The Secret of the Founders: Book 1 in The Founders Descendants Trilogy

Barrett Ross wishes to find out the secret of his parents life, death, and who is responsible for their passing.
Leila Moore wishes to find out the secret of the man she always sees in the shadows no matter how far she runs.
Cornelia Sawyer wishes to find out the secret of the visions she can't control of a battle at a mysterious castle in ruins.
Saber Thomas wishes to find out the secret of the dark power his sister always said he had and how he can stop it from hurting others.
They are all the Descendants of the most powerful witches and wizards in history -- the founders of Hogwarts and they are now part of a prophecy that could bring glory to the Wizarding World, or destroy it.
Will they find out the Secret of the Founders before it's too late?


3. Cornelia

          Now the Ravenclaw descendant was a half blood. Her father was a simple wizard that had taken care of her for as long as she could remember. She was born in the Wizarding Hospital of Ireland, but our story with this next descendant begins years after.

         It had been a great life for Ryan Sawyer and his daughter. At the age of three he had begun to home school her since that was naturally Ravenclaw tradition. In fact, Cornelia’s life was filled with learning so much, that it was almost the only thing she did. Her life was perfect in every single way—well, almost.

         Even though every day she got to learn about things like the agriculture of Italy or the famous clock tower, Big Ben in London, something was missing. Cornelia never got to see these things outside of her books.

         Her father simply did not let her out of the dome.

     It had been like that for as long as Cornelia could remember. If she would look outside, there would always be what looked like a one-way mirror surrounding the perimeter of the lawn around her house. Whenever Cornelia would look out her window into the yard, the grass would end at a transparent dome at the edge of the road.

         She would always watch the little girl across the street play. She would never notice Cornelia, but she didn’t care. She was the only friend Cornelia had.

         Therefore, Cornelia called the girl Amity. She found the name in one of her Latin books saying that it meant friendly.

         So every day while Cornelia was in the middle of her studies, she would always see Amity playing outside. Sometimes on the odd occasion that Cornelia was allowed to go outside and play, she always tried to talk to Amity. Even though every time, the girl never answered back.

         For how are you supposed to answer back to a person your mind refuses to even believe is there?

         Cornelia looked like an ordinary enough little girl with raven black hair and gray eyes, but as there always is with people that we write about, she was different from that little girl across the street.

         At about the age of four, Cornelia began having strange dreams; once every single month. One was comforting, and the other was a nightmare.

         The first one showed Cornelia walking up to the dome of the house, getting ready to talk to Amity. But her house was gone. All that was left beyond the shimmering mirror was a woman in a blue cloak with gold embroidered on the edges.

         She looked beautiful with her blonde hair and gray eyes. The woman tried to get through the wall every time, but it was no use.

         At the end she would always coax, “Come outside the wall my dear. Come and see the wonders outside.”

         But Cornelia would always shake her head “No,” thinking about how cross Father would be with her if she went outside the border. The woman would sigh, everything would fade, and Cornelia would wake up just like that always thinking, “But it felt so real!”

         In the other dream, everything would be blurry. Like it was out of focus, the connection was bad. But what she could see was flashes of light darting from person to person. Everyone was falling, dying–no, sleeping. Yes, that’s right.

         They were all in a castle, a large one at that. Cornelia kept on turning right and left, not knowing how to escape the castle’s dangerous maze. Suddenly a girl with bright red hair started running towards Cornelia, her teeth two-times longer than they should be. She started running for her life, not knowing where she was going.

         But Cornelia didn’t care. She kept on going up stairs, through hallways, trying to not think about the sleeping bodies on the floor.

         When she couldn’t run another step, Cornelia hid. She had made her way out of the castle and down to the grounds. But it was not much better there.

         The last thing she heard was someone in the distance scream, “CORNELIA! WATCH OUT!”

         There would be a flash of green, then nothing. Just darkness for what felt like hours until the next morning.

         But Cornelia never told these dreams to Father. Oh no, if she ever told him such things, he would just lock her up inside her room!

         And so she never did. For two more years she had those dreams and she never told her father a word. Cornelia grew wiser in her studies and learned many things. But seeing things in books is not the same things as seeing them in real life. Even a five-year-old girl knew that. But that all ended when Cornelia found the picture frame.

         Anytime that Cornelia had asked Father about her mum, he always said that she was dead. That she had been for a while now. But she was confused. The picture showed Cornelia’s father with a woman in a bright red jacket.

         She had the same hair, same eyes, it had to be her. How could it not? The only difference between them was that the woman in the picture looked so much happier! The woman in her dream looked depressed. As if she was waiting for something.

         And then it clicked. Of course! She wanted Cornelia to go outside the dome. Perhaps her mum really isn’t dead and will be there!

         Cornelia then began forming a plan on how she was going to escape the dome without her father knowing. She knew that she couldn’t stay long, or Father might realize that she was missing.

         Now you may think that this sounds very strange for a child at such a young age to be forming plans as such. But Cornelia wasn’t an ordinary child. She was a witch – and a very smart one at that.

         The only problem in her plan was how was she was going to get through the metal like shield Cornelia called a barrier? Cornelia had no idea how she was going to get through the wall. All of that was solved in the dream she had the next night.

