Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


23. ugh, horrible

Hey guys the computer im on wont let me Bold anything or underline but you'll figure it out... sorry!



I'm glad Alex said yes to me. After she said yes, i hugged her and we continued to play with Loki, but shortly after Harry came in. "What are you doing babe?" Alex looked at Harry weird. "Didn't you get my text???" He shook his head no and pulled his phone out. "That's alright, i have two girls in my room with me now." Alex rolled her eyes, "Good for them." And with that Harry left. "He might just be drunk..." I told her quietly. "I don't care anymore, he's hurt me so many times... we needed a break." I nodded and got some clothes together and went to take a shower. After i was done Alex went to her room to take one. I stared at the ceiling, Harry was lucky to have had a girl like Alex... i still feel bad that things couldn't have worked out with them. *30 minutes later* Alex came back and laid down on the floor. "You know there's a bed right???" She just said "Mmmhhmmm..." Tiredly. I laughed and picked her up and put her on the bed. Se was already sleeping. I laughed to myself and whispered "Night Alex... Night Loki!" 

The next morning i heard yelling from the kitchen, i got up and walked down there. "What is the yelling for?" Harry glared at me. "You stole my girl!" I looked at him weird. "Um, no.. says the one with two girls last night, and when u read her text you just sat that's alright i have two girls with me." I said running out of breath after that sentence. Harry knocked a vase over and continued to yell at everyone else.


I woke up and Liam wasn't there, but Loki was! I petted her then got up.... yelling. When i was heading down the stairs i saw Harry open the door and look at me. He started coming up and i turned and ran back into Liam's room and locked the door. "Alex! Open the damn door!" "No!" He kept trying to open it, then he left for a few and picked the lock. "Harry get the hell out!" He walked over to me. "No. Why did you say we were "done"." "Because we are done." I said backing up. "Was it because of what i said?? I didn't mean that at all." Our relationship has been horrible lately... i think we need a long break." This made him more mad. "LIAM!" Harry stepped closer but didn't do anything, Liam came in just in time. "Don't touch her mate." Harry kicked the bed and just went to his room and slammed the door. Liam and i just looked at each other for a moment .... in awkward silence. I then got up and listened through Harry's door. He was trashing his room.

I opened the door and shut it behind me, "Harry! Stop!" He continued for a minute then sat on the floor. 'What are you doing?" He ignored me. I walked closer to him and he was holding back his tears. "Harry we need a break. You seriously hit me and called me a dumb bitch and didn't even say sorry.... and you missed Liam's party." "Whatever." He mumbled. I sat in front of him. "You know we needed a break..." He nodded, and i thought i saw him cry but i couldn't tell in this light. I hugged him and held back my own tears and left, straight to my bathroom. I just cried.... i felt horrible but it was true. I grabbed my razor and cut myself 3 times. After a while i finally started to calm down but was still silently crying. I got up and went to my room and put on a hoodie. It was raining out, i decided to climb out my window and go to the bench in the back yard. I continued to feel awful. I made sure i had my phone, and started walking toward the park. One i got there i sat in the swings. I brought my medicine with me, well pills... i thought about it for an hour. I got texts from all the lads even Harry, But it soon ended up calls, i answered Liam. 

Liam: Where are you?

Me: At the park.

Liam: Okay love we will be there to pick you up.

Me: Okay...

*click*     I grabbed 5 pills and took them. *50 minutes later*

They finally pulled up, but when i started walking everything was fuzzy and dizzy. I kept walking all over the place. Louis came out. "Love, you alright? Your acting like your drunk." I looked at him, well tried to. I gave him the bottle and said "5" He picked me up bridle style and put me in the front seat, the rest was kinda of foggy. *Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep* Is all i eventually heard.

When i woke up no one was in the room. I checked my phone, no messages. And worst of all, No food! I texted Liam asking where they were, they were now coming back to the hospital. They came back and lectured me, then was sympathetic. "Alex, okay i know you took 5 pills but they put you in a kind of mini coma." Zayn said. "How long." "About.... 5 days" Niall said. Harry was quiet. "And your cuts healed." He finally said. I looked at my wrist, and he was right. "Well i'll get the nurse." Liam said. I nodded and then i talked to the nurse for a while, i could leave. 

When we got home i went straight to Liam's room, to his bed and laid down, and fell asleep. *5 Hours later* Liam and Niall woke me up. "Wake up beautiful." I moaned and tried slapping one of them. "Well, someone not a happy camper when hey wake up." I threw a pillow at something or someone. "Waaakkkkeeeee uuuuppppppppp." Niall said poking my sides. "Stop. Poking. Me." He continued to and i threw a pillow at him this time. "Whhhyyyyy did you wake me up." I said while turning over on my other side, facing them with my eyes closed. "Were going out for dinner." I held my hand up and gave them a thumbs up. They laughed and gave me clothes. i grabbed them and went to the bathroom to change. When i came out they were waiting for me. i put my socks and shoes on, and brushed my hair. I was wearing Black leggins, a Blank tank top, with a white baggy shirt on top of that, and sperries. "You ready?" Liam asked hugging me. "No." I said and he laughed, and grabbed a bottle of perfume that he liked. "Wear this one." I looked at it, "Our Moment." 

When we got to the restaurant i was barely awake. Whenever i was almost asleep someone would poke me or something. I finally got my food and i ate it but gave most of it to Niall. When i was finished i fell asleep waiting for them to get done, ugh i think im sick also, my nose is stuffed and i have been coughing. When i woke up They were almost done. When we were ready to go i held onto Harry and Liam so i could walk straight, once in the Limo i was out the rest of the night.


Alex was a mess tonight. I know she got back from the hospital and all but she was out of it completely. The nurse said she would have some problems since she took the pills, but i didn't think it would be this bad.. She could barely even walk. Im also pissed at myself for loosing the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have been a horrible person to her throughout or relationship. But i had to be there for her now, and i know Liam feels the same way. We both helped her up to his room and we walked back down the stairs. "Ugh, she looks horrible, like a dead cat. She is sick and tired." Everyone sorda agreed .. after a while we decided to go to sleep finally.

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