Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


8. well then..


I woke up around 5 in the morning, i looked around and they were still sleeping of course. I carefully got up and went to my room to charge my phone. After that i fixed my hair back into a ponytail and went back to the hallway. I just slept in the hallway instead of going back with Harry because it was kinda small in there, but i woke him up. "Harry im moving to the hallway to sleep." He nodded and followed me out to the hall. After he laid down, i laid next to him. He wrapped his arms around me saying. "Night love." "Night."

5 hours later . . .

When i woke up i wasn't next to Harry anymore. Everyone was in weird positions and moved i guess in their sleep. I decided it was time i got back at Niall. I went to my room and grabbed a marker and some lip stick. Red of course! I wrote "I love Veronica!!! " On his forehead. I then put some lip stick on Zayns lips, then mine and i kissed Nialls cheek. I wiped it off of myself and i went to my room. About a few minutes later Zayn and Niall came into my room. "Vas Happenin' boys" They just glared at me.  "What!" They laughed and started to tickle me. "HARRY!!" I laughed and he came running in. "What?!" "They are tickling me get them to stop!" He quickly got them off and i just sat on my bed smiling. "We will get you when Harry isn't around." Niall said and they left. "You shouldn't have done that. You started a pranking war." Harry said rubbing his eyes. "You can go back to sleep. Didn't mean to wake you." "Nah its 10 anyways." After he left to make breakfast i grabbed my blue pre-ripped skinny jeans, a yellow tank top, and everything else i needed. After i blow dried and curled my hair just a little bit i put my clothes on and went to my room and just laid on my bed looking at the ceiling. "BREAKFAST IS READY!" They yelled but i didn't join them. I just wasn't hungry. Louis came running up. "Breakfast is ready you know." "I know, just not hungry." He sighed and walked off.


That joke Alex did was pretty funny but when she yelled for Harry she woke the rest of us up. "Harry were hungry make your famous pancakes!" He nodded and went to the kitchen, we followed and watched him cook. about 30 minutes he yelled saying breakfast was ready. After a few minutes Alex still didn't come down. "I'll go check on her." I said and went up there. "Breakfast is ready you know." "I know, just not hungry," I sighed and walked off. "She said she wasn't hungry." "Is she still sick or something?" Harry asked. "I don't know i didn't ask." I got up again and went to her room. "Are you still sick?" "Yea. I'm just want to sleep right now." "Ok. Night" "Night." I went down the stairs and sat down. "She said she was tired so she's sleeping." "Ok Louis."


I lied to him. I put my sperries on, grabbed my phone, and climbed down the ladder outside my window. I walked to the restaurant. When i walked in i asked the owner for Samantha. "Sure wait outside and i'll send her out. What's your name again?" "Rebecca." She went to get her and i stepped outside. While i was waiting i got a text from Harry. "Where are you? We looked all over the house." I sighed and replied. "I'm at that restaurant we went to last night. Got to go." Then she came out. "What did you put in my food last night?" "Well hello to you to. And it shouldn't matter. Were you sick all night?" I rolled my eyes. "Yes! Why do you have to make my life miserable." "If i don't who will?" "Seriously this has to stop please?" She just sighed. "Since you said please.... NO!" "Your a bitch." I mumbled to myself. "What was that?" She raised her eye brows. "Nothing." And i walked away from the restaurant, but i didn't head home yet. I had 3 missed calls from Niall. I didn't call back and i just headed to my window and up the ladder. When i looked in i saw Harry sitting there. He locked the window. I knocked on the window and his face lit up and he opened it for me. "Why did you go back?" "I just asked her why she has to make my life miserable. She didn't give me a real reason." He hugged me and kissed my forehead. "Don't just leave randomly again ok?" I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I won't.... yet." He looked at me weird. "I'm just kidding jeez." 


After we talked for a few we headed down stairs. "Alex!" The other lads screamed and hugged her. "Ok it was only 30 minutes!" Then they let her go. "Well what do you guys want to do now?"  "Truth or dare!?" "Hide and seek!" And they yelled more ideas. "Let Alex choose." We all looked at her and after she thought about it. "Hide and seek." We decided Zayn would be it and we ran all ran off. I hid with Alex in the attic. "They won't find us up here." And i turned on the flashlight i kept up there. "You come up here a lot?" "Yea... The lads don't know where it is i think." She laughed then  we sat in awkward silence. "So..." "So...?" We stayed silent. She was really pretty right now. I like how her hair is some what naturally curly, her blue eyes.... "Harry? Your starring." I laughed and looked at my feet, "Sorry." "I didn't say for you to stop." She giggled and i looked at her again. I moved to sit right in front of her, and we looked into each others eyes for a little bit. I looked down at her lips and she just smiled. We started to lean closer and closer..... Then my damn phone went off, scared the crud out of us. It was Zayn. Zayn!!: Where are you?! I found everyone but you two! Me: I'm not saying, i don't think you know this place is even here! "Now...Where were we?" Alex said leaning in again. Then i kissed her, our lips were moving in sync. we stayed like that for a few until we needed to get some air. "That's nice." She said smiling, Then Zayn called my phone. "Where the heck are you?!" "In NARNIA!" And i heard the lads laugh in the back round. "Just come on!" I hung up and pulled the ladder down to the hallway and helped her down. We walked back into the living room hand and hand. "Where did you guys come from seriously?" Zayn asked. "Narnia! Meaning the attic." "We have an attic?" Niall and Louis said in sync. "Yep." I said popping the "P".  Then there was knocking at our door, it was Eleanor. "Guys i got invite to this club and i get to invite 5 people!" "There's 6 of us though." "I tried getting 6 but i can only have 5." I looked at Alex. "Just go i'll be fine." I half smiled and thanked her and we all left. When we got to the club it was loud, and a bunch of drunk people. Let's just say we all drank a lot!


I waved good bye to the lads and El before they left. I didn't really want Harry to go... I don't like drunk people. I watched a movie before i went up to my room to change. I changed in to white shorts and and orange tank top. I couldn't sleep. About 7 hours later i heard the car, the lads were home. "WERE HOOOOOOMMMMMEEEE!" They yelled but i ignored them. I really hate drunk people, they can have mood swings and if you say something just a little bit wrong they can get pissed off quickly. Then they came into my room. "We said we were home." Liam said. "I heard you." "Well why didn't you come down then?" Louis said, he is getting agitated. "Because i was going to bed." They just smirked. "Whatever, your watching a movie with us." "No... I'm going to bed." Harry walked closer to me. "Were watching a movie." I didn't know Harry acted this way when he was drunk. It scared me. "F-fine." He smiled and they made me sit in the middle, between him and Niall. They picked Tedd. During the movie they just laughed at random moments that weren't funny. I was miserable. "Why aren't you laughing?" Niall asked. "It's not that funny...." He glared at me, so did Harry. "Just go up stairs then." "I will." And when i was almost to the stairs Harry came up to me. "I didn't say you could talk back." "I just responded." He was pissed, im fucked. "Stop talking back." "Whatever." I mumbled. Shouldn't have done that. That guy i fell in love with was not there. He did something i never thought he would do, slapped me across the face. "Go to your room." I held my cheek and i just nodded at him. When i got to my room i locked the door behind me and i sat on my bed. "I'm not letting him drink again."


 Hello stars! Well hope you like that chapter im going to update again.... after this is posted.... ya...


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