to me and put something in my mouth and threw me over his back. I pulled the rag or whatever it was out and tried screaming their names. Nothing worked. When we went outside he threw me in the trunk and started driving. I had my phone and i tried calling the lads, Louis answered. "LOUIS!! HELP ME PLEASE!" I yelled. "Love where are you?!" "I don't know im in a trunk of a car! Don't let this person kill me please!" I cried. "Love hang up and hide your phone, we will try everything to find you." "Love you guys." I whispered. "Love you to." Then we hung up. I hid my phone. About 30 - 40 minutes later the guy stopped and took me into this grey building and threw me into an empty room. "Your going to be here a while." Then he locked the door.


I can't believe we let him take her. I was pacing back and fourth while the other lads were talking to the cops. "Harry calm down we will find her." Liam said. "Who knows where she is!!!" i yelled pushing a vase off the table and breaking it. "Sir please calm down." The cop said. I went to the couch and sat there. Then my phone was ringing. "Alex??" "Yes, idk where i am, its an old grey abandoned building, please help me." She quietly sobbed. I told the cops and they nodded. "Harry please come! Don't let him kill me." "I won't love we are trying to find you." "Please hur- What the hell are you doing?!" "Nothing please stop! HARRY!!-" Then the phone hung up. "Guys he's doing something to her!" I threw my phone across the room. "Mate calm... we will find them or the cops will." I just nodded and laid on the couch. Where is my beautiful girl? I sighed and looked to the other lads, they were crying a little. Then Louis phone went off. "Simon, the cops are finding her. We tried protecting her in every way we could...... Look we are looking calm........... look they are trying!..... simon we are heading out the door now..... ok bye." I grabbed my shoes and jacket and we ran all over the city. about 5 - 6 hours later we found a park and sat on the swings. "I'm a terrible person." "No your not." I sighed and my phone went off.

Hey Harry ;) Want your "Alex" safe meet me at **** Main street. Bring your friends i don't care just get here.

I told them and we ran there. We knocked on the door and she smiled. "Glad you came Harry. Lets go for a walk lads." We just followed her. "So you really want her safe do you???" We nodded and she sighed. "Well to bad that's not happening." "You said if we came she would safe." "Well, i lied, the only way for you to keep her safe is that all of you go to the same building as her and be there. But wait you don't get that choice." She pointed a gun towards us. We followed her to the building i put my phone down my pants. She grabbed everyones phones but mine. "Harry where is yours?" "I dropped it at the park because i was rushing to get here." She half smiled and she through us into some room. I grabbed my phone and called 9-1-1 and told them the address. "They will arrive in 30 minutes, that's the nearest cop." The lads nodded then we heard a loud scream. "ALEX?!?!" I don't think she can hear me.


This guy was beating me, i tried kicking him but he would just hit me with whatever was in his hand. This last hit made me scream loudly. The guy was fed up with me and threw me in a room but there was something else in the room. I went to the corner and kept quiet, "Hello?" The thing whispered. "Who are you?" "I'm Alice, i've been here for a while, you new?" "Yea... i want out!" "I heard there was some guys next to our room, look threw the some what like window." I got up and looked, no one i recognized, went to the other one and i didn't see anyone. So i stood taller and looked down, no one. The last window i looked through, 5 figures sitting together, "Hello?" They all turned. "Sorry thought you were someone else." And i sat back down, the door opened and someone was put in here to. "Hello?" I asked and the figure replied. "Um.. hi... im Bob." i just sat there still then they grabbed me and tied me to a chair, but 5 other chairs were next to me. They came in blindfolded and something over their faces. They did the same to me shortly after. "You 6 have something in common, you all know each other, we are fixing your chair into a circle and you will shortly see who you are with." 5 minutes later, i am in the room with the lads. "Now guys, don't look so serious! I want to watch some fun things, how about we play a game? I want you all to fight each other." I looked at Harry and the other lads. "First up i want to fight is Alex and well.... how about me?" They untied me and i watched her. "You scared?" We stared at each other for a few minutes then she ran towards me making me fall backwards. I screamed a little when she punch me in the face, but i was quick and i started hitting her back. I failed big time, blood was everywhere. They picked me up and tied me back down. "Next... how about.... Harry and Alex." I whined and they untied us. He didn't want to, i didn't want to. I nodded at him and mouthed "Do it, i don't want you hurt." "You guys don't do something Harry is sitting back down." We just stood there then it was me and the girl again. Failed again, i hate this bitch. "Next Niall and Alex." We again didn't do crap. Then she slapped Harry really hard across the face. "Don't fucking touch them." I yelled. She smiled and came running at me, i tripped her and started beating the shit out of her. When i knocked her out i went to untie the lads, then we were heading for the exit, but i got stopped by someone yelling "FREEZE!" while grabbing me and putting a knife near my neck


We stopped and looked at the man holding Alex. But then the cops busted open the door at the right moment. "DROP THE KNIFE!" They yelled the man wouldn't but they ended up restraining him. When he was down Alex ran over to us and we all hugged her. "Love you alright?!" She nodded. We all headed out and we got a ride home. When we got home the house was a mess. We just moved the glass out of the way and we all headed up to Niall's room, biggest room in the house. I looked at Alex and she was a mess, "Love you want to take a shower?" she just stood there. "You hurt to much or something?" She nodded. "I um.. can help? So you don't hurt to much? If it's ok with you...?" She took a moment but agreed. We headed to the bathroom and i started the shower, i got undressed and she did to and we got in. I gently rubbed the water on her and washed/conditioned her hair. I softly tried getting the blood off her, she cleaned her face and i just washed my hair. Then we got out and dried ourselves. i got dressed then went and grabbed a baggy shirt and some PJ shorts, and everything else she needed. After she got dressed we all just laid down on the floor. "Were glad your alright..." Zayn said awkwardly. She just nodded and grabbed her phone, it went off and she was reading something. She started crying. "Love show me your phone." She slid it to me.

"Bitch your going to pay, i will get you again, you wont know when or where. But i promise you this will happen again. Watch your back.

I put the phone down and rubbed my eyes. Louis and i sat closer to Alex and we all just sat there awkwardly. This was the worst day ever. "Now what?" ~BOOM!~Alex jumped, it was thundering outside. "It's okay... just some thunder." I don't blame her for being scared. "Let's all try getting some sleep. They nodded and we all got pillows and blankets to lay on the floor. Niall wanted to sleep in his bed. Alex came back with her stuff but kinda slept away from the group. I looked at her and she looked at me. I mouthed to her to come next to me, she walked over and laid next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek. "I love you Alex." She barely whispered. "I love you to Harry."


Yay i updated !!! yes drama but... i think its pretty good... no hate please.... love ya guys... school is starting up in 4 days - nervous - and today i went to OFFICE DEPOT!!!! i was mad that they were out of Niall, Louis, & Zayn bracelets. I have Liam and Harrys though :D well... bye for now...


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