My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


8. Worth The Risk

Amelia's Pov To reveal Justin."Justin help!" He shot both of the guys. He took the knife off the table and cut the ropes. I jumped into his arms."Shh your safe baby shhh" I nodded."Let me see your face" I shook my head and hid in his chest."Please baby I need to see what they did" I shook my head once again."Amelia" He warned me. I closed my eyes and showed him my face. He touched my cheek making me wince."Sorry" "Its okay" "Lets get you home" "Are you gonna visit me?" "No look what happen your safe when Im not around" "No!No I'm not did you not see what happen when your wernt around dont be fucking stupid!" "Do you want to fucking die!?" He bellowed. I shook my head no."Than do yourself a favor and stay the fuck away you'll find someone better" "No I fucking wont thats what you do motherfucking get just listen!" I exclaimed. He pinched the bridge of his nose."Fine talk" "Ive never had a boyfriend, no one has ever made my feel as good as you have im sick of living the life of a goody good I want to have fun for once I want to do something besides study I want to be free you make me feel free please just listen to me I need you like you need me your not good for me but I dont give a fuck" He shook his head. I nodded and got in the car. We rode in slience. He pulled up at his house. I slowly got out. He grabbed my hand and lead me to Kayla."Clean her up and if you even think about hurting her Im gone blew your fucking brain to pieces" Kayla nodded and brought me to a all white room. She numbed me and went to work on my nose. **** I woke up in my bedroom. Great now I have nothing. I took a shower and got dressed. I went to go check on May. I heated up her bottle and opened the door to her room. Justin was standing there feeding her. He was whispering soothing words in her ear. I smiled at the sight. I loved the way he acts around her. You'd think he was her dad. I watched as the 6 month old May wiggled in his arms. I walked up and hugged him from behind."Its me" "I know" "Can I see her?" "Yeah here" He handed her to me. I laughed at the 'Im Sexy And I Know It' pjs she had on."Umm I have to go" "Why so soon?" "I have something to take care of?" "Like-""I have to fucking go!" I nodded. He stromed out and was out the door. I rocked May to sleep and got a banana. I got in my blue bug waiting for Sarah so she wouldnt get bullied on the school bus. She came out in the outfit I let her wear.() She is a very pretty girl she just doesnt know how to use it."Hullo beautiful" "Hey and please dont call me that cause its not true" "Lies" She laughed. I turned up 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' and sang it with her. "You have a nice voice" "Thanks" I replied. 'Nobody Compares' came on next. We pulled up at the school. Sarah was getting looks from guys. I nudged her shoulder. She smiled and thanked me. I wished her good luck and headed to my locker. I threw my books in."Hello" Someone whispered in my ear. I turned and saw Justin."Hey" "So do you want to be my girlfriend?" "I dont know I thought Danger doesnt ask out""Until now" "Mmm maybe" "Ouch" "Sure but no date aww" "Meet me at the oak tree if your up for it" He walked away. I headed to class. I sat next to Kyra."Where have you been?" "Ive been busy" "Your dad was looking everywhere for you he even came to my house, you need to let Justin go hes bad news""How would you fucking know" I snapped."Dont get snappy Im saving your life, I know you have stiches in your nose" "Okay and?" "Hes gonna get you killed" "Im sick of living the life of a goody good I actually feel alive when Im with him its a risk but Im willing to take it" '"Okay fine I dont even give a fuck anymore more die for all I care!" I was taken back by what she said but I kept doing my work. A girl with a short curly bob with hazel tips sat next to me. "Hi Im Paige Jospeh whats your?" "Amelia" I shook her hand."Why so down?""I have boy issues and my so call best friend cussed me out""Ouch whats his name?" "Justin Bieber""Oh Im John's girlfriend he's Justin's bestfriend""I dont know if he likes me so""Let me talk to him""Okay thanks". We talked for the rest of class I got her number and texted her about Justin. Paige's Pov I got a ping from Amelia. Text Convo- A:So did you talk to him?xxx P: No im on my way Im gonna call you but dont speak okay but your gonna hear our convoxxoo A:kk bye kisses oxxxo End- I walked up to Justin and tapped his shoulder. He turned around. J: What? P: Hello to you too asshole J: Hurry the fuck up I got shit to do P: *rolls eyes* Okay what do you think about the Thomas girl His eyes got bright for a second. J: We have a thing I guess P: Well you better hurry Pete is planning on asking her out J: No the fuck he isnt Ill rip is spine out of his fucking back! P: Dont fucking yell see this is way she's scared of you, plus you keep giving her signs of love then you hurt her J: I like her I do but she might get hurt and my sister has already died because of my shit P: Just do it J: Ight but Im fucking warning her I don- P: Yeah yeah shut the fuck up J: Watch your mouth Joseph I wont think twice about knocking the shit out of you to I rolled my eyes and picked the phone of out my pocket. P: Did you hear? A: Yeah hes coming up to me bye! P: Bye
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