The Secret of the Founders: Book 1 in The Founders Descendants Trilogy

Barrett Ross wishes to find out the secret of his parents life, death, and who is responsible for their passing.
Leila Moore wishes to find out the secret of the man she always sees in the shadows no matter how far she runs.
Cornelia Sawyer wishes to find out the secret of the visions she can't control of a battle at a mysterious castle in ruins.
Saber Thomas wishes to find out the secret of the dark power his sister always said he had and how he can stop it from hurting others.
They are all the Descendants of the most powerful witches and wizards in history -- the founders of Hogwarts and they are now part of a prophecy that could bring glory to the Wizarding World, or destroy it.
Will they find out the Secret of the Founders before it's too late?


5. Barrett

          Out of all of the descendants, the one from Gryffindor has the most normal family story. Of course, compared to other lives of most of the world, it would look to be a horrible early childhood. But then again, normal people’s stories aren’t usually told.

         Both Barrett’s mother and father, Anthony and Abigail Ross, worked as aurors at the Ministry of Magic. Aside from a couple others, the couple was some of the best aurors there.

         They were both very powerful in terms of magic, but one of the things that set the wife apart from the man was that she was a metamorphagmus.

         If you don’t already know, a metamorphagmus could change their appearance from simply changing their hair color, to (with enough practice) becoming a complete replica of the person sitting right next to them. They could basically become a walking, talking, living, polyjuice potion.

         This helped a lot whenever Abigail was sent on undercover missions. She could morph her face into one that wasn’t her own longer than any old polyjuice potion could.

         But since so many wizards and witches with this power were being used to create or fight crimes, the amount of people who were able to do this were becoming extremely limited and there was now barely a couple hundred with such an advantage of power left in the wizarding world.

         So the couple was always told that it would be best if they had children, but for nearly 8 years, they didn’t even try. They were both afraid of what could happen to their child if people found out the two parents heritage.

         Not only was he a descendant of Gryffindor, but his wife was a metamorphous, and a very good one at that. Meaning that there would be a good chance that their child would also become a member of an endangered talent that could be used for good or evil.

         Not to mention that every day, the two went out and risked their lives and had for many years. This could mean that any day when they were not home, one of those people they had locked up in Azkaban could find out where they live, break into their house, and harm any children they would have.

         Neither one of the two wanted to risk it, but every day Anthony longed to have children; someone for him to take care of and look up to him and call him “father”.

         But Abigail always said no. When they first got married, she just didn’t think she was ready. But one day when she came home from work, she completely refused. She was never quite the same after that.

         But one day when she did give in, not thinking about the reason why she ever said no in the first place, she suddenly became determined to make her child the best he could be. Eventually, this led to the birth of a healthy baby boy on the 21st of June the following year.

         The couple could not fathom the happiness they both had whenever Barrett came home. They didn’t need to worry about their jobs, their heritage, their power, nothing. All that mattered was their son and the love they had for him.

          But after staying home to take care of the baby for a month or two, the Ross’ next-door neighbor and good friend, the Creevey’s took care of him when Abigail went back to work. And for another month or so, everything was normal.

         Barrett would be dropped off at the neighbor’s house by his mother at 8 o’clock and taken care of the rest of the day. The two children that still lived there with their parents, a nine-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl, would entertain him throughout the day with many magical toys and books. Such as the Jack-In-the-Box that you have to chase around the room and stuff back in the box once you wind it up.

         Then 11 hours later at 7 o’clock, Anthony would pick him up after a long day of tracking down and arresting some of the wizarding world’s, and sometimes even the muggle world’s, most wanted criminals.

         Once they had all eaten dinner and gotten Barrett ready for bed, the young child would get what his mother called “changing practice”.

         You see, when Abigail and Anthony found out they were going to have a baby, they were told that he would be a metamorphagmus like his mother. And he was. But he wasn’t as powerful of a changer as the doctors had predicted. At least, not yet.

         So before he left the hospital, the doctors suggested that Abigail give Barrett some lessons on how to change his appearance as he grew up.

         The first couple months didn’t go well with no signs of any such power that that the doctors said Barrett had. But then as the boy got near to turning one year old, he somehow managed to get his hair to change from being bald to becoming a baby with the shaggiest red hair you have ever seen!

         And over the years, Barrett grew stronger in his training of becoming a great metamorphagmus. In fact, Barrett’s father always bragged at work how his son was going to be the next big auror hero. Bragging had always been something that every Gryffindor descendant had always had as a trait whether they liked it or not.

         But who are we kidding – they definitely like it.

         Though whether he knew how long it was or not, Barrett’s life was pretty much like this for a long four years. The only thing new that really ever happened in this young period of life for him was the occasional Creevey kid going to Hogwarts that fall.

         But one day when Barrett was supposed to be picked up by his father and brought home to spend time as a family, that all ended. The little girl was playing with Barrett and reading him a storybook when the phone rang. Oddly, a home phone was about the only muggle thing most wizarding househelds had.

         Mrs. Creevey quickly picked up the phone, looked at the Caller ID with a smile and said, “Hello Abby my dear! What is it I can help you with?”

         “I’m afraid Anthony and I are going to be a little late to pick up Barrett today. We just got an urgent call a couple minutes ago and we’re heading out now.”

         “That should be fine as long as you pick him up before he has to go to Hogwarts,” the woman said with a chuckle. “But may I ask, what kind of urgent call was it this time?”

         “Jaime, I’m afraid Mr. Potter’s house is being attacked.”

         And so, the couple went to the ambush along with many other aurors including Potter himself. But the ambush wasn’t just a couple of wizards who had too much fire whiskey. There were dozens of armed wizards and witches trying to get past the protection spell that provided security to Mr. Potter and his wife in instances like this.

         A battle erupted between the two sides and spells shot everywhere. Before they knew it, half of the aurors were dead hit with an explosion spell by a man on the front lines.

         Eventually the remaining aurors called for backup and tens more aurors came from the Ministry. Once the battle was over, almost all of the original aurors aside from eight witches and wizards were still alive without any injuries. Two of those dead, were Barrett’s own parents.

         An Imperium curse was cast on them the force them to kill each other. It was one of the worst deaths you could possibly have; being killed by your loved one while you’re in the middle of killing them.

         Luckily though, all of the wizards that had attacked the household and weren’t already dead were collected…except for one.

          This lucky man ran away after their leader was killed. The man that ran away was the group’s second in command and was given a very special responsibility; to destroy the prophecy. He was to bring the glass ball containing a prophecy from the Hall of Prophecies that they had taken in a crime a couple years ago and decipher who it could be about.

That was the group’s original plan from the start. This attack on the Head Aurors house was simply just a diversion; to drive away the child’s parents so that the child was more vulnerable. Because they had known that the Ross child was one of the children in the prophecy was for years now. 

         And if they killed this child, then the prophecy would be ruined and all would be well. But if they failed to destroy this prophecy, then another prophecy would be true; one that brings destruction to the entire wizarding world. They could not let that happen.

         So when Barrett was given a place to sleep on the living room sofa with plenty blankets to spare, the last thing he expected was for there to be a loud banging on the door. Mrs. Creevey quickly came into the room rubbing her tired eyes as she went to see who it was.

         Now, I know what you’re thinking. “No! Don’t open the door! The man is on the other side!” But of course this is just you thinking. You were not there at the Creevey home next to Barrett on the couch to tell her this. But someone else was.

         “Oh, you probably shouldn’t answer that Miss. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to know who’s on the other side of that door,” said a light voice from the other side of the room next to where Barrett sat, wide awake.

         Bang bang

         Sitting on the couch across him was a girl in her 20’s with dark brown hair all in messy curls, and skin the color of caramel. She began to walk over to Barrett with a kind smile and said, “C’mon Barrett dear, it’s time to go. We need to leave now.

         Bang bang

         “Who are you?!” Mrs. Creevey cried with a shocked expression on her face, not able to see the figure in the darkness. “What are you doing in my house?!”

         Bang bang bang

         “Oh! I’m sorry ma’am,” the young girl said as she quietly led Barrett out of bed. “My name is Roxanne Wanda Weasley. And we all need to run…NOW!”


         The door quickly flung open as Roxanne picked up the screaming Barrett and disappeared and pulled her wand out of her pocket. The man (the same one out to destroy the prophecy), barged in and ran towards the boy.

         Roxanne yelled a number of words and began to disappear and be pulled up what felt to Barrett like a tube. The only problem was, the man had somehow grabbed ahold of the boy’s foot.

         The little boy continued to scream in fear of what was happening. Sure, he’s seen his parents do magic, He’d even done his own uncontrolled mishap-in-the-making magic himself. But everything whirling around him scared the child half to death.

         Eventually it stopped and the man fell on the ground. Roxanne ran still with the weight of the crying child in her arms, hoping that she would be able to make it to her destination.

         She could no longer hear the man’s heavy footsteps far behind her, but was still beyond relief whenever she ran up the steps of the Dubbs Orphanage.

         She banged on the door furiously yelling, “Please! Open the door! It’s me! Roxy! I have the Ross’ child!”

         The door swung open and Roxanne was pulled inside. The woman on the other side was none other than Alexandra Dubbs. Roxanne quickly said a couple more strange words that Barrett didn’t understand and a bright dome flashed around the building.

         The two women breathed a sigh of relief and Roxanne placed Barrett down to stand. He wobbled on his legs from being apparated so far and continued to cry hysterically.

         “I want my mummy!” he cried. “Where is she?! Tell me please!” What did you expect from a little four-year-old boy?

         “I’m sorry Barrett,” Miss Dubbs sighed. “But you have to stay with me now. Your parents can’t take care of you anymore.”

         They both tried to comfort Barrett the best he could, but the little boy was stubborn. But as his panicked crying got louder and louder, a little voice from the other end of the hallway said, “Is everything okay Miss Dubbs?”

         Everyone turned to face the little girl at the end of the hallway as Barrett’s crying turned to sniffles quickly.

         “Everything’s fine Leila,” Miss Dubbs said with a smile. Suddenly she had an idea. “Would you please bring our new friend here up to the Four Year Boys Dorms? I’m sure he would enjoy your company.”

         The little girl nodded her little blonde head with a slight nervousness as Roxanne motioned for Barrett to follow the little girl. He continued to sniffle, but he slowly began to catch up and follow Leila.

         As soon as the two children were out of earshot, Roxanne sighed and looked upset as if she did something wrong.

         “You know we can’t bring the other two children here, right?” Roxanne groaned. “It’s bad enough he knows where Barrett and the other descendant are. We can’t let the other two at risk.”

         Miss Dubbs was silent for a few moments before she said, “We will have to send them to a different orphanage. I know it’s a horrible one, but perhaps the orphanage across the street? I have to at least be able to watch them to make sure everything’s okay.”

         Roxanne looked baffled. “You mean that orphanage? The one that isn’t even certified to have kids?! They work all day and do nothing else! It’s horrible.”

         “I’m sorry Roxy,” Miss Dubbs sighed. “It’s the only way.”

         And so the next year, Cornelia Sawyer was brought to Farrow Orphanage as it was planned a year ago. And the year after that came a confused Saber, yelling the entire time for someone he called “Abby”.

         This is just the beginning to a very long and hard journey of all four of the Founders Descendants. The thing was, they didn’t have a single clue that any of them were of any importance in the world. 

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