Love Bites

Jamie is what you would think a "normal girl". But is she really? she has a secret that she thinks no one knows, until one night out with friends she meets a man who changes her life completely.


3. Chapter Three

Chase's P.O.V.

Me and Jamie have been living together for about four weeks now. It has been amazing living with her. She makes me smile. She makes me happy. Shes just for me. She's my world. I cant imagine life without her. I knew she was the one for me the first day I met her. She was eleven. she was outside playing at a park bye herself. She had money with her too. I was walking by when she was leaving. I saw that she had dropped some of her money. I picked it up for her and when I called her over so I could give it back to her our hands met. At that moment I felt it. I felt the spark of love and life ahead that a vampire and a vampire to be would feel when they found there mate. I knew she felt it too. Her face lit up with fear and she ran away. Ever since then I followed her, watched her, and observed her. I know it sounds creepy but that's what was necessary. I couldn't lose her. A vampire only has one mate that makes you feel like that and get that feeling. Now that we live together she and I will always have that spark that no one will ever feel. the sad thing is that when the first time we touched it was a happy but painful feeling for her and I. That's not even half of what she will be feeling in the next process. The next step is going to give her more pain but pleasure at the same time. I've never felt it before but I have heard stories from other vampires that have had to change their mate into a vampire. It seems so crazy that this whole change has to happen. It's fascinating but at the same time it makes me so nervous. If this doesn't work out as well as I want it to, I don't know what I am going to do. At all.


I told Jamie to go hang out with Kat and Brady for the day and I told her I would call her if I needed her to come home. She thought it was a good idea since she hasn't seen them in a long time. It would be beast for her and I could also get things ready for the plans that I made for tonight. I was making dinner and planned on making the dining room look good for the occasion.

I decided to call her home at around 6:30 when everything was just about ready. She told me over the phone that she would be home in about 20 minutes so I decided to get ready and look alright for our dinner. I'm getting more and more nervous every minute that goes buy. I have to think how I am going to tell her that she has to go through part two of the change before she is really a vampire. unlike me that was born out for two vampires I didn't have to go through the change, so I have no idea how it will feel, and that's what scares me the most.

I hear the padlock click open and run to the kitchen. I pace back and fourth till she enters the kitchen. Wow she is so beautiful. not seeing her for about 5 hours then seeing her again is like seeing her the first time I laid my eyes on her. My heart is racing and I can hear it in my chest and I can tell that she does too. She looks up at me and before I can even let her talk I start the conversation.

"How was your day today? Did you have a good time?"

"Yes I did and I see that you kept busy yourself. What is this all for?"

"well here's the thing. I need to talk to you about something but I thought I would plan this so we could relax and talk. So please take a seat."

"Oh, uhh okay. What do you need to talk about?"

"Yes well you know how just over a month ago how the things happened after the party? Well that's not the end of it. There is more to the transformation." 

"What do you mean more to the transformation?"

"Well you see the way you are now is only a part of it. you have to do the next part, then wait 3 months then do the last part that will actually change you all the way." 

"Will it hurt?" 

" I don't know exactly. The feeling is different for everybody. It will never be the same for anyone. Only you and I will feel what ever it feels like. Really if you don't think about it it's not that bad." 

" Well then. I just lost my aptite. I'm going to bed. This was all lovely thank you." 


And with that my princess left the table. I thought this would have at least gone a little better then it did but I guess not. I better clean up and go join her. You never keep you soon to be Queen waiting. That's another thing that i must tell her, I am a king and she is going to be my queen. Hopefully she will except it. 


Jamie's P.O.V. 

I can't believe it. There is more to the change then I thought. I'm quite scared. I don't even know if it is going to  hurt or not. Really it's all just confusing. Sometimes I just wish that I didn't have to go through this all. It's really stressing me out. What else is stressing me out is that I can't tell my best friend about this either because she won't believe me and think I'm going crazy or something like that. Maybe I am going crazy, maybe this is all just a dream I'm having. This all might not be happening. Maybe I'm not with Chase, maybe I'm just hallucinating. It would make sense, and in the morning I'll wake up in my bed sleeping with Katty my cat. I hope that im not going crazy and this is all just a dream. 

___________________Next Morning__________________

Just as I was expecting. All of this is not a dream. I'm not going crazy and I am actually with Chase. Not that being with him is a bad thing. Really it's not. I love him but everything else that is going on is what I really don't love. At all. I just hope that there is no more things that I will just be figuring out to cause stress. I would really go crazy then. 

"Good morning love. I'm Glad you're awake. Would you like some coffee or anything?"

" No thank you Hun. But thanks for asking." 

" Alright. But hurry and come down stairs is want to talk to you about something. It's kinda important." 

" Alright I'll be there in a few minutes" 


" Chase honey where are you?"

" I'm in the living room." 

" Alright." 

" Sit please,... So yes I know that this is really not the thing to be talking about at 9:30 in the morning but I really think we get this over and done with now."

" It's alright just go on with you story. I'll listen" 

" Well there is something that I have been hiding from you. I don't know how to put this. I don't know if I have told you this or not but i have Royalty family in Scotland and I am next in line to take the throne which in this case means in a prince and you're my soon to be Queen." 

" Wait, what? Are you telling me that noe after how many months that it's a good time to tell me that you are from royalty and I'm the next Queen? You never even asked me if I would at least like to be a Queen at all." 

" Well you took last nights story better then this one. Well I'm sorry. It's just that there was really no better times then now to tell you." 

Yes there was. Maybe when you did the first stage of the change, that would have been a good time. It would have been a great time."

" It was to early to tell you. I was scared that you would run off and not come back. I'm scared if that right now too." 

Tears start to form in Chase's eyes and my heart is racing a mile a minute. I really do care about him and would never leave him over a small thing like that. That would be silly. My heart beats a little faster but I ignore it. I jump up from the couch and hug Chase. I don't want to let him go. I will never leave him. I love him. 

"Chase I would never leave you and it was silly of you to even think that I would. I love you more then anything in the world and it would crush me to leave you." 

" You don't even know how much I need you in my life. You're all I think about every day and all night. I dream about you and when you're gone I have this feeling of longing for you to come back. You are MY everything." 

After he said that I leaned up and kissed him. It was only a couple of seconds but it felt like forever. After everything that was said and done we decided to cuddle on the couch and watch movies all day. Nothing could have made that day any better then it already was. 



A/N: sorry I don't update much at all. I really don't have the time too. But I really do try my hardest to update. So i hope your enjoying it so far. There's not really much to it at all nut yea... so like comment and favourite. byeee 



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