Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


7. Good day gone wrong


I woke up but not so Zayn would notice. I peeked through my eyes and Harry was there. Why why why. I just stayed asleep. "You want to play football? (Soccer)" "Yea just don't wake her." Zayn carefully laid me down and they called the other lads and they went out front. I got off the couch and i peeked through the window. Oh. My. God. Shirtless! I just stayed there watching them for a while. They should be shirtless more often. I finally left the window and went to my room to watch them from my window. I made sure i was at an angle where they couldn't see me. After a while i left the window and was reading some movellas. I read the untamed series. It was really good. Then i heard a soft knock on my door. "Umm... who is it?" "Zayn." Come in." He came in and sat on my bed. "How would you react if Hazza did ask you out?" I got up and opened the door. I grew wide eyed. "Wtf?" I said and they just smiled. "Leave...." They ran away and i shut the door. "Really? You knew all of them were there?" He smiled and shrugged. "Vas happenin'?" I laughed. "Well?"  "I don't know. I really just don't to ruin our friendship...." "Well... if he were to what would you say?" I thought about it, "I would yes... I don't know!" He sighed. "If you like him, why would you say yes.... no.... i don't know?!" I laughed. "You goof, i don't know and i wouldn't say it like that." "Well? That's how you said it to me, just different order." I rolled my eyes. Then someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?" "Harry." Oh great. "Come... in..." He came in and sat next to Zayn. "We saw you checking us out when we were playing football you know." They laughed and i just put my face to my hands. "No you didn't that was my evil twin." "Yes you did!" I was trying not to laugh but i ended up laughing. "So...... like you guys don't look at girls... *couveronicagh* " They laughed. "Yes Veronica is really pretty." We were all laughing. I grabbed some clothes and i went to take a shower. When i was done there was a note taped to my door. "If you like Harry as a friend meet us outside. - Veronica I laughed and i went out there.


We were waiting outside and then we heard the door open. "What do you guys want?" "Um guys and the sexy Veronica!" I dressed up as her. "Why....... im not going to ask." Alex said trying not to smile. "Well Harry thinks im the sexiest creature on the planet." I said flipping my "hair". "Um.. ok... creature." They were all laughing. "Well he loves me! " "ok.... as a creature." I was trying to keep a strait face, i kept it that way. "Honey would you be jealous if i were to date this sexy beast?" She just fell to the ground laughing while the other lads were to. She finally stopped laughing. "Nope, you and Harry will make lovely... B-babies together." She was holding back her laugh. "You are so being difficult." She laughed more. "Do you want too date Hazza or not?" She stopped laughing. "I told you... i-i don't know...." We all sighed. She was blushing, probably shouldn't have done that with everyone here. "Why not? If you don't Veronica will steal every single curl." She smiled and laughed. "I don't know Zaynica" "Oh for the love of, come inside with me." We did and shut the doors. "Just go out with him!" "No... i told you my answer earlier. But this was amusing. And one of your "Boobs" Is to low." I looked down and fixed it. "Come on Harry's a great guy." She sat down for a few and thought about it. "If i say yes.... you have to have Harry and the others help fix your "boobs"." I rearranged them "Fine." We both walked back out. "You four sexy boys need to fix my boobs!" They were laughing. "Fine i guess Harry doesn't get the lovely girl over there." Harry looked at her and laughed. They finally gave in and they fixed my "boobs". "Thanks you gentleman now Hazza and Alex are going out!!!" They all laughed.


