Love Bites

Jamie is what you would think a "normal girl". But is she really? she has a secret that she thinks no one knows, until one night out with friends she meets a man who changes her life completely.


4. Chapter Four

Jamie's P.O.V. 

I woke up to the smell of something burning. I looked over to my right and saw that Chase was still there. I jumped on top of him and told him to go see what was burning downstairs while I stayed and checked the upstairs. I walked to the bathroom first and then the spare bedroom and nothing was burning up here. Next thing I hear is Chase yelling for me to get out of the house and call the fire department. I grab my phone and run out of the house. I dial the number and wait for Chase to come running out after me, but he doesn't. After I get off the phone with the fire department I run back inside and look for Chase. While I was doing that I found out that the fire was coming from the basement. I looked for him every where but I just couldn't find him. I was soon getting worried and very light headed and knew that the only thing I can do is get out of the house. Just as I walk out the fire fighters grab me and hook me up to an oxygen tank like thing. I tell then that he is inside and that the fire is coming from the basement. They run inside and go look for Chase and the fire. 4 more men go inside with a hose and put out the fire it's been about 20 minutes and they still haven't gotten Chase outside yet. I sit and wait for another 5 minutes and they finally get him out. The immediately get him hooked up to an oxygen tank and call for an ambulance. It wasn't long until they got here and took him to the hospital. The fire men asked me how I was feeling and told them that I was doing just fine and that all I wanted right now was to know if Chase was going to be okay. When the firefighters and everyone left I jumped in my car and drove right to the hospital. All I could think about was whether he was going to be okay or not. Nothing could cross my mind. I was eager to get there. 

After about 10 minutes I arrived at the hospital. I parked my car and ran inside. I rushed to the front desk and started to ask if I could see him. They told me no and that I will have to sit and wait in the waiting room for him. It seemed like forever just sitting there but finally I was called in to see him. 

" Is he going to be okay?"

" Yes but it is only a matter of time."

" Matter of time for what?" 

" Till he wakes up from a coma."

" WHAT!??! HE'S IN A COMA?!" 

" Yes he is and I'm really sorry about it but we will all just have to wait and hope for the best. You were lucky that the firemen found him another 5 minutes and he would have choked and died." 

" Well thank you doctor. Is it okay of i stay here just for tonight?"

" Normally we wouldn't do this but you look really stressed out so i guess that it is okay that you stay. But only for tonight."

" Yes I understand I will only stay for tonight I will contact someone to stay the night there. Thank you again" 

" You're welcome. Well good night." 

As he left I took out my phone and started to text Kit. I told her everything and I guess that she was with Brad because she told me that they are both really worried. She said it was fine for me to stay with them till he gets out of the hospital of when I get a new house. She asked if I needed her to come get me right now but I told her that I was okay and didn't need her right now. She said it was okay and that she misses me and hopes for the best. After I stop texting her i start to cry. Cry because I don't know whether he is  going to be okay or not and because our house just brunt down. I am scared and worried and just in a panic. I don't know what to expect of anything. I just hope that soon he will wake up and we will be together again. 


It's been a month now and he still hasn't woken up from his coma yet. I will be more the over joyed if I get a call or when I go there that he wakes up. Nothing would make me happier. Just as i reached for my phone the hospital called and told me that Chase has just woken up and that she is asking for me. I told them that I will be there as soon as possible. I was so excited that i screamed and brad came running into the bedroom that I was in. I told him the good news and he looked so happy that he was okay and was going to be okay. I asked if he would like to join but he couldn't. he had lots of running around to do. I told him that I understood and I left as he did. 

Soon I arrived at the hospital and checked in. They let me through and I walked at a quick pace to the room Chase was staying in. When I got there there was look of happiness on his face and relief. I didn't even hesitate to run in and give him a hug and kiss. I needed it and so did he. I was to happy that I couldn't even talk so instead he did the talking. 

" Hello love. How are you?"

" I'm just fine how are you?" 

" I'm alright. The doctor told me that I was in a coma. How long has it been?"

" It's been just a little over a month. I'm just glad they got you out of the house when they did, a little bit longer and you would have been gone forever. That's what they think at least." 

" Well they're wrong. They didn't take any blood did they?" 

" Not yet. They will though. Why? Whats wrong with it?" 

" well since we are vampires now our DNA looks different then a humans would. But if i concentrate long enough I can make my blood seem as if it was human. It's a thing I was born with." 

" Well you better. I think the doctor is coming right now." 

" Yes it won't take me long at all." 

Just as he said that the doctor came in and asked if he was ready. But of course he didn't answer, he was to concentrated on what he was doing. It seemed as if he couldn't hear anything around him. He was only like this for about a minute or so then he asked what the doctor had said. She repeated herself and he said that he was ready for anything that needed to be done.

Several hours later all the testing was done. The nurse came back  wit hall the test results and everything. She told him that they wanted him to stay for the night just in case anything happened. He agreed to it and said that I should go home and have some rest and that he will call me when he is ready to be picked up. I kissed hid forehead and told him I loved him and that I'll see him tomorrow. 


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