Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


1. Going to the Adoption center


I was sitting on my bed at home when my dad came into my room smiling. " What father?! " He laughed. Then got serious. " Honey... we are moving to London....." I looked at him weird. "Why!" " I got a new job there. Besides you've been there before." I sighed. " I know like 7 years ago!" I laughed. " But im cool with it. We will be close to the famous boy band One Direction!!" I screamed. My dad smiled and screamed. " OH. MY. GOD. ONE DIRECTION! MY OVARIES MIGHT EXPLODE! THEY ARE JUST SO SEXY!" That made me laugh really hard. " DAD! Stop copying what i said the other day!" " Alright sweetie start packing!" He then ran out of the room. He's such a freak. By now you are probably wondering what i look like. I have long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I'm really thin and im 5'7. I'm easy to hang with i don't get mad too easy. My mum died about 4 years ago with my sister to. She was in the middle of having her when something went wrong and they both died. I finally moved on last year. But it's been amazing just me and my da. Sure i miss mum but you know.

3 hours later . . . .

" Honey you ready?!" "YES!" I came down carrying everything that was left. I helped him carry everything to the trunk of the van. " READY!!!!" He shut the trunk. " Oh my goooddd we are going to breathe the same air as them can't you believe it." He said in a mocking tone. "DA! JUST GET IN THE CAR!" He laughed in hoped in, i sat in the front in the passenger. I brought my bag up with me. It was all my One direction stuff. I couldn't leave them in the back of the car! That would be CRAZY. I was very excited. I decided to grab my IPod and watch some videos. I watched the ones from Red Nose Day. I cried when the lads cried. I hate seeing them cry. Then i was done watching that! I watched some music videos.... "Kiss you" and "Little Things" " We are here oh my.... we are breathing..... same air....." Then he pretended to pass out. " DA! You goof. Please come on." That's the house love." I looked it was nice. " Ok." I got out and went inside. I was in there for an hour and he never came in, i went outside and went to the door and opened it. " Da.... Are you ok??" He didn't respond. I lifted him up and he looked like he got stabbed. I backed up crying and managed to call the cops. They came in like 5 minutes and looked at him. " Do you have any other family?" I shook my head. " Come with me..." I hoped into the passenger seat of the police car and the cop took me to some huge building. " W-what i-is this place?" I asked. " An adoption center..." " NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I WANT TO BE WITH MY DA!" " Hun, he is dead..." I kinda knew that but i was trying to process everything. I just sighed and got out of the car. He walked me into the place and explained everything. " You'll be fine here, Alex?" I nodded. " Good bye and try and have fun." He left then the woman who worked here came over to me. " Let's take you to your new room. You will have two roommates that are about your age." We went to this room and she knocked on the door.


" Christy!!"WHAT!" She yelled from her room. " What do you wanna do today?" She then opened her door and let me in. " Psh. I don't know." So for the rest of the day we were listening to One Direction. Then We heard a knock on the door. We opened the door and i saw Kat, the woman who owns the place and some girl. " Girls this is your new roommate." We smiled and welcomed her in. " I think they are bringing your clothes over later..." She nodded and came in and sat on the chair that hung from the ceiling. When Kat left Christy and i looked to each other. " What's your name?" " Alexis, but i hate being called that so call me Alex." She smiled. I like this girl. " Well im Garriyn and that's Christy. Our nicknames for each other are for me Grant and her Doug." " Nice... So you guys Directioners too?" We both smiled big. " Hell ya! They are the sexiest boy band in the world." " Sweet! This bag.... Has all my 1D stuff in it." "Can we look?" She nodded and we looked at all her stuff. " You are so lucky.... you have their guitar, necklaces, posters, made a scrapbook, concert t-shirt, gahh!" She smiled and laughed at our reaction. Then Kat came back with her clothes. Then Doug and i screamed! " Why are you screaming?!" Alex said laughing. Kat texted us saying Someone famous is coming here tomorrow! It could be...." She laughed "Nice... Where is the bathroom?" We pointed to our right and she changed into black sweats the said Nialler along the leg and a Green tank top. "I like the sweats!" " Thanks she said. She was pretty. I liked her eyes that really showed, her long brown wavy hair, that is now being put into a messy bun. And how thin she was!!!! " Are you always that thin?!" She nodded and laughed. "Well im tired loves so im going to bed." She said. "Night." we said. This is going to be fun, with all 3 of us.

Ello loves! Well i hope you kinda like that chapter.... I'm going to update right after i post this so.... ya like comment fav?


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