My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


5. Hello, and Goodbye

Amelia's Pov After school I drove home. I put May to sleep and waited for my mom to come home. She came home with a cane. I helped her the staris and made her some soup. I put her to sleep after she was done. I hate to see her like that it hurts my heart. I held in the tears and turned my T.V. on. "Kelly Underwood found died. After being arrested many times for drug use, theft, and bomb making he was found died" the reporter said. I changed it not giving 2 flying fucks about it. Justin's Pov J: Why didnt you guys hide the body better assholes! I was beyond pissed. I had Renee go and gather our weapons or anyt ype of evidence and put it in our warehouse. They sat speechless. J: Wow just wow do it right next fucking time, I have to be somewhere I grabbed my keys and headed towards Amelia's house. I texted her to let her now Im on my way. Amelia's Pov I was singing and dancing to Da Wop. I had my fav butty shorts and was dancing. I felt hands on my waist. I jumped than I saw the tattos .J: Dont stop it I giggled and turned the music off. J: No turn it back on I nodded and StarStruck came on. He laughed and watch me lipsync and dance. I was really bad. They song ended. I leaned in and kissed in. He picked me up and put my legs around his waist. He pressed my back up against the wall. I combed my fingers his baby soft hair. He laid me down on the bed and pulled back. J: For a goody good you know how to use your mouth and hands A: Always making something gross He laughed. I noticed his eyes were back to normal. "Your eyes are pretty" "Just like you" I laughed and kissed his lips. I started to grind my hips against his junk. He groaned urgingg me on. I went faster until I felt a new sensation. I collasped onto my bed. He smirked and layed next to me. "Mm not so innocent" I giggled. "Get dressed Im taking you somewhere" I nodded and went and picked out 4 outfits. "Bae which one?" "Don't show me just get dress" I did my makeup and let my hair down."How do I look?" He stood up and grabbed my hips. "Wonderful" He whispered in my ear. I grabbed his hand and went to his car. We got in and he drove to a abandon warehouse. I got out and grabbed ahold of his hand. He smiled and pulled me into the warehouse. We climbed the staris to a balaony. The view was pretty. It was a sunrise."Nice right?" "Yeah its really pretty" "Just like you" I giggled. "Your not to bad yourself"He laughed. We headed towards his places so I could meet they gang. I picked up May and called the nurse to watch mom. We got in his car and drove to his monster size house. I got out holding on to May. She was drinking apple jucie while playing with the tip of my hair."Come on babies" I laughed at Justin's comment. He pulled us into the house."Justin knocked up a girl already huh?" Justin flipped the guy off."Bae this is Bruce,,John, Kayla,Ryan,Marco,Marcus,Renee,and thier girlfriends Kendra, Kyra,Julia,Jen,Riley,and Kayla." I shook all of thier hands."Hi Im Amelia or Mel nice to meet you all" "Yeah whatever, Justin we have a meeting" Kayla said while rolling her eyes."Excuse me can you wait there one moment?" I asked. She nodded. I told May to go play a game on my phone. Everyone remained slient."What do you have against me?" I asked. "Nothing just the fact that you basically stole him from me" "How?" "He use to come and fuck me every night to get rid of stress, now all he does is text you!" "I didnt-" "Yeah none of these popcorn hoes know do yourself a favor and go or kill yourself cause I see the small cut marks and eraser burns on your wrist he doesnt love you or need you!" I grabbed May and ran out the door. Justin's Pov I noticed the marks before she ran out."When I get back your dead got it bitch" Fear rose in her eyes. I grabbed my keys and went to find Amelia. I drove for a couple of seconds and found her and May walking. She had tears in her eyes. I pulled over and grabbed her waist."What you dont want Kayla?" She snapped."Why the fuck Im I here?" I snapped back. She shugged. I grabbed May and brought her to the car. Amelia came running and sat in the car while holding May."Can you take me home?"I nodded and drove back to her house."Just for the record I got this cut from a rope I have a low pain thresh hold so I wouldnt cut myself" I laughed."I see" Amelia's Pov I got out of the car and unlocked the front door. It was quiet to quiet. I told Justin to hush. I walked up the staris. I saw a screther. I opened the door to a cold, lifeless person who once was my mom.. I burst into tears."Do something!" "We tried our-" "Shut the fuck up you didnt try because shes dead!" "M-"DO SOMETHING PLEASE!" I begged over and over. I felt arms pulling me away. I screamed and kicked. They pulled me into my bedroom and slammed the door shut. "Shhhh just calm down" Tears rolled gently down my cheeks."They didnt even try" I whimpered. He kissed my scalp rubbing my arm up and down. He took my shoes off and my dress. I was left in my 'bite me' thong and a bra."Justin I can-" "I know just let me" I laughed and nodded. He told me to stand up. He slid his hoodie on me and my hollister pants."Night beautiful" "Night"
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