Love Bites

Jamie is what you would think a "normal girl". But is she really? she has a secret that she thinks no one knows, until one night out with friends she meets a man who changes her life completely.


2. Chapter Two

Jamie's P.O.V.

The last day of grade eleven. Great. I didn't want this day to come. Today was the day I was moving out of the city. I didn't want to but my mother said that I had to. there are three reasons I don't want to move. One, I had to move in with my dad that I only saw once a year. Two, I had to leave my favourite place ever and finally three, i had to leave my friends. i don't have very many friends and i don't make friends easily. i had about ten friends, three of which are my best friends, two that are close and the rest are just people i talk to on a weekly basis. The last five you wouldn't really call friends more like aquaintences but i consider them my friends. But really i didn't want to leave and my mother knew that. she knows that i am old enough to take care of myself and that i like being on my own. But she inststed me on going to live with my father. this isn't great at all.

Walking to school i felt someone grip onto my shoulders. i truned around and saw it was Chase. He looked so happy but when he saw the fear in my eyes his expression changed completely. He looked so upset. I just hugged him.

"Jamie i didn't mean to scare you i thought it would be a good idea that we walked to school together today. i just want to be witYess h you cuz you never know what is going to go one this summer right?" he looked at me like he was hiding something. i didn't know what but i was going to find out

"Chase is there something you need to tell me or ask me?" he looked at me with shock thinking i hadn't noticed he was hiding something.

"Well I was going to ask you if you would come live with me." He looked so confident but there was only one problem my mother. What would she say to this? Would she let me? Or would she make me live with my father. I just had to tell Chase what my answer was and tell him the truth after school. I'd have to text my mother about this too. It would take all day but It was worth it.

"well Chase im going to have to get back to you on this one. if it was up to me i'd say yes in a heart beat but there is one person I have to talk to about this. id have to talk to my mum all day but im going to try my best"

I saw what looked like sadness in his eyes and felt determend to get my mother to say yes. I was just about to text her but I got a call from her instead

The Call Body.

"Jamie are you ready to go to your fathers today?"

"Yes mom I am but I need to talk to you about something. its about moving."

"Honey I already told you. your going to move in with your father."

"Yes mother but I would aprectiate it if you could listen."

"Alright Jamie. I'll listen."

"Thank you. Well Chase my boy friend asked me if I would go live him at his house. I told him that I would love to but that I would have to talk to you. So I am asking you. May I live with Chase at his house instead of going to move in with my father."

"Well Jamie I am going to have to talk to your father and see what he thinks and im going to also have to think about it today. so I will call you when you get out of school. I love you hun. Now get to school."

"Ok, thank you. love you too. bye."

End Of Call

I could tell that Chase heard everything that was said in the call. He looked disappointed. I do hope that she and my father say its alright. I don't want him to be any more disappointed.

"Chase I know you heard everything but she didn't say no. She said she will think about it. But we should get to school."

he didn't reply after. the rest of the walk was quiet. Half way to school I saw Kat. She looked upset about something. Did her and Brady break up? Or is she upset because I am leaving? I have to go talk to Jake later, and see what is the matter. Today feels like its going to be a sad day.


The last bell rang for the summer and I wasn't happy about it at all. I was nervous, sad, worried. When I got to my locker I got all my things and headed out the door. When I got outside I saw all my friends in one group. it looked like they were waiting for me. As soon as I walked up to them Kat burst into tears.

"Kat? What is the matter. Why are you crying?"

"Jamie you leaving today. Your not going to be here anymore. Im not going to have someone to talk about boys with, cry with and have amazing times with. There is no other person who could replace you." she said between sobs. I looked at Chase and Brady. They looked like they were going to burst into tears. I know I was but I couldn't not now.

" All of you guys are going to come to my house until I leave. We are going to have some fun and wait until my dad gets here. Now lets go before the teachers come out and see us still here and make us stay for summer school" when I said that Brady and Kat remembered about our friend Ashley. She has to stay for summer school just because she had to wait a hour for her dad to pick her up .

When we got to my house I turned on the music and we danced around like idiots. When we got tired we all flopped on  the couch and just did nothing. We sat there for about ten minutes. I got up to go get something from my room my phone rang. Me and Chase looked at each other with excitement, nervousness, and worriedness. When I answered the phone it was my mother.

Call Body

Hey honey. Your father and I talked today and he said its ok for you to stay. You can live with Chase!

What?! Really?! Oh my gosh mum thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I miss you mom so much and I love you but I have to finish packing and cleaning. ill see you soon bye.

Bye Jamie. I love you too.

End Of Call.

I was so happy. When I told every one what my mom said they all jumped up from the couch and hugged me tightly. When we finished our group hug I told them that I had to clean and get  ready. Brady And Kat left but Chase stayed.

"Jamie you do know that I have my own house right? well I don't live with my parents. I haven't for a long time. they died when I was 10. every since then I've lived by myself."

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know. But I'm still glad that I get to live with you. I'm going to enjoy it."

His eyes lit up when I said that. I knew he was excited and wanted me to live with him for a long time. He makes me happy and I make him happy. and now every day I can wake up beside him and smile every day cuz I know im going to be living with the one that makes me happy.


we arrived at Chases house. Wow its big. I wonder how he affords this place. That doesn't matter. Now that I am here im getting nervous. I don't know why I just am. I don't even think its nervousness. its just some kind of feeling between nervous and excitement.

When we got inside I toold a good look of his home. The walls were white, with leather couches, glass table and beautiful paintings. it looked like a house you would see in the movies. it was beautiful. he guided me to a room which I think is his. he showed me where to put mu cloths and here we would be sleeping. when I was done we went down stairs to watch tv and eat supper. after supper Chase and I went to bed. I didn't really go to bed though. when I knew he was sleeping I went out for a walk. I know its about 2:30 in the morning. I hope he doesn't find out. To be honest im sorta scared of him but he doesn't know that. I hope he never does.



sorry this chapter took so long to post. I don't really get any time to go one here. but I hope you like it so far. thanks byee  ~crazykid



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