Adopted By Simon - Harry fan fic -

Ello there! Im Alex! I've just went to this adoption center in London. It's not bad i made friends. The reason why i am here, i don't want to say. One day i was walking around the adoption center when Garriyn and Christy, I call them Grant and Doug, come up to me saying that 1D tweeted they were near the center. We loved them so much. But we knew we would never meet them.... Until that day came, it changed everyones life forever. Especially mine!


2. Already being adopted?

I just keep this in Alex's P.O.V.... but only this chap... enjoy


It's been 2 weeks of being here and it's been fun and all but i really miss my Da. I was just waking up And the girls were to. We got dressed and sat on the bed texting each other. I didn't have the best phone but others offered me better phones but it reminded me of my da. Then the girls screamed! " What they just grabbed my arm and pulled me into a line that was full of girls. " That famous guy wants to one of us from 13 - 17." I nodded and Kat said. " Ladies this is Simon Cowell and he wants to talk to each of you." With that he started at the beginning of the line. We were last in line so we waited a few. When we were starting to loose hope he stopped in front of me. " Hello! what's your name?" " Alex! Nice to meet you Simon" I said with a smile on my face, which made him smile. " You seem really sweet Alex." " Thanks." Then he talked to Garriyn and Christy. Then he went and talked to Kat. Minutes later, they came back. " Alex pack your bags you are being adopted." I just smiled and went upstairs with the girls following me. " I can't believe your being adopted." My stuff was already being packed but i hugged them then i went to Simon. " Hello love, you ready to go?" I nodded and waved goodbye to everyone and he helped me put my stuff in the trunk but i told him. " I actually want to hold this bag..." He smiled. " What's in it. I smiled and said "All my One Direction stuff is in there." He smiled and laughed a little. " Ok love well lets hop into the car." Then he asked a few questions

( to lazy to write out names so.... A: Alex S: Simon. Sorry just tired)

S: So you like One direction?

A: No! I love Them!

S: Favorite Color?

A: Blue, Green, Black and Orange.

S: Hold old are you?

A: 17 and a half

S: How long have you been at the adoption center?

A: 2 weeks

S: Why were you put in there.

A: - i was silent for a moment - Me and my Da were moving to London, he got a new job here. We packed and drove to our new house. I was in the house for an hour and he didn't come in. I went to the car and he wasn't moving i moved him up and he got shot in the heart...

S: I'm sorry love...

A: Me to... I wish i could have got him out. He was joking with me saying " Oh my gooooddddd we are breathing the same air as One Direction!!!" Then he pretended to pass out.... i told him to get out and he said he will be in in a few. He never did.

S: Oh... I really am Sorry.

A: Ya... Are you married?

S: No

A: Does anyone live with you?

S: Yes i have 5 people, but you will meet them and you might enjoy them.

A: ok?

After that we were silent for a bit. Then we were driving into this huge house. He waited for the gaits to open and there was a pool in the front yard and back yard! There was also 5 cars. He helped carry stuff through the door. " We already have your room all made, with furniture ect. We also got you clothes. Then we headed up stairs, oh and we left my stuff near the door. I carried my "1D" bag though When we were near im guessing my room, it had my name on it. 5 boys came running at us and i hid behind Simon. " LADS STOP!" She yelled. Wait lads? This can't be.... " Simon... err dad. Please tell me that's not One Direction." He laughed and moved and i looked up to the 5 sexy lads. " HI! Were One Direction!" I held my mouth and said "Oh... My.... God.... I must be seeing and hearing things!" I rubbed my eyes and looked again. " You a fan love?" Harry said with his beautiful accent. " YES! err i mean Yes....." They all laughed. " What's in your bag?" Niall asked. " Um........" " All One Direction stuff." Simon said. I blushed. " Well let's see what kind of a fan you are." They pulled me into my room and emptied the bag. They grew wide eyed. " Damn!" Louis said. I had all their CD's, 200+ posters,Watch,cups, necklaces,calender, their dolls.... cards, bracelets, PJ's, swim suit - not really mad yet but oh well- and alot more. " Simon you brought home a huge fan!" Zayn said. " Well this huge fan is now my daughter." They looked at each other and smiled. They helped me put all their posters up organized where my dolls, scrap book and other stuff go. I had a computer that, A huge bed! And a vanity full of makeup. " So you like the room?!" Everyone asked in sync. I looked at everyone weird then i said on the bed and said " YES." They laughed. " Well 'll talk to you guys later i have to do some things. Be nice to Alex!" Then he left leaving me with the lads. " So where are you from?" " Actually i was born here in London, but moved to Kansas... about 2 weeks ago i came back." They nodded and i explored the room i opened the closet doors and i saw a bunch of clothes. " Can you guys get my bags near the door?" "They are already put up somewhere in here, all clothes are in there." Great. I looked everywhere and i couldn't find my Nialler sweats. I came back out and asked " Do you know where you put black sweats that says....... Nialler on them?" " Yep." I looked at them waiting... " Where are they?" " Obviously Niall has them! His name is on them." I rolled my eyes and he threw them to me. I went back into the closet and i walked in further and found tank tops. I grabbed a blue one and i just changed in there. Before i left i put my hair in a messy bun then walked out. " I'm going to take a nap you can stay or whatever i don't care." Then i guess they stayed, i went to sleep within a few minutes

Later i woke up and they were all here. I threw pillows at them and they looked at me weird. " I thought you would leave." I said but they shook their heads." Nope we wouldn't leave our biggest fan alone." Liam said laughing. I smiled and rolled my eyes. I got up and was heading out of the room when i heard Harry say " Dang she's hot!" I turned around and looked at him and he just blushed, then louis hit him in the shoulder.I just ignored that and went to the kitchen, but i got distracted and found a movie room. Then i felt someone tap my shoulder and i screamed. It was just Niall. He just laughed. " It's not funny Niall! " " That's my name don't wear it out!" Then i went to my room and it was night time so i guess we had a slumber party in my room. I slowly fell asleep

Well i hope you like.... i don't want hate.... This is a Narry fan fic. And yea.... ill update later.... Technically today, since its almost 2 in the morning... My best friend is going to 1D's concert in KS,MO. and i am upset because ill be just about a little over an hour and a half away... i'll seriously be breathing the same air as.... ONE DIRECTION! .-. Enjoy the 2 chapters.... bye


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