         It was the dream with the woman or her mother. She acted as she always did. The woman tried to get into the barrier multiple times, but once again, to no prevail. The dream was exactly the same until she quietly said, “Mummy?”

         Immediately the woman smiled in a way that slightly made Cornelia uncomfortable. It didn’t seem quite right for someone to be smiling in such a way. Everything began to get brighter and the last thing she heard was, “Use it to find me.”

         When Cornelia woke up, it was still night time and it felt like no time had passed at all – that once again, it was all just a dream. But the long dagger on her bedside table said otherwise.

         The young girl edged farther away to the other side of her bed in fear of how it got there. But then it struck her. This is what her mother must have meant by the “it”!

         It looked like a sharp knife, able to cut through many things. Maybe even the barrier wall! It was worth a try.

         So on a crisp autumn night, Cornelia put on her favorite sweater, slippers, and put the dagger into her pocket. She silently snuck out of her room, down the stairs, through the hall, and out the front door. Cornelia could see the shimmering glow of the dome reflecting off of the moonlight.

         For many moments, Cornelia just stood in front of the wall, not knowing whether she should follow her instincts and learn the wonders of being outside, or stay inside the dome and never know what she had been missing all this time.

         But she finally made up her mind and thought, “It’s now or never…right?”

         Cornelia was so close the barrier that her outstretched arm would go right through. She pulled out the dagger with her shaky hands and held it up to the shimmering wall. She took a deep breath and stabbed it into the wall like glass.

         The dome began to crack around the spot where Cornelia had hit, and pieces were starting to fall everywhere, shattering next to her feet. She screamed and curled herself into a ball; hoping one of the pieces of rock wouldn’t crush her.

         “Cornelia! Where are you?!” yelled a voice from inside the house. “CORNELIA!”

         A large piece had fallen and Cornelia was stuck under it, not hurt, but terrified. The only thing she could see was the rest of the shield crumbling into waste. “FATHER!” she yelled, overwhelmed with tears. But it was no use. He couldn’t hear Cornelia over the sound of all the chaos.

         Every second the piece of the strange glassy rock was sinking lower and dust was overwhelming her lungs. She could die any minute.

         And then, it stopped. Everything. All at once, everything froze at one moment. It was like the world had stopped and stayed in one frame, but somehow Cornelia was still able to move.

         “Cornelia…where are you my dear,” whispered a raspy voice. It was in her head, but yet she could hear it echo all around her. But the scariest thing about the voice was she recognized it. It was eerier and rougher, but it was definitely the voice from her dream – the voice of her mother.

         “Eris! Stay away!” yelled the voice of her father and everything went back to reality. Cornelia saw her father rush across the yard with something in his hand. Was it a stick?

         A yell erupted, a word she couldn’t understand, and a bolt of light hit her father in the chest. He fell to the ground and started twitching uncontrollably, screaming in wretched pain.

         “NO!” Cornelia wanted to yell, but she was too stunned, her face flowing with tears, to speak a word. Everything started to dim and the last thing she saw was her father writhing on the ground trying to escape from the torturous pain.

         This time, she had the dream again. But many things were different. Cornelia was on the outside of the wall and instead of her mother on the other side, Cornelia’s father was waiting for her with open arms. “Come home,” he said with a smile on his face.

         She bashed into the wall. Scratched it, hit it, bit it – Cornelia did everything in her power to get through. But it was no use. Her father than disappeared and the inside of the dome filled itself with black smoke.

         Then in the reflection of the barrier, she saw a child standing in the emptiness behind Cornelia, her hair as yellow as corn and her hand outstretched to Cornelia’s tearstained one.

         “Join me,” the girl said with a kind smile as everything began to fade.

         Only moments later, the Aurors from the Ministry came to the scene. The house was now demolished from the invisible shield and the only person visibly seen easily was Ryan Sawyer’s dead body on the ground. They determined that someone had used one of the Unforgivable Curses on him, the Crucio curse, and would be sentenced to Azkaban as soon as they could find who did it.

         As they were clearing the wreckage they found a little girl with raven black hair and gray eyes, her face red, stained from tears. The glassy rock from the shield had nearly crushed her and she was rushed to the St. Mungo’s Hospital immediately.

         A month later, Cornelia woke up and found herself lying on a musty old mattress on the floor in a big aged room. As she focused more, she could see the many, many children laying in the same conditions as her.

         Then she remembered. Cornelia was in the orphanage. She had been sent to this orphanage by the bushy haired lady…why? Because she had nowhere else to go…why? Because her father was dead…that was why.

         Those dreams she had when she was just a girl, they continued. And they began to get worse and worse.

         Nearly every night, Cornelia would see her father crying for help inside the barrier but she would never be able to help him. Then the same girl would appear asking if she would join her. But before she could ever make a move, the girl would be gone.

         But a year or so later, Cornelia Sawyer fell asleep once again on the dingy mattress expecting the same sickening dreams.

         And yes, her father cried for help, the girl asked Cornelia to join, but she wasn’t alone.

         A boy with flaming red hair had joined her and had a boyish grin on his face as if he was daring her to take his outstretched hand.

         And this time, everything didn’t fade away before she could make a choice. This time Cornelia took his hand and though the dream may of ceased at that moment, life was going to get interesting for Cornelia and this was only the beginning.

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