My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


1. Welcome To The Danger Zone

Chp.1 Amelia's Pov I got up and took a shower letting the booze smell wash away. I washed my hair,got out, and got dressed.(17) I put my hair in a heart bun and headed out the door waving goodbye to my foster mom and my baby sister May. I went to the bus stop and met up with Kyra. She was listening to music on her Ipod. I ran up and hugged her. She hugged back and was trying to tell me something but stopped in mid sentence. "Whats wrong?" She had fear in her eyes. I clapped my hands to wake her from her daze. "You know the boy you were dancing with last night?" "Not really""Well he is apart of this gang you should stay away from him""Where did you here about this from?""People told me""You know I hate he say she say bullshit""I know but-""Lets just listen to music" She looked hurt but I dont really care. We listened to 1D until the bus came. We rode in slience. We got off and we ran to breakfast. We sat with the rest of our friends and talked about the party last night. But I was to foucsed on the boy I was dancing with last night. The bell rang, snapping me out of my thoughts. I grabbed Kyra and we ran to 1st. We finished the bell work when I heard the door open. I lefted my head to a handsome boy. He had his hat backwards on his head, his pants were sagging, he had on a white beater and a hoodie with supras to top it off."Late on your first day of sheulde change""Still naggin the shit out of me huh""Sit down" The boy smirked and sat down across from me. I found myself staring at him numerous times once or twice getting caught by Kyra. I saw him wink at me. I giggled and looked down at my book. The bell rang, Kyra and I went different ways. I was on my way to the music buliding, when I slammed into something. I dropped all my books. The person moved me aside and picked them up. I looked up and saw Jen."Thanks""Its cool hey Danger's looking for you""Who?""You'll see" I nodding feeling slightly scared. I ran to music. I was close to door when someone yanked me and covered my mouth. I was screaming and kicking. "Shh its me Danger" He moved his hand and flipped me around hands still on my hips. "You could have just called my name you know""Dont have to be a bitch you know" What a asshole. "So I was wondering if I could have your number""Eww why""Because bitch I ask for it" He said scaring me. I nodded and took out my iphone and unlocked it. He handed me is phone. I type TheBitchAmelia in and my number. He winked and handed me back my phone. I fixed my hello kitty case and see what he put his number in as. SexyBiebs really. I rolled my eyes and went to say something but he was gone. I opened the door to the music room and sat down.
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