From Brown Eyes To Purple

Chloe Maria " I hear him call me name what does he want "
He steps closer and closer i get chill bumps up my arm and i feel my legs go weak
all i hear is a noise and my mind goes black and i see him smile and steps closer to were
i can feel his breath hit my face and he puts his lips on mine and then i all of the sudden i black out and i hear him yelling at some one.
"I didnt want to do it she isn't ready she doesn't even know what i am she only knows me as a famous singer "
and at that i wake up with Purple eyes and my voice as changed i feel different i feel unstoppable .


2. The TweetT

I look at my phone to see that Alli Simpson tweeted it and tagged our twitters and her brother Cody saw it and tagged me in a reply to it . 

"@Favorite_Girl45 aww you love me . love you too DM " i see his tweet

I close my phone and head to the arena and decide to DM since he followed me to .

"Hey Cody me and my friend are down by the tour buses with the other fans want to talk?:)" i send it to him only to see him reply right afters.

"Okay and go stand by that black truck and i will send someone to get yall!:)" i see his reply.

"Okay im standing by the truck so what now?" i reply

"there is a guy in a black hoodie walking to get you Babe." i read

"i see the guy thanks:)" i reply smiling and blushing .

"You look so cute when you blush ;)" i see his reply when the guy is on the other side of the fence.

"I'm her for Chloe, Danielle and, Haley" i hear a guys voice .

"That's us " we all say at the same time.

"Come with me " he says not looking up

We follow him to the bus and girls are screaming things  "OMG IT'S HIS GIRLFRIEND FROM STARBUCKS " i hear one girl scream . We all laugh and before i know it were at the door of bus. I grab Danielle and Haley hand and try to keep calm.

"Hello girls welcome" I hear a Australian voice i smile knowing its him

" Thanks" is all i could say entering the bus still looking down.

"Don't look down let me see that smile" He says and i look up and we both smile.

"I love your tour bus." i hear Danielle yell

"Thanks and take a seat have yall seen the video yet from earlier?" he ask sitting down next to me .

"Nope" we all say and Cody gets up and plays it on the T.V from his laptop 

"Yall want anything to eat or drink?" he ask 

"We got a drink were not hungry " i say looking at the tv

"im going to go get my phone i left it in my room " he says walking off and we watch the video' im drinking my coffee when i see them again the eyes . all of the sudden i do a spit take and i run to the bathroom.

"You okay " I hear Codys voice

"I saw them again" is all i could say

"You saw the eyes didn't you" he says and at that i stand up and unlock the door and grab him by the shirt and pull him to his room. I close the door behind us and he sits on the bed and i stand in front of him.

"What do you know about the freaking eyes." i ask/yell

"...." he stays quite

"please tell me " i ask a little quiter

"thegreeneyesareme" i heard him rush threw a sentence then i made up what