Horses: A Collection of Poems

It's my first Movella... hope you guys like it! :)


1. Morning Fire

Morning Fire


The first rays of dawn sun

Climb higher and higher

Finally reaching the hill and turning the greenery red


Somewhere, a songbird sings

Hesitantly, at first

Its sweet voice soon joined by others


A lone butterfly dances in the cool air

It’s paper-white wings almost transparent as it rises

Into the pale sky.


The mare nickers, softly

Her tail swishing around her hocks

Her brown coat like fire in the red light


The small foal close to her side

Gently whinnies back

Staggering on thin, spindly legs.


The wet grass is springy under their galloping feet

The slender grasses tremble in their wake as the horses

Disappear over the fiery hills.

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