Love Bites

Jamie is what you would think a "normal girl". But is she really? she has a secret that she thinks no one knows, until one night out with friends she meets a man who changes her life completely.


1. Chapter One

Jamie's P.O.V.

Screaming at the top of my lungs I wake up realising it was only a dream. I have a reoccurring dream every night. I don't know what it means but I am scared to find out what it means. I keep telling ,y mother about it but she just thinks its my imagination acting up. That's not what I think. This dream to he has something to do with past events that happened over a moth ago.


*Flash Back*

"Jamie come over here and meet my friend Chase." my best friend Brady called at me

"Hello chase I'm Jamie. Welcome to WestGail High school. Are you coming to Kats party tonight?"

"Jamie he'd love to but..."

"Yes I'll be there and Brady will come to. How about I pick you up at 8?" Chase cut of Brady like he wasn't supposed to talk. it took me a few seconds to process this but when I did it clicked in, he wanted me to be there. Well I just can't say no....

"Yea sure I'd love that. thank you and see you too later."


several hours later...

I had just finished in the shower. I was wondering what I was going to do with my mess of brown curls. should I leave them down or up? I decided to make that decision after I got dressed to see how it looked. I put on my favourite black jeans and nice blue floral shirt that was laced in the back. I went over to my mirror did my make up the decided to keep my hair down this time. Now I only had to put on a pair of black covers shoes and leave.


I checked the time 7:45. Chase should be here soon. As a pass time I thought I would do my favourite pass time. Read. I started reading where I left off in my favourite book. I have read this book a million times and I will never get tired of it. I was off in my own world. until I hears a knock at the door. it startled me but when I looked at the time I had realized it was eight. I grabbed my phone and skipped down the stairs. I opened the door to see a very handsome boy. I looked into him beautiful blue eyes and was mesmerized.

"you look beautiful Jamie" he said grabbing my hand and kissing it. What a gentleman I thought.

" thank you, you look very nice yourself." I replied politely.

once I got into his car it was a quiet and quick drive to the party. When we walked inside there was people every where. Once we found out friends. I had guzzled down a few drinks but not enough to get me intoxicated fully.

While me and my friends were having a good jam session someone came and told me that they were going to bring me home because it was getting late. I hadn't really thought it through since I had had a couple of jello' shooters, wow they worked wonders they all had said it's ok and that they would be leaving soon anyway. so I left with my new friend. when I got outside I had a realization that it was chase. He brought me to his car and then drove for a while to a dark alley way. the after that all I remember was a sharp pain in my neck and waking up at home the next morning.

*End of Flash Back*

I walked over to my mirror and looked at the oddly shaped scar I had on the left side of my neck. I had come to realize that ever since that night I had changed a lot: I could run faster, I was stronger, my body became more angelic and you could see my cheek, hip and collar bones more. I wondered if I should talk to Chase about it. I had to process what I was going to say I already knew what I was going to say for a long time I just hadn't had the chance or nerves to talk to him in private. I picked up my phone and checked what time it was. 2:56. I need to go back to bed and get some sleep before i talk to anyone. I'll just make plans with him for tomorrow night.

 I woke up to the sound of thunder. I didn't want to get out of bed on this gloomy day. But I had to. Since my mum is gone for another bisness trip i was told to keep the house clean and stocked, so that meant that i had to go get food for the house. I didn't really want to but I knew I had to. My mom was always gone out of the house so i barley got to see her. We always text each other though. every time she got a chance to she would and i know she tries her best but jetlag you know?

When i was all ready i had got the usual morning text from Chase.

message body:

Good morning beautiful hows it going? do you want to get lunch or something today?

Yes I'd love to i was going to ask you the same thing. but instead do you want to have I at my place? I need to talk to you about something. It's important to me and I was  hoping you could answer them? 

Yea. No problem. We can discuss it over dinner at your place. I'll cook? 

Ok see you then. 

I was kinda excited. I was going to get the answer that I had been wanting for a long time. but the only thing was is that I needed a way to ask him and start this conversation. I decided just to let myself talk without thinking about it. soo here I go...

"Chase? do you remember the night of Kats party?"

"Yes I do. it was quite a lot of fun. I remember you dancing all over the dance floor and out side in the back yard. I have to say you are quite a party animal."

"Well good you do remember but do you remember what happened after we left. you took me home and you took me into a dark alleyway and after that that's all I can remember. but can you tell me what you remember and how I got this scar?"

he looked at me in shock. I think that he thought that I would never remember any of that because tight after I asked him if face flushed with pink and pale colours.

"Yes I know what happened. I took you into the ally way so I could make you like me. Jamie im not human. you may not believe me but I gave you that scar on you neck. From the time I met your eyes to after the party I wanted you. I wanted you to be like me. When we shook hands it felt like electricity went through my body and I know you felt it too. But now your mine. noe I can have you forever and I will always love you. but like I said before im not human and you aren't either. Have you ever been craving something but you don't know what it is? Have you been running faster and feeling stronger? well that's part of what and who you are. you're a vampire now just like me. we are both vampires and I have been wanting to ask you thing for a long time. will you be my girl friend?"

it took me a while to process what he had just said to me. I dint know what life was going to be like. he answered all my questions in just one paragraph I was in shock but amazingly happy that I get to be his girl friend and scared of what I am capable of doing. but I had to make up my mind now.

"Chase... I would love to be your girl friend but you have to promise me that everything will be ok and that you'll answer any questions that I have?" I know it sounded silly but im scared and confused and happy all at the same time.

"Jamie I promise, and don't be afraid. i'll be here for you every step of the way."

"Thank you Chase."

"You're welcome. But I should be getting home its getting late but before I go I should help you clean up."

what a gentleman he is. when he left I went strait upstairs to have a much needed shower. today seemed so long but I knew it only felt like that because every single minute I though about the answers I was going to get and the and the answers I got. I never knew that they would be this crazy. everything that Chase had said just played through my head over and over again. Even when I went to bed. I dreamed about everything he said. I don't even know how I am going to explain this to Kat. i might not even say anything to her. i think its best that I don't.


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