Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


24. Harrys brothers


This chapter is really long, sorry!


I woke up and Liam was gone again. Loki is at a friends house for a while, im not sure why. Probably because of all the fighting. I did have a cold though, and fighting has been going on everyday. I got up and got dressed into a black tight tank top, shorts, miss matched socks, and my phone. I opened the door and they were fighting in the movie room from the sounds of it. I went to the kitchen and got a granola bar and sat down to eat it. When i was done eating i just sat there listening to them, which was kind of hard to hear when they are yelling at the top of their lungs. I went to the cabinet, grabbed a blow horn, went to the entrance to the movie room, and hit the button. They all covered their ears then looked at me. "Do you know how to shut up?!" They were all glaring at each other. "Stop arguing, or i'll leave. Permanently." They all looked at me, "What do you mean by that?" Louis asked. "Meaning ill leave this town, city, state, anything to get away from you guys." They all walked away from each other and to their rooms leaving me alone there, besides Niall. "I'm sorry Alex.." He mumbled. "It's fine." Then i put the horn down and went to hug him. After that i went to Liams door, and opened it. Liam was just sitting on his bed looking at the ceiling. "Liam? You okay?" i asked standing in the doorway. But before he answered Louis walked by saying. "No he's complaining about not having Loki instead of caring about his girl more." Then Liam yelled "I  care about Alex!! But because of the fighting i can't have Loki!" "Yea but whose more important Ale or a dumb dog?!?!" Louis said pushing me out of the way. "I care about BOTH of them Louis!!" "Then you wouldn't mind if i pushed Alex down then?" "Of course i would mind!" I looked at Louis and kind of back up. They continued to yell back and fourth and finally stopped. I just stared at my feet then went to my room to grab my bag and phone. I started heading out the door when Harry stopped me.

"Where do you think you are going?" Harry said. "Out." He shut the door and stood in front of me. "You can't exactly, you need to stay up in your room or Liams." I looked at him weird. "My brothers are coming over for a while... and they will try taking you from Liam and the rest of us." I nodded. "How much longer and who are your brothers?" About 5 minutes and Edward and Marcel." "How long are they staying?" "I'm not sure, i really long time though." "I can't be stuck up there for a really long time!" Then we heard a car pulling up. "Go." I ran up to Liams room, "Liam Harry's brothers are hear. Liam looked at me weird. "Harry is letting Edward and Marcel stay here for a long time..." He nodded and i shut the door behind me and locked it. "Harry said i have to stay up here for a while, what should we do?" He was thinking of something, but i put my bag down and walked over to him and started kissing him. He kissed back and pulling me closer to him. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, i let him. We kissed until we were out of breath. I looked at him and we were just smiling like two little kids with a bag of candy. I leaned over to him and kissed him again and laid down on the bed next to Liam. "I love you Liam." I said looking toward him, "I love you to." He pulled me closer to him and put his arm around me. We heard the doorbell knowing, the styles brothers were here. 

Liam wanted to meet his brothers so he left while i stayed here. *2 hours later* I was tired so i took my dirty shirt off and pants and put shorts on. It was hot in there so i just laid there in a black sports bra and shorts. I laid on my stomach, lights off, and trying to fall asleep. When i was almost asleep the door opened. I kept my eyes shut and someone turned the light on. "Turn. It. Off." I said crankely. Whoever turned it on wouldn't I shot up and i didn't recognize the person. "Who are you?" I said. "S-s-s-sorry i'm Marcel... i think i found the wrong room." I rubbed my eyes. "Whose room were you looking for?" He cleaned off his glasses. "Liam's room." "Oh your in the right room." I got up and stretched. "I'm Liams Girlfriend Alex." I said holding my hand out towards him. He shook it, "Are you sleeping in here?" He nodded. "Be right back." I wen down stairs and saw All the lads and im guessing Harry's other brother. Forgetting i was i shorts and a sports bra, crud. "Liam can you come here?" He nodded quickly and walked up stairs. "Am i sleeping in my room? Since Marcel is in your room?" "Umm.... yea Ed and Marcel are stealing my room so i'll be in your room... and love, put on a shirt." He said cheekily. I rolled my eyes and kissed him. "Alright, but im sleeping in your room till its time to sleep." He nodded and i headed back to his room.

Marcel was looking at pictures of Liam when i came back. "You can stay in here but im going to try going back to sleep." He nodded and continued what he was doing, while i laid back down closing my eyes. Marcel turned off the light for me and he used a flashlight to look around. But when i was almost asleep someone turned it on. "TURN.IT.OFF!" I said crankily. "Someone is NOT a morning person." I shot up and it was Ed. "What are you doing?" "Seeing the room im staying in..." I rolled my eyes and laid back down. "Grab a flashlight and turn the light off." He nodded and did so. Again almost asleep and the light turns on. This time i grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door, and i hit Harry. "What was that for?" "Im tired of people turning on the damn light." I said rubbing my eyes. "Sorry but i was looking for my brothers.." Then Liam came in behind him, "Alex we are changing rooms." I got up and walked to my room with Liam right behind me. When we got in there i just laid back down and got under the covers. "Your really tired?" I nodded and i guess i fell asleep. 

When i woke up i went to the kitchen and Marcel was in there. "Morning." I said, "Morning." He replied. I grabbed the milk and poured myself a glass. "You hungry?" He nodded. "What would you like?" He though a moment. "Toast would be f-f-fine." I nodded and put toast in the toaster and grabbed butter and some grape jelly. "Are you guys like, triplets?" I asked him getting the toast out of the toaster. "Yes, but we dress nothing alike, besides Ed and Harry." "Oh." I said putting the butter and jelly on. When i gave him his plate i asked him if he wanted a drink. "Water would be fine." I nodded and got him a glass. Then shortly after Ed came on down. "Ello love." He said. Awkwardly i said "Hi.." And he helped himself to juice. "So your the girl that broke my brothers heart?" "I didn't, we needed a break." He laughed. "You also have problems, cutting your self, overdose on pills, running away, anything else was should know about you dear?" I didn't like Ed. "There's nothing wrong with me." I replied. He chuckled and started to drink some juice. "Whatever little miss heart breaker says." I glared at him. "I'm not a heart breaker." "Surrreeee your not. How many boys did you go through. 20? 30? 40?" Then Liam came in. "That's enough Ed." And Ed continued to take a drink of his juice. "At least im not the one chasing guys and breaking hearts." I rolled my eyes and went to my room. It was cold out so i put on a black shirt, one of Liams hoodies, blue jeans, my bag, and my phone. I put my socks and sperries on then i climbed out my window, and headed toward the same hotel roof i went to before. I sat there, the winds was blowing and it was 20 degrees out. About 30 minutes later i got a call from Liam, i answered. "Where are you?" "I need a break from the house..." "That did't answer me." I looked at the grey sky. "I'm fine.." Then i hung up, knowing calls would come through i put my phone on silent. I just sat there hugging my legs and looking at the sky. I hated being there, and i hate Ed. After a while my teeth started to chatter. I looked at my phone and i answered some unknown number. "Hello?" "Hello is this Alex?" "Who am i t-talking with?" 

"Marcel Styles." "Yes this is Alex." "Where are you everyone here is freaking out." "Im somewhere in town." My hands were numb. "Why don't you come home?" "Because i dont want to be there and i dont want to see Ed." And i hung up. I started crying, i miss my dad so much. If he was here i wouldn't have went through so much pain of loosing him, meeting One Direction, dating Harry then having my heart shattered by him, meeting his brothers, none of this. I was done and i didn't want to return. I had some money and a phone charger. I climbed off the roof and went into the hotel. "Whats your cheapest room?" "About $300 for a nice room. for the cheapest about $250." I looked in my wallet, i only had $100. "Sorry i can't afford that, thanks anyway." I put my hood back up and was about to leave when she said. "Wait! i could let you stay for one day for $50." I put my hood down and went to her. "Thank you so much!" 

She smiled and said no problem. I gave her $50 and she handed me my keys to my room. I went there and it was pretty nice. Once i put my stuff up i crawled into bed and fell asleep.

The next day i woke up and it was snowing. I looked at my phone and it was 8:03 a.m. I sat up and called Niall. "Hello?" He said. "Hi Niall... Liam alright?" "Yea he is fine, worried sick about you though." "Well im fine he doesn't have to worry." "We all are." i rubbed my eyes, "I got to go." "Wai-" And i hung up the phone and went back to sleep. 12.05 p.m. I got up put my hood back on and my shoes. I grabbed my keys and bag and i left. When i went to the front desk i gave the woman my keys and i went outside. It was 9 degrees out, i didn't care and it was snowing. I started walking and i heard a car honk, Ed. I put my bag on better and i started running. He drove a head of me and cut me off. I turned around and Ed once again cut me off, and i saw another car coming. So i ran toward the bridge. Ed and Marcel were chasing after me. "STOP ALEX!!" I heard them yelling but i didn't yet, the cold air was getting to my lungs and it hurts to breath the air. I finally crossed the bridge and climbed up a tree and leaned on it gasping for air. "Alex!! Are you alright!!??" Ed yelled climbing the tree. "N-n-no you wont leave me alone.." I mumbled, "Okay you are definitely as Harry described you, crazy!" That hurt..

"I don't care, leave me alone..." He shook his head. "It's cold out if you haven't noticed and its obviously snowing!" I rolled my eyes. When he wasn't paying attention i jumped off the tree, hurting my leg a little bit and started running off. I lost them at some point and i leaned against a different tree. I looked at my phone and i answered Harry's call. "You are so dumb! Ed and Marcel were trying to get you home!!" He yelled into the phone. "Did it ever occur to you that i don't want to bed home?!?!" "Well we called the cops so we will see you soon." Then he hung up. I climbed that tree and waited. I didn't want to come home. I eventually heard sirens but they were faint. I got out of the tree and started walking toward town. i went to the park and i sat in the swings. A cop car drove right by me, but then shortly after came back. I got up and started walking away but the cop was running toward me and i couldnt run anymore. He grabbed my arm and looked at me. Then talked into his walkie talkie thing "Yea i found her, and im taking her home." He helped me to the cop car and i sat in the front seat. we drove around for a little bit so i could warm up. 

after a few he took me home and The lads were all out side. He let me stay in the car while he talked to the lads. I didn't want to be here. Then i noticed My dad er,.. Simon pulled up and went to the passenger side of the cop car. He opened the door and hugged me. Then pulled me out and we went inside. "Why did you run away once again." "Because i wanted to." He sighed, "I had a meeting in another state, you know how much trouble i could get into?" I shrugged my shoulders. He just pulled me into another hug, "Well i have to go, Don't do that again." I nodded and he left, then The lads came in. And they just looked at me. "What?" I said and they just stared. Then they finally went to the living room and i went to my room. Liam came in and he just hugged me and was starting to silently cry, as did i. "Liam i'm sorry but i had to get a break from here." Then he pulled out of the hug. "You know Simons thinking about taking you back to the adoption center?" "R-really?" I said and he nodded. "He is tired of you running away and disobeying him and us. He thinks you can be someone else's problem. Or... since you are almost 17 ish, let you move out and get you an apartment." "oh..." I said above a whisper. "Yea."

I started crying. "I really wish my dad wasn't killed!" Liam just stared at me, then pulled me into a hug. "You know if Simon doesn't get rid of you, you can never do this again." I nodded. "I know." Then i calmed down and the lads all came in here and hugged me but Ed was just starring at me. I looked at him weird and he said well mouthed "I'll make sure you are back in the adoption center."


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