"I don't think she is going to say yes" I said to the others. "You don't know that... what the hell?!" We saw Zayn fixing him self and moving stuff around. Then they came out and we were all laughing."You four sexy boys need to fix my boobs!" We all laughed. "Fine i guess Harry doesn't get the lovely girl over there." She was smiling away. I looked at her smiling myself, then laughed. We gave in because i wanted to date her. "Thanks you gentleman now Hazza and Alex are going out!!!" We all laughed. "Go get back to your self, zaynica." I said and he walked off. The lads and i looked at Alex who was still laughing. "So this was the only way you would say yes?" "It worked didn't it?" We all laughed and the lads went inside while i stayed out there with her. "Why didn't you just say yes?" "I don't know.... thought you never did like me, your Harry Styles! You could have any girl but you chose me.." I smiled and i walked over to where she was sitting and i sat in front of her. "Well next time just say yes. Instead of making Zayn do that." She just laughed. "I had to see that happen, he was asking for it." "Well what do you want to do then?" She just shrugged her shoulders. "Swimming?" I nodded and we got dressed and went out to the pool. I picked her up bridle style and threw her in. "HARRY! IT'S COLD!" "You say that every time you get in." " Well it's true every time i get in." I laughed and jumped in. "It's not that cold...." She just splashed me. "Ok... maybe a little." She grabbed the pool chair and sat in it. "You picked the smallest one!" I whined. I got the biggest one and i put her on it with me. "Really?" She said. "Yea... Don't want you cold now do we?" She laughed and we stayed in each others arms for a little bit. "Umm... Harry." She said and i saw the pap. "We should scare him... one the count of three yell hey sexy pap." "Ok... lol" "1 2 3 " HEY SEXY PAP!!!!!" We both yelled making him fall backwards. "What would you say if i were to take you out tonight?" "I don't know, are you?" "I don't know, maybe." She laughed. "Then i would say yes." "Then ya i want to." We fell into the water and got ready to leave.


Why does everyone always get all the girls but me? Zayn has perrie, Lou has Eleanour, Harry has Alex, Liam has Danielle and i have no one. This isn't fair i wish Alex said no. When they both came down the stairs they were hand in hand. "Were going to go out tonight see you later." We waved and i watched them until they left. "This isn't fair." "What isn't fair?" Louis and Liam asked. "I am the only single guy here!!" "You can date Veronica." They laughed "Ha ha ha NO!" "Well then! You'll get a girl eventually Nialler." Zayn said messing up my hair. "Yea right." Then we continued to watch the telly.


We drove to this restaurant that he liked. We sat down and i noticed someone here. Samantha. I groaned a little bit. "Something wrong?" He asked. "No... i hit my.. foot." He smiled at me and looked at his menu. She worked here. Shit. She came over to our table. "Can i take your orders?" She was smirking at me, i rolled my eyes. "Ya not yet." I said and she ignored me. "Your Harry right? From One Direction?" "Yes." "Could you come to the back with me and sign something for me?" "Um... sure. What's your name?" "Sa- Rebecca" "Whatever Samantha just leave." She looked at me weird. "I'm not Samantha, im Rebecca" She was lieing. But Harry still went back there with her. Great!


I went back there with Rebecca and i signed a few things for her. When i was about to leave she stood in front of me. "You are dating that girl?" She said pointing to Alex. "Yea why?" "I've heard she dates guys just for sex." I looked at her weird. "How would you know?" "She used to go to my school, guys would date her then she would break up with them after sex." "I don't believe you..." She sighed. "Well you'll learn the hard way i guess." And i left. "Alex... I have a question.." "Yea?"  "Are you a virgin?" She almost choked on her water. "Yes! Why would you think otherwise. Was it her." "Yea.. sorry i..." "Yea that's Samantha!  You seriously didn't believe her did you? I'll prove it." She called one of the other waitresses over. "Is that girl Samantha?" "Yes she started working her a few weeks ago." "Ok thanks." "No problem." She looked at me and smiled. "I'm sorry, i told her i didn't believe her. But it wouldn't leave my mind.... sorry." "It's fine."


We ordered and we waited. When she delivered it to our table i wasn't sure in eating it. But i did any way. We asked for the check and she handed it to me and there was a separate piece of paper. "Have fun being sick for the night! - Sam. "Harry hurry and pay so we can get home." "Why?" I showed him the note. He quickly did so and as soon as we got home i ran for the bathroom and threw up. Harry held my hair for me. I hate her so fucking much. When i was done i sat in the living room. "How was your date you love birds." Zayn said sitting next to us. When he sat down i ran to the bathroom again. Liam held my hair this time while he explained to the others. I just sat in the bathroom. every 10 - 30 minutes i was sick and i didn't want to run back and fourth. The lads sat in the hallway talking with me. "Why does she hate you?" Niall asked. "I don't know, i think it's because i always beat her at everyt-. And i got sick again. After that i quickly put my hair in a perfect ponytail. " I feel miserable." "I'm sorry love." Harry said. "It's not your fault." He just sighed. He sat next to me and hugged me. I just leaned on his shoulder but it didn't stay that way long. "I really hate her." I said leaning back on Harry. I guess i was that weak from throwing up i finally fell asleep.


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