Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


4. Haters.


I woke up and the lads were still sleeping. I carefully, not trying to fall on them or step on them, went to my closet and grabbed White skinny jeans, green tank top, and my knock off zebra print sperries. I went to the bathroom to change and when i was done i noticed everyone was up. "Hello!" They all said. "Hi.." I put my clothes up and i went to the living room and i got on twitter.

Not sure if these twitter names are real just made them up

@Mrs.Styles1D: I bet your really not with the lads, even if you were you are probably ugly. @Beiber_Directioner5769: Bet your a slut! Better not ride Zayn and i doubt your Simon's daughter. @Lizloves1D: Don't listen to the haters! I think your really pretty :). That one made me smile, @Directioner_Tru7584: You are so stupid! Anyone can pull off a lie like that, and @Lizloves1D Shut up! You know she's fat and a whore. I just threw my phone across the room, right when the lads came down. "Why did you do that?!" Niall went to see the phone, it was fine, but i left the twitter app open. They all were reading the tweets, while they did that i quietly opened the front door and left and walked and sat near the pool. "Alex?" Zayn said behind me. "What?" " Don't listen to the hate, we have hate too but we just ignore it." I sighed, he was right. I stood up and hugged him. "It's ok, what do you wanna do to keep your mind off things?" He asked i got out of the hug and i shrugged me shoulders. "Swimming?" He asked. "I guess." I said and we went inside and everyone went to change.I put my swim suit on, and i looked at myself in the mirror. I seriously ;et that last tweet get to me about being "fat". I put a tank top and shorts on and slid flip flops on while grabbing a towel. I was the first one out but i sat in the chair near the pool. The lads came running out and jumped in. "Why are you not in the pool?" Zayn asked. "I don't know." I opened the twitter app and i looked at that tweet. Zayn got out of the pool and grabbed my phone and read it. "Come on, your not fat at all.... Your the skinniest girl i have ever seen." The others agreed with him. "Take your clothes off and jump in." I took my clothes off while Zayn jumped back in, i just sat on the edge of the pool. " Alex, don't make us pull you in." Liam and Louis said. I ignored them and they pulled me in. "It's cold!" They all laughed and i just splashed water at them. Then someone else jumped in, Eleanor." " What took you so long?! Sheesh!" Louis said to her and she just splashed him. We splashed each other for a while then it was getting cloudy out so we got out and wrapped the towels around us.


I dislike haters. It really got to her but she forgot about it after a few. When everyone was getting out i just stayed in the pool. "Alex? You don't have to leave." "It looks like it's about to storm Harry." I just got out and took the towel from her and picked her up bridle style and threw her back in. "HARRY!" I just laughed and jumped back in. She splashed me a little bit then we were just relaxing a little bit. "Harry i heard thunder, we should go in." "Fine!" I gave in and gave her her towel which really wasn't needed because it started to rain. We slowly walked back and we sat in the chairs out of the rain for a little bit before we went in. "Harry i left my clothes out there." She said and ran back out there and grabbed them but left them on the chairs. After we were all dressed we decided to watch a movie but Alex didn't want to. We didn't get to anyways, the power went out. We all just sat in the living room. Then Simon came back home with some food. "Why is everything off?" He asked. "The powers off." Niall said while grabbing the food. We just sat there eating, then the power came back on. "Yay now we can all watch a movie. Meaning to too Alex." She just rolled her eyes and said "No." "Why not it should be fun!" Simon said. She gave in but sat on the floor while we all sat on the couch. I don't know why she was being stubborn, so i sat next to her. She didn't mind it and we watched Oz the great and powerful. I guess she was getting bored or loosing interest because she was starting to doze off. "You cane lean on my shoulder if you want." I whispered she refused at first then she accepted the offer. She fell asleep almost instantly. When the movie was over i just sat there while the others left. Alex was still sleeping and i didn't want to wake her. I saw her phone on the table in front of me and i grabbed it looking at her twitter. She was still getting hate, so i tweeted them. @Harry_Styles Leave @Alex_1D_lover Alone! She is with us and she is Simon's daughter. Guys aren't real directioners! Then i picked Alex up and took her to her room. I set her on her bed and kissed her forehead before i left to change into my pajama pants. I guess we all slept in there again, she had the biggest room in the house! Quickly we fell asleep.


