Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


18. It's over... and back together?

This chapter will stay in Alex's pov but the next chapters wont be.


When i woke up it was 9:22 A.M, my hair was a mess and Harry was gone. I looked at the door and there was a note there.

If you are awake and you see this

We went out to get some food

We should be back around 10:00

So don't go wondering off please

Love - Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam

I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. Once again i looked at the razor. This time i didn't think and i just grabbed it and looked at it. I looked in the shelves and i found some band aids. I took the razor to my wrist and cut myself 6 times. It hurt some but i quickly put the band aids on and put the razor up and cleaned the mess on the floor and the sink. Right when i finished someone came into the bathroom, so i put my arm behind my back. "Hey Love." Harry said and hugged me. "Hey.", and he got out of the hug. "You ok...." I nodded but he kept looking at my arm. "You sure." He said looking at my face to my arm. He walked past me and saw a towel i used to clean the sink and floor with. I ran out of the room and into the movie room. Then Zayn came in and sat next to me about to pick a movie when Harry was running down the stairs yelling my name. I looked at zayn and he looked at me weird. Then Harry walked in there and looked at me and by then all the lads were coming down here to see what was wrong. "What was that?" I looked at Louis and Niall's face and they looked confused and a little mad. "N-nothing.." He just threw the towel at me. "You call whatever that was nothing?!" I jumped, and i just stared at the towel. "Show me your arm." "No." He walked closer to me. "Show me your freaking arm." I glared at him, "No!" Then Louis sat next to me and pinned me down to the floor and glared at me. Then Harry looked at my wrist and just stared from my face to my wrist. "Why would you freaking cut yourself?" I looked at the glaring Louis who was on top of me to Harry. "Get him the fuck off of me." I said through gritted teeth. "Not until you answer me." Harry said. "Because i felt like it ok?" He looked like he wanted to slap me. "I had a cousin who did this and she killed her self. If that's what your going to fucking do... i don't want to deal with that again. We are done." And he just stormed off. I looked at Louis and he wasn't mad anymore, but i just started crying silently. "I-im sorry..." Louis said and he slowly got off of me. I sat up and looked at the other lads. They were in shock with what just happened. I just got up and ran to my room and cried.

About 2 hours later, i finally stopped crying. About 5 minutes later my door opened and all the lads but Harry were there. "You.. okay?" Liam asks, and i feel like crying again. "No." I said and they just looked at each other and back at me. "Well... dinners ready." I nodded and i didn't bother trying to wipe my make up off my face, or trying to hide how red my eyes were with blush. When i got down there Harry was just sitting there. He took one look at me and he just stared for a moment but then continued to eat. I grabbed a plate and some pizza and sat down on the opposite side. Everyone was sitting there and awkward silence, until Simon walked in. "Why is it so quiet?" Everyone shrugged their shoulders. "How's the happy couple doing?!" He said cheerfully. "Were done." I said, my voice cracking a little. "What? Why?" The Harry looked at him. "Because it wasn't working out at all what so ever." Zayn kind of glared at him. "Well  im sorry. Im going to France tonight so the lads are in charge, bye Alex." "Bye." I barely said and i hugged him. About 15 minutes later i hugged him again and he was gone. I went back to the table to finish my pizza, but i didn't. "Eat your damn pizza." Harry mumbled. I silently cried and got up and walked around the corner so i could listen to their convo

"Harry what is your problem?! She isn't taking this well at all." - Niall

"Whatever, she will move on..." - Harry

"No it's not whatever. She did that because of all of us. After you did that she was crying for 2 hours." - Louis

"Well if you guys care about her more than me you can have her." -Harry

"You don't mean that your just mad because she cut herself. You could have just said not to do it again and be done with it." - Liam

"Exactly, i think it was stupid you broke up with her, when you could probably help her from not doing it again." - Zayn

"You can't just leave her, she has been through a lot and she cares about you....." - Niall

"Maybe your... right but i don't know. I don't want to go through this again, i don't want to loose another girl.... i lost 2." - Harry

"Who else?" - Everyone

"Claire my cousin and Lizzie.... i just can't go through with it again." - Harry

"Oh ya... i remember Lizzie... but she didn't die, she lives like a couple hours away." - liam

"Still... i don't want to deal with it again. I just need to move on... maybe with her." - Harry

That hurt me. I just sat on the stair and i heard the lads coming so i turned around and tried leaving but they saw me. They looked into the kitchen and Harry slowly walked out of the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and went to my room. Niall and Zayn came in. "He was probably kidding....." Niall said. "Ya right." Then Harry opened the door, Zayn and Niall left and Harry shut and locked the door behind him.

"What do you want Harry?" I asked not looking at him. "I'm sorry all of what i said wasn't true i was just mad..." I just stared at the floor. But he walked over to me and put his fingers to my chin, and lifted my head up. "I didn't mean it, i am just scared of loosing you." I felt my eyes getting really watery, but i didn't want the tears to escape. "How do i know your not just lieing?" And the tears escaped my eyes. Then my phone went off and i grabbed it

Heard you and Harry were over. You mind if i have a piece of him????

I replied

No, we are working things out.

- This was twitter btw -

I put my phone down and looked at Harry. He sat next to me, "I'm really sorry, please be mine again?" I looked at him, and just nodded yes. He half smiled and hugged me. "I never want to loose you again." He whispered. I didn't know if i should believe him or not. "Well im going to take a shower." I said and i got up. Then he mumbled something, "What?" "I need a shower to and the other lads called dibs on the others." He would. "Then take yours first." He whined and walked over to me and hugged me. "You could.... join me..." He said kind of nervous. "I'm not doing anything in that shower besides washing myself." I said sternly. He just shrugged his shoulders and sat on the floor. "Go take the shower Harry." "No...... not yeetttt" I rolled my eyes, "I'm not going in there until you go first, i don't want you walking in." He just did an evil smirk and moved his eye brows up and down. "Noo Harry......." He made a pouty face. "Not with out a condom which i know you don't have." He just walked out of the room and came back with some. "You would have some." He just laughed. "I'm to tried tonight...." "The water would wake you up." I just laughed and rolled my eyes. "Harry Styles keep control of your self, not tonight..." He whined but went back to his room, put the stuff up and got clothes and jumped into the shower. When he was done i got done, i then turned my lights off, shut my curtains, left the door a little open and jumped into bed. "Night Alex..." "Night Harry."


Well i might update tomorrow and if i don't i might not update till friday...

We will see...

I hate my last class, Spanish -_-

What freaking teacher talks in Spanish the first 30 - 40 minutes of class?!?!

He kept asking me shiz in Spanish and im laughing sitting there laughing with the class and i almost said "Stop speaking freaking spanish!"

The next day 4 people asked to switch classes. I couldn't but i want to, because its required anyway....

I just hate that class sooo much, more than math, and i hate that class to.

-Face palms- Spanish class is a freaking joke i swear, we have dora! Let's listen to her speak it.

-__- ima be dead when i am done with that class... You guys are probably like "Haha! Doesn't sound that hard.

"Como Estas ustedes? No Comprendo? Donde Beba tu? No comprendo..... Muy mal....

" How are you? Dont understand? Where do you live? Dont understand..... Very bad"

And i don't remember the other two questions and answers at all........

You guys probably think u wasted time reading this... which is probably true... but oh well..... i guess bye for now... and.... ya


- hating school -

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