Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


20. kind of slow days...


I stared at Harry for a moment then i looked at my surroundings. We were still laying in the same bed, same room, same house. I rubbed my eyes, it felt real.... I glanced back at Harry and we was staring off in the distance, like he wasn't even awake yet, just staring at something. I slowly got up and grabbed some clothes and took a shower. When i was done, i threw my clothes in the basket and blow dried and straightened my hair. I decided to wear super skinny black skinny jeans that were pre ripped, a white ruffled tank top, and Sperries. I put some mascara on like i usually do then i walked out and Harry was still staring at something. "Earth to Harry...." He didn't look away. I went over to him and lightly kissed his lips, of course he paid attention for that. "What were you staring at?" He shrugged and got up and headed to the shower. I opened the bedroom door and looked to the lads bedrooms, then i went downstairs to the kitchen and laid down on the floor. It felt hot in the house and floor was cold. I was there for a long time and i fell asleep. I woke up to someone sitting on my and laying beside me. "Who the fuck is on me?" Niall was laying beside me. "Hawwy Edward Styles." I just laughed. "I wonder where my lovely Alex went." I kept laughing, "Under your arse." He looked and said "Ohhhhh.... i thought this was a new seat im sorry." I just laughed and rolled over when he got up. "I was sleeping Mr. Styles." He smirked. "I know i have been sitting on you for a while now." I rolled my eyes and sat up, messing up Nialls hair. Which he smiled and automatically fixed. So i kept doing it again and again. "Why do guys always fix their hair? Even if one little piece is off you have to fix it." He shrugged his shoulders and laughed. I got up and walked over to Harry and hugged him. Behind him though.... i shouldn't .... before i thought about it i grabbed the can of whip cream and whispered to Harry. "Ima get Nialler and the other lads." He nodded and i moved the can behind my back after i turned around. "Niall... i wanna a horan hug." "Okay." He hugged me then i sprayed whip cream all over him. "I will never hug you again." He pouted. "At least you can eat it." He nodded and started eating the whip cream, i visited the others and did the same. Zayn chased me out of the house and pinned me to the ground while the other lads tickled me and put whip cream all over me. "I didn't get your HAIR!!!" I whined.


Sometimes Alex is just a whiner. She just got some in her hair, she can wash it out. Sometimes the lad and i, besides Harry talk about her..... we think sometimes... sometimes she is annoying. Today was one of those annoying days. After she left to wash her hair, we just sat in there talking about her, Harry went up stairs to wait for her. "Today is the annoying day." They nodded. "It's just whip cream.." Liam whispered. She gives us head aches half the time but we don't say anything or show we do. "We need a break from her. But she is sweet like 95% of the time." Liam said. "Ya but today is one of her days." Louis said. "You guys can do whatever you want, i'd rather stay with Alex, annoyin or not." They rolled their eyes. "Seriously, she is apart of our family now and you guys get pretty annoying to." I said and they just looked at each other than to me. "Your point is?" "Bruders can get annoyin sometimes, so she may be sometimes but, not as often as all of us." "Well were going to Nandos, you comin?" I freaking love Nandos....  but. "No but can you bring me back my favorite?" They nodded and left. When i got up i noticed Alex was behind the couch the whole time. "Alex?" She stood up and looked at me. "So you lads think im annoying?" Not a lot, i don't think you are all the time, and the lads are more annoyin than you any day." She half smiled. "I heard what you said, thanks... i think?" She half laughed. "I'm sorry.." I scratched the back of my neck. "It's fine.... i guess i can stop whining so much." I nodded and went to the movie room and watched Insidious with Alex and Harry. When it was over... "I can't wait for Insidious chapter 2 to come out!! And i do believe it comes out on an Irish guys b-day....." She meant me! "Im the sexiest Irish man in the world." I laughed and flexed. "Your silly Niall." I just laughed and did my cute face.


After talking for a bit the lads came back with Nandos.... they didn't get me anything. Thanks a lot. I just went to my room and laid down on my floor. After a while i heard the lads playing mario cart down stairs, again they have two wii's and two games, thanks for asking if i wanted to play. I walked down there and saw Harry was winning against Niall and Louis. I sighed and went into the kitchen and got water. While i was in there Louis came in here to get some sprite. "Hi.." I said but he kinda ignored me. whatever. It was 8:53 so i decided to get dressed and go to bed. After i went to my room and changed i opened the door some and crawled into bed and fell asleep.

When i woke up Harry was sprawled out all over the bed. I sighed and got up and brushed my hair and teeth. I walked down the stairs and got some toast and milk. I heard someone walking down, Liam. "Ello love." "Hey Liam..." He got some toast too. "So... do you think im annoying?" He looked at me, "Not really.. the others don't think so that much but they do sometimes..." I just nodded and finished eating. Today was going to be slow.....


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