When i woke up i saw everyone was asleep still. I stood up and stretched. I grabbed a marker and i drew on the lads faces. When i was done i woke Alex up quickly and picked her up bridle style and carried her to the closet in the movie room. I turned on the light and she was rubbing her eyes. "Niall why are we in a closet?" "I drew on the lads faces they are going to be up any minutes now." About 5 minutes later i heard Them all yell " NIALL!!!!!!! ALEX!!!!!!" " Great now they think i did this." She laughed after she said that. They ran everywhere and then we heard the door open but it was Simon. We pulled him in and quickly closed the door. "Hun why are the lads yelling for your name?" "They think i drew on their faces when i didn't, Niall brought me down here." We all just laughed. After about 10 minutes they finally found us all. "Simon?! You knew about this?" "No i just came home and when i opened the door they pulled me in and said what happened." We just laughed when he was ditracting the others Alex and i ran outside with the others hot on our trails. They grabbed us and stopped us from running. " I didn't draw on your faces!" Alex said when they were picking her up. "So? You were with Nialler." They threw her in the pool. " LIAM!! LOUIS!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!!!!! " She screamed then the lads pushed me in. "Payback." Louis said and strutted off. I got out and helped her out of the pool. "Sorry! Didn't think they would do that." She just smiled and hugged me. "Thanks for letting them get me wet." Then she walked off. I followed and we dried off.


"You guys shouldn't of drew on our faces!" We yelled at them. "I didn't! Niall did!" "Thanks for sticking up for me!" Niall said laughing. "Now you guys don't get cake!" They just stood there with their mouths open while we laughed and ate some. After a few seconds Alex ran up the stairs. Niall, just stood there eyeing the cake. " Fine Niall!! Here!" His face lit up and he ate some. We tried calling Alex back down but she didn't i grabbed a piece, put it on a plate and carried it up the stairs. "Alex you can have cake we were teasing." She ignored me and she was focusing on something else. "What's up?" I said sitting next to her. She was texting someone. "It's nothing... just some girl i hated in high school." "Well.... you can cheer up with cake!" She smiled and grabbed the plate. I ran back down to grab my plate and i ate up there with her. When we were done we talked for a while. "Whose the girl you hate?" "Samantha. She's threatening me and other stuff." Then her phone went off she answered it. "What the hell do you want?" pause. "Your a bitch just leave me the freak alone." pause. "At least i don't have a slut reputation." Then she hung up. "Samantha?" She nodded and looked upset. I just hugged her and we stayed like that for a few. Then she got up and walked around her room looking for something. "What are you looking for?" "I don't know..." Then i left and went down stairs. "You guys didn't hear any of that?" They shook their heads. "Well then." I sat down eating more cake.


I went to her room and checked on her but she wasn't there, she was in the bathroom. "You ok?" "No." She replied and i opened the door. She was vomiting. I held her hair out of her face, and rubbing her back. When she was done i helped her to her bed. "Did you just make yourself throw up?" "No. I think it was something i ate." Then Simon came in. "Alex i enrolled you to go to school, since it's going to be your last year." "Ok." She said. "You're ok with that?" She nodded. "You start tomorrow." She nodded and he left. "Well i guess you should go to bed then." I was about to leave when..." Are you guys still going to sleep in here?" " I don't think so, since you have to get ready." She looked disappointed but nodded and went to bed. I told the lads we are sleeping in our own room tonight and they just went to bed then. This was going to be weird, we have been sleeping in her room for a while.


Hello stars! Well i am going to update again.... hope you like this chapter.... ya..


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