Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


5. School


I felt someone trying to wake me up. "20 more minutes." I said "Jeez your asking for a lot of time." I shot right up and it was Harry. "Why did you wake me up?" "You didn't set an alarm." "Oh." I loved having Harry wake me up, im going to forget to have an alarm tomorrow too. He smiled and said "Well time to get ready for school." With that he left and i changed. I straightened my long brown hair and i wore a orange tank top that said Directioner on it and wore black skinny jeans with a grey jacket with my sperries. I went to Harry's room and he was looking for something. "Yes?" He asked. "Can i wear one of your grey jackets?" He looked at me weird. "Your wearing one..." I took it off and threw it down the hall. "No i don't..." He just laughed and gave me a grey jacket. "Thanks Harry!" Then i grabbed my jacket and put it in my room. I put some mascara on and i grabbed my belt put it on, then grabbed my bag and i was ready to go. "You ready?" Simon asked. "Yea." I said grabbing my phone. We arrived to the school and i was kinda nervous. This was my old school, Samantha was here. He dropped me off and i went to the office. "Hey how can i help you hun?" The lady said. "I'm new here." "Name please?" "Alexis Cowell." "Oh yes... weren't you here before?" "Yes but i moved and i got adopted... so im back!" "Nice well here is your schedule, and... Kiley! Kiley will show you your classes." I looked to her and i said "Thanks." And we walked out of the office. "Well looks like we have all the same classes together." "You can call me Alex btw." "Ok." She smiled and took me to first hour. "Mr.Popadopalis Alex is new here." "Ok well you can sit with Kiley then." I sat next to her and with my luck Samantha was there. She kept looking over to me. I ignored her and focused on the math class. When they bell rang i went to my locker, it was right next to Kiley's. Then someone slammed my locker shut. "Hey Alex. Long time no see." " Samantha leave me alone." I tried walking away but she wouldn't let me. "Bitch don't walk away from me." I raised an eyebrow at her. "What do you want?" "To slap that dumb ass look off your face." "Go ahead im right here." She didn't do it and just stormed off. Next was science, Language arts, Art, Gym, then free period. When i was walking outside Samantha came up to me. "What do you freaking want?" "Nothing just wanna "talk". Why are you even wearing that jacket, makes you look fat." She laughed. "No it doesn't and i want to wear it." "Bitch please, we all know you are so don't try hiding it." Then i ended up slapping her across her face. " Leave me the fuck alone." Before i knew it we were fighting and punching each other right there.


When i woke up the lads were in the kitchen making breakfast. "Hey." ""Hey." They responded. I ate and put my bowl up. "Harry i want your jacket!" Louis whined. "I don't have it." He looked wide eyed. "I'm cold Hazza!!!! Where is it?" "I gave it to Alex she wanted to wear it for some reason. You can wear hers?" "She had her own?" "Yea she came to my room and asked to wear mine when she was wearing hers, when i said she was wearing one she threw it down the hall saying she wasn't... so i gave her mine." "Well im going to go and get hers then." He quickly went up there and wore hers. It fit him almost perfectly. "Well Alex should be home soon then you can wear it." "YAY!!!" He yelled and went to the living room with the lads. Then Alex texted me Alex ;) : Harry im on my way home..." Harry: ok. Then a few minutes later she texted me again Alex ;) : Come outside... and don't bring the others." I went outside and saw her coming. I saw red on my jacket and i walked up to her. "Alex what happened?!" She just hugged me and was crying. "Samantha goes to that damn school!" "Whose Samantha?" "The girl that i always hated, she was the reason we moved in the first place." We just stood there hugging. Her face was bruised up a little bit. Then i heard the door open and the lads came out. "Fuck." She whispered. She got out of the hug and quickly ran inside. "Harry? What the heck happened?" "Some girl named Samantha beat her up today..." Zayn ran inside after her, we all did. She locked herself in the bathroom. "Alex please open the door."


When Harry said that name i knew who she was. We ran in after her but she locked herself in the bathroom. "Alex please open the door." I said. " She just unlocked the door and handed Harry his jacket. "Sorry it's messed up." She said leaning against the wall. "It's not messed up..." Then i sat next to her. "Alex do you want me to talk to Simon?" " No.... Just no." "Are you wanting to go back tomorrow?" "Yes im not going to let her win." We all looked at each other uncertain. "Well come to the kitchen with us." She nodded and walked with us. We cleaned up the blood and gave her an ice pack for her cheek, and I held one on her arm. "I have a headache." She said shutting her eyes. Harry went and got some pills that got rid of headaches. She took them quickly. "This is the worst day ever." She said. The Simon walked in and grew wide eyed. "What the hell happened?!" "Nothing..." "Yes something did!" "I fought with some girl." " On your first day to!! Just go to your room!" " Believe me i fucking will." Then she ran up. "What happened." "The school you enrolled her in, was the reason she moved. This girl Samantha used to pick on her all the time." I said and he calmed down more. "Does she want to be taken out of the school?" " No she doesn't want to let her win." He just sighed and sat down. "I'll be right back." He said and when he left we followed and listened outside the door. "Why don't you want to leave that school?" "Because i don't it's just one year dad." "So you can just show one girl she isn't getting to you?!" "YES! You don't get it." "I get it just fine you aren't going back tomorrow." " Yes i am and you can't stop me." "Watch me." "Bet the lads would disagree!" "Fine ill ask them." We ran down the stairs. " Do you think she should still go to that school?" We all said no. "ALEX! THEY AGREED YOUR NOT GOING!" He yelled at her. I never seen him like this. "YES I AM!" She yelled back and slammed her door shut.


I just sat on my bed. I was going to school weather he liked it or not. A few minutes later Harry came in shutting the door behind him. "I'm going." I said before he spoke. "Please don't, for me?" I just looked at him. I couldn't say no to him....Snap out of it he doesn't and never will like you! "Harry i want to." He just sat next to me. "Please?" I just looked at his beautiful green eyes. I sighed, "Fine Harry...." He smiled and hugged me, i never wanted this moment to end. "Well I'll go tell Simon." He left and i didn't want him to. I sat there and he came back. I guess he saw i was excited when he came back and he looked at me weird. "He ... Said, that you can leave your room if you want... " I just nodded. "Why did you act excited when i came back....?" I hate myself. "I ....." I was blushing. "I umm.... gotta.... see dad!" Then i ran past him, to the kitchen. "I'm sorry..." "It's ok dear." Then we hugged and i could tell Harry was in here. " Why did you run off?" "I.... have to...... do something outside!" Then i ran off and He didn't come out thank god.


"What was that about?" I asked Simon. He just laughed. "It's obvious Harry. She likes you." I felt stupid. "Really?" I was trying hard not to smile but failed. "You like her too?" I just nodded and sat down. "Well.... she probably doesn't think you like her." I just rubbed my neck. "Go talk to her." I walked out there and she was putting her feet in the water. "Ello." She turned around and said "Hey." We were talking for a while then we were looking at each other. We started to move closer and closer...but she pulled away. "I have to clean my room." She ran inside. Why was she doing that?


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