Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


21. Silent hill.....


I was still being ignored by everyone but Liam. Since i had "free" time i went to the door and grabbed that newspaper nobody reads. I grabbed it and ran up to my room. Nothing seemed good until i came upon an interesting heading.

"The Town that burns forever"

This area was known as Silent Hill. Around 65 years ago, there was a fire and it burned the whole town down. We call this town the ghost town, because there's nobody there, but tourists say there is and some "disappeared" when visiting this place. About 20 years ago we told people not to come unless they really wanted to. Ever since that no know has visited Silent Hill. We recommend never going there. Last person to visit there was harmed but what he calls "Demons". Dont go there unless you want to risk your life.

This was very interesting to me. I wanted to see what this town was about, right then Liam walked in. "Hey love, what ya reading?" "This article about Silent Hill." He grabbed the paper and read it to himself. "I want to visit that place." He looked at me weird, "I don't think so." He handed back the paper and sat on my bed looking at me. "Liam, this place looks and sounds interesting.... and like the lads would notice if i went there." He sighed, took the paper and grabbed my arm. Then he dragged me down stairs to where the lads were. "Lads, Alex says she wants to visit here." They all looked at it and then looked at me weird. "Why This dumb place?" I rolled my eyes. "I've been bored since my boy friend doesn't even look at me or talk to me anymore, the lads don't want to hang out or even talk besides Liam... thats why." They looked at each other than to me. "Were sorry love... but don't go to Silent Hill." I nodded and Harry got up and hugged me, i missed that.


Why would Alex even want to go to Silent Hill when it says people have been hurt here? I know it's my fault for ignoring her... i was just relaxing. The rest of the night i kept an eye on her and spent the rest of the night with her. When It was time go to to bed she took her shower, i got on a lap top and looked this place up.

Silent Hill is a place many people call the ghost town. There was a huge fire that burned the whole town up and everyone evacuated the area. Rumor has it there are still people there or their spirits. No know has visited the area since about 20 years ago. The people say they saw the town change... and that they see demons trying to pull them to Silent Hill. The last case from there was a man in his early 20's. He had his arm cut off. His description of who or what did this was a female nurse with no face. It was just blank...

I stopped reading there. Alex is crazy if she wants to go here. Then i looked at pictures of the place, very creepy. There were sketches of what people tried explaning was these "Demons." While i was looking Alex finally came out. "Alex promise me you will never go to that place." She nodded and got in bed next to me. "Is that true?" I shrugged my shoulders and looked for a few more minutes. These poor victims... I shut the lap top, put it up, and just went to sleep in my boxers. "Night Alex." "N ight Harry."

The next day i woke up and carefully got out of bed. It was 7:50 A.M. I slowly opened and closed the door, and went to the lads rooms and woke them up. "Harry you do know what time it is right?" I rolled my eyes. "I'm well aware, i looked up this Silent hill place and i'll show you what i found. I pulled out Zayn's computer and pulled up the site i was on last night, and handed them the computer. They were in awe. When they were done reading they just looked at each other. "We can't let her go" I agreed and we all talked until we fell back asleep.


When i got up i quickly got dressed, brushed hair/teeth, and grabbed my phone. I really wanted to visit this place. I put my shoes on and i looked for where the lads were and woke them up. "If you wont let me go alone, take me there." "Hell no! Did you not hear of these stories?" "Please.... they might not even be true!!!" They looked at each other and in sync said. "No." I rolled my eyes and left the room leaving the door cracked. I waited till they fell asleep then i headed toward Silent Hill. I kinda knew when i was there, i saw the sign, and the ash falling. "Shit." I said to myself. I slowly started walking past the sign and entering the town. Well... im guessing the fire still going part was true since there was ash still falling. I noticed buildings and i saw people in them, i ignore them and almost screamed when i saw a person pop up. "W-where did you come from?" "I just walked over here... why are you here?" I stared at the thin looking woman. "I-i-i heard rumors about this place and i wanted to see if they were true... are you r-real?" She nodded. "Wouldn't stay long.. - she laughs slightly- She might get mad..." I stared at her. "W-who and what?!" She laughed and started to leave, but before she disappeared. "When the siren goes off, she will start." Then she vanished. I quickly got my phone out and called Harry. He answer on the first ring. "Harry!? oh my god come get me now!!! im at Silent Hill!" "Why did you even go there!!!" "I do-" Then the siren started going off. "SHIT HARRY GET HERE NOW! SHE'S STARTING!" Harry quickly yelled at the lads, "Were coming!!! RUN!" i hung up and turned around and started running, i looked back and the town was changing, turning red.... dark... I kept running. I saw the sign that said "You are now leaving Silent Hill" But something was standing right next to it. "H-hello?!" The thing had no face, a blade for and arm, and had a nurse hat on. "SHIT!" I just stood there, not knowing what the hell to do. Then i noticed she didn't move. When i made noise, she moved. When i didn't she was still. I slowly walked up toward the sign, being quiet as can be. I finally passed her and ran the rest of the way. I saw a truck coming my way.... Harry. He started honking, the nurse started moving. "STOP HONKING NOW!" They didn't and she was coming towards us. I called him. "STOP FUCKING HONKING! IF U MAKE NOISE SHE MOVES, WHEN U DONT SHE IS STILL!" They stopped and i looked at the figure, still. I walked to the truck and carefully got into the bed of the truck and we slowly drove away. When we got home the lads were yelling at me. "I wanted to visit there!!! And i want to do so again... just not now." They continued to yell at me. When they were done i looked up the place and found new information.

 All people who went to silent hill say they get dreams about the place. They say once you entered the area and you actually escape, they want you to come back, they don't want you to survive.

I pushed the computer away. Please don't let me have dreams....

The next day i woke up screaming, Harry looked at me, looking scared. "Alex... i saw what was left on that computer. Don't tell me you had a dream." I looked at him, "I............."


Sorry if this chapter is weird. I watched Silent Hill -not scary at all but its fucked up- and i wanted to have something like this in the story. So i dedicate part of this Chapter to that movie. Hope you liked it... sorry if its... weird... and cliff hanger!!!! :P Hope you um... ya...

OH AND I SAW THIS IS US TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG BEST FILM EVER!!!!!!

I cried so many times, i sang along when they sang.... just beautiful! and im seeing it again in 3D next weekend. oh and 1 more thing

Guys follow me on twitter, i have one of the lads secret accounts following me. Want me to DM him, read my bio, you must follow me then when i follow bk DM me and i will send ... if your wondering which one, -LOUIS- ill send it to louis

so ya... byeee.....


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