My Messed Up Fairytale

Amelia was a good girl, all A's, never in trouble, known for the good things she had done. She went wild for one night and met Danger. Will she fall in love with the bad boy or will she chose the goody good life?
~Justin Bieber Love Story~


6. Confused?

Amelia's Pov I woke up next to Justin. I draw circles on his skin to pass the time. They door bell rang. I gently got out of bed and went to answer it. It was CPS. I let them in and sat on the couch."So how can I help you?" "since your mother is dead you will have to go live with your father."No!" "Thats the only way""But Im almost 18" "In 3 months" "That still counts" "Get dress and start packing" They left and I slammed the door and locked it. I slowly went up the staris. I started packing May's things first, than I worked on mine. I eventually started to cry. Arms wrapped around my body."Whats wrong?" "I have to go live with my dad" "Arent you 18?" "No I will be in 3 months" I kissed his lips and went back tp packing."Let me help" I nodded. ***** Everything is packed. Thier coming to pick us up in 30 mintues. Its not all that bad. But my dad wants to meet Justin if Im gonna date him."Babe stop pacing its ok" "But what if he doesnt like you or hates you thats 3 months without you" He chuckled. He leaned in and it became a steamy makeout session. I pulled back when I heard crying. May was hitting Justin. "No he wasnt hurting he was giving me love May" I picked her up and kissed her cheek."I wasnt hurting her MayBay I was kissing her see" He pecked my lips."We laughed. I made us some eggos. We ate as we watched Spongebob. May brings out the good side in Justin. His eyes arent black when shes around. The bell rang and I ran to get it. The movers and CPS were here. In less than a hour everything was on the truck."Bye Justin" "Bye Amelia Ill call you" He kissed my lips. I turned it into a makeout since this I wont see him much. I wave goodbye and got in the car. It was a 30 mintue drive. I got out with my to a town house. It had toys shattered across the yard. I rang the door bell. A middle age woman answered the door."Oh yes May and Amelia" I fake smiled and walked in."Your rooms are upstaris, Im Eve by the way your fathers wife" I nodded and went and found my room. I sat May in her crib since she was sleep. I texted Krya about what happened. She was sad but happy that we would still see each other."Amelia come down here!" I walked down the staris."I want to meet this boyfriend of yours tomorrow" "Okay" "Good dinner will be ready in a little while baby" I nodded and went to shower. I got out and put on Justin's hoodie and some shorts. I called Justin to ask him if he could come to dinner. I called 3 times they all went to voicemail. I called again."Hello?" He sounded out of breath. "Hi its Amelia" "Justin hurry up and fuck me" "Shhhh" "Can you umm come to dinner at my place my dad wants to meet you" "Yeah babe umm send me the directions" "Okay bye" He hung up. I wanted to cry but at the same time I wanted to yell. Its not like we're going out anyway it was never offical. I sent him the address and got dressed. I went and got May, and Lia dressed. I set the table and talked with some of my new siblings. Mason,19 Lia,4 Leon,17 Jalen,13 Sarah,15 "Hey sis" I looked up and saw Mason."Hey bro what's up?" "Nothing I like your sense of style" I looked down at my outfit. "Thanks I try" I said popping my fake collar. I heard the door bell ring and I ran to open it. Justin stood there with flowers."Come in" He went to kiss me but I turned my head and he kissed my cheek."Eve Justin's here!""Okay kids come sit!" I sat down next to Mason. And Justin sat in front of me. After we said grace my dad started up with the questions. D: So where did you guys meet? M: Uh- at school D: How long have you been together? M: Umm we've been friends for a week or so I shrugged. Justin looked up but looked back at his food. D: I thought you guys were together M: Nope you heard wrong Mason: So your single A: Yup and ready to mingle The table erupted in laughter. E: So do you like anyone A: well there was this guy and I thought we were together but when I called him I heard another girl so i dont know anymore Justin's Pov Damn. I knew I fucked up. Luke just made me fucking pissed and Kayla forced me. We finished dinner and I helped wash dishes. Look at what she as me doing. I pulled her into her room."What do you want?" "You" "No you dont because you wouldnt have fucked Kayla" "I was mad-" "Shut the fuck up!" I felt rage bulid up in me. "Listen okay Im fucking sorry get over it god damn!" She started hitting me. I kissed her and held her until she was weak."I hate you!" "I know you do" The door bust open."GET THE FUCK OUT!" Amelia's Pov My dad was beyond pissed."Dad no he didnt do anything!""Thats Justin Bieber he is a crimnal and your defending him have you lost your mind!" "Dad just leave him alone!" `HE COULD KILL YOU ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID WHAT AS REBA DONE TO YOU" "She was a better parent then you ever were!" He slapped me sending me flying across the floor."Dont.Fucking.Touch.Her." Justin said throught gritted teeth."She desevered it!" "Ill go just dont hit her" "No!Justin dont go!" "Yes I have to its not worth losing your family" "Dont fucking leave please!" "Bye remember I love you" "I love you too but please think this over" He grabbed my face and his my forehead, nose, than lips."Just forget me okay bye love you beautiful" He ran down the staris. I ran after him but he was long gone. I went to sleep crying that night. 3 more months till I get got.
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