Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


22. Liams B-Day

Staying in Alex's p.o.v.... eh... i just didn't feel like putting separate bubble


"I......." "Well did you?!" I looked at my feet, "No.. not at all.... it was something else." He sighed with relief and falls back down on the pillows. "I lied, i seriously did." He shot right back up. "Alex!! Which is it?" I slowly nodded. "But i don't think that has to do with anything...." He looked upset and furious. "You never listen to me! I told you not to go and you go!!!!" Great...  "I wanted to. oh and i was kidding again! I seriously didn't dream about that place, was dreaming about a different car wreck my dad could have been in." Harry was rubbing his eyes. "I'm so tired of this. You never listen to me." Then he got up out of bed and went down stairs. I rolled my eyes and got up and headed to Liam's room. His light was on so i knocked. "Come in!" I slowly opened the door and saw him reading a book called "Gifted". "Harry is still mad at me...." He put his book down and patted a spot next to him on his bed. I walked over and sat down next to him. "Why was he mad?" "He is mad because i had a nightmare, which wasn't about Silent Hill. And i kept messing with him saying it was..... which it wasnt" Liam looked at me, "You know not to mess with Harry or anyone like that." I nodded and looked around his room. I got up and looked under his bed and spotted Loki. I smiled and called Loki out. "I love Loki! I'm glad you got her." He smiled and petted her to. "I love Loki to." Her tail was wagging fast. I laughed and laid down on the floor and cuddled Loki, Liam joined us. And we all just kind of fell asleep, me in the middle of them.... Loki is soo soft!

About 3 hours later i woke up and Loki moved up to Liam's bed and Liam still had his arms around me.It was nice being with someone who actually showed they cared about you. I woke him up and we headed down stairs. We heard yelling in the kitchen. "Wait here." I nodded and he walked in there. "Lads!! What's going on?" "What's going on is that im tired with people pissing me off!" Harry yelled. Everyone kept yelling... then the door burst open and Harry walked out. He grabbed my arm and put me on the couch in the living room. "This is all kind of your fault! You with leaving! And going to that dumb place!!!!" I jumped. "I'm sorry, just stop yelling at me." I mumbled. He rubbed his eyes, and stared at the wall. "I hate how your so curious." Harry said. Then he mumbled "Dumb bitch" Under his breath... that hurt and i lost it. "HARRY IM NOT A DUMB BITCH!" I stood up and was glaring at him. " THEN WHY DO YOU ACT LIKE YOU ARE?! HUH?!!" "I DON'T, SORRY FOR BEING FUCKING CURIOUS ABOUT THINGS." We heard the lads running down the stairs. "Yea your definitely a dumb bitch." I rolled my eyes. "Your a dick." He was walked up to me and was right in my face, "What was that?" I looked up into his eyes, i hated this day already. "You heard me." I said taking a couple steps back. Then this was sorda like deja vu, he slapped me really hard across my face. But i just took it, i didn't want to hurt the lads. I felt blood in my mouth, he slapped me really hard... "HARRY! WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" Liam yelled. I just walked to the bathroom cleaning up my mouth.

When i finally cleaned up i looked at my face, really red. I touched my cheek and it stung. "I'm surprised you didn't hit back, that's the second time he has done that." Niall said. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked out to the couch, all the lads followed. We all basically sat in silence. About 40 minutes later i went upstairs to Liam's room and shut the door behind me. I finally let the tears fall and just cried. Loki noticed me and whined and came over to me. "I love you Loki." And i hugged her. I crawled over near Liam's bed and leaned against it, and Loki laid across my lap and i just petted her. Eventually Liam came to his room, "You really love Loki." He half laughed. I nodded and continued to pet her soft fur. "Harry left the house a few minutes ago. Probably going to the club or just for a long drive." He said while walking over and sitting in front of me. I nodded and looked at the ceiling. "Worst day ever.... and its your birthday to, happy birthday." He half smiled and sat next to me and hugged me. "Oh well... this moment isn't too bad right?" I laughed and took his hat and looked at it. "Batman, that gives me an idea..." We went to the store, all of us besides Liam and bought a lot of batman things. His cake was huge and just awesome. After we got him everything and got Loki a batman chew toy, we headed home and got the living room set up. *1 hour later* Everything was perfect! I walked up the stairs to his room and knocked and opened the door. He was sleeping so i kissed his cheek and woke him up. "Liam... i have a surprise for you..." He rubbed his eyes and groaned. "Believe me your going to love it." He smiled and got up and followed me.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" The lads yelled. I laughed and said it last. Biggest. Smile. Ever. "I love your smile!" He just laughed and said thanks. "Wait till you see your cake." He sat down on the couch while Zayn and I got the cake ready. "Liam is lucky to have a girl in the house who also likes batman." I laughed "Yep he sure is." We made our way out there and Liam's face was priceless! We were all laughing, his eyes went huge. "Thats.... the.... best.... cake.... EVER!!!!" And we set the cake on the table in front of him. Since he loved his cake and wanted to eat it, we started off with cake. "mmmmmmm." We all laughed, were glad he is enjoying his cake. He opened his presents, but he still liked the cake the most. After we had a little party for him we put the cake in the fridge, and threw the paper away. I grabbed Loki's surprise and grabbed Liam's arm. "Give this to Loki." He smiled and opened his door. "Loki! We got you a surprise!" She came up to us and was waging her tail, and we gave her, her batman toy. "She loves it.. thanks Alex." "Your welcome Liam." We hugged and played with Loki.... is it just me or... is Liam acting like a better boy friend than Harry???

No im not dating him but, errrr..... he's been super nice to me lately... Harry, i guess im just doing everything wrong. After we played with Loki, she was tired so she is now sleeping. We sat there making funny faces at each other. "Liam youe such a dork sometimes." "Good, its better than being an arse." I laughed and we continued to do this for about an hour. This day isn't to bad after all, and of course i jinx it. Later i heard Harry come back, but he wasn't alone. I told Liam i was going to see. I peeked through Harry's door and i saw him with two girls. I went back to Liams room and texted Harry "Were done." I looked at Liam. "He is with two girls... " He told me to come here and he hugged me and i started crying. "It's okay Alex...." "No it isn't... i hate guys who do that." We pulled out of the hug and Liam looked like he was hesitating to say something.

"Alex...?" "Yes?" He looked at his feet. "Would you.. go out... with me." He didn't look at me and i could tell his face was red. Harry and i need a break anyways, and i like Liam.. "Yes.." He looked at me and smiled.


The only reason i updated was because i have late start tomorrow at school. meaning..... i don't start school until 9 thank god. But i have to go now and i will try updating later this week at some point.

So um ya..... bye xx


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