Difference Is Originality (Ziall/Lilo AU)

I'm bad with descriptions.........


1. Chapter One


I drop behind my couch, panting as I struggle to silently re-load my gun. I hear footsteps as Harry and Zayn walk into the living room, their gun cocked and loaded.
"I couldn't find him anywhere!," Zayn exclaims, and I hear his feet going over to the far wall, and a groan as he leans against it.
"I'm sure he's here somewhere."
Just as I hear Harry's voice, I jump up and shoot, landing two bullets on his chest and one on his nose. He falls to the ground, making fake dying noises.

"Zayn! I'm down! It's to late to save me. Go! AVENGE MY DEATH!," he says, letting his eyes flutter closed.
Zayn smirks at me, leveling his green-and-orange gun at my chest, but I do the same. Just as I'm about to pull the trigger, a knock sounds through the house. I walk to answer it, shooting behind me as I go. I hear Zayn gasp, and I know I've one. 
"Hello, Mr..... Liam Payne?," a mail man asks, a clipboard in his hand.

"The one and only!"
"Okay then. I need you to sign here, here, and here, while I start getting the boxes off of the truck.

I look at him, puzzled. 
"Yeah, boxes. Now sign!," he says, lugging a hissing crate off of his flat bed truck.

I do as he says, waiting until he has unloaded what seems to be all of them, and wave as he peels out. I approach the boxes and see that all three of them have one of our names on it. Mine's on the biggest crate, so I walk over and grab note from the top. I begin reading it, but the boys walk out before I can.
"Hey, Li, we're gonna go to our respective homes, okay?," Zayn says, looking at the boxes on the porch.

I nod, pointing theirs out and help them carefully load the large boxes into their cars. Harry gets in, grumbling about how he got the smallest, and I just laugh. I then take mine inside, sitting on the couch and beginning to read the note adressed to me.


(A/N: Yeah...... I changed it....... Feedback?

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