Don't let me go

Madison and Harry Styles become science partners they become best friends. Harry tries out for x factor they start dating but what happens when they are in a concert in Dallas Texas nothing will be the same.


1. Chapter one

This is my first fan-fiction so don’t hate please. If you do read, thank you. The first few chapters are really slow but it gets better. I am not one of those people always asking for votes. But all I wish for is some reads (:

Don't let me go


Madison POV


“Listen we have a new student.” Mr. Anderson yelled. “His name is Harry Styles, Harry you can go sit by Madison.” I started messing with my pen, like I always did when I was nervous. He nodded his head, and started walking towards me.


He sat down next to me, he opened his backpack and grabbed a few pencils then a sharpie and his journal. He wrote 'Harry Styles, science' Then when Mr. Anderson said, “Listen students we will be having a project you have to make a experiment and with a chart, you get to pick your partners.


Except for Harry and Madison you two are partners.” Did he really just do that. Honestly. Well at least I already have a plan. “Get with your partners and make a plan.” We started getting to work. “Okay Harry I have a idea, we will make a line graph. Is it okay if we melt three types of chocolate and see which works the best?” I stated. Yeah, I am very smart. I have 4.0 GPA average. “Yeah, good idea.” He says. “AND you only have three days.” Mr. Anderson added.




“You can come over to my house to work on the project?” He suggested


. “Yeah, sure. I will be over at six.” He nodded his head and he wrote all his info on a piece of notebook paper and handed it to me. “Okay time is up, I will call one of the two of you to tell me what you are doing. Okay first up Madison come up here, what are you doing?” “Sir, we are melting three different chocolates and seeing which melts better, and it will be on a line graph.” He nodded his head and said, “You two can go home now.” I nodded, see the best thing about being smart is you get to leave first. I walked back over to Harry and said, “We can go, he likes our idea.” he nodded and we walked out of the school. Harry's mum picked him up and I started walking home. I quickly grabbed my key out of my pocket and unlocked the door. “Mom I am home.”





“Okay go do your home work.” She sternly yelled. “Mom stop I have to go over to Harry's house to do our science project.” I annoyingly responded. “Start walking over there.” “Okay.” I quickly walked out of the house and on my gps on my phone said it would take twenty minutes. I put my phone up and started thinking about why was my mum so stern? I am done with her. I will go live with my dad. I thought. I finally arrived on his street. I looked at the address on my phone then on his house to make sure it was the right house. I lightly knocked. A women in her early forty’s. “Hello Mrs. Styles, I am here to do a science project with Harry.” I politely stated





. “Come in you can go to his room, he is in there waiting for you.” I quickly walked into the house, it smelled like strawberries. I slowly walked up his stairs and I arrived at a door that said, “Harry Styles.” I am guessing this is his room. I lightly knocked on the door, he yelled, “Who is it.” “Madison.” I slowly stated. He opened the door, and gave his half smile.”




Come in.” He said while opening the door wider. I walked over to the two chairs, and sat on one i put one leg over the other and grabbed my binder out of my back pack. He sat in the chair across from mine. “Okay I have a few graphs here, that we are going to be doing our predictions on.” He nodded I handed him one and he looked at it. “Okay so I was thinking that since white chocolate isn't real chocolate it will melt first. Then milk chocolate, lastly dark chocolate.” He nodded his head and he then asked, “ So for our predictions this is all we do?”




“Yes, well this all we do today. Tomorrow we will be melting the chocolate, then Wednesday we will do the graph. Okay?” “Yeah, sounds good.” He stated. I then put the graphs back in my backpack and walked down the stairs and started walking home, as I was walking I kept thinking about Harry, he is kinda cute. But I will not admit it. I finally arrived home to see my mom drunk as usual she had a guy over. I quickly ran to my room and locked the door.


Thank you for reading I may be updating again today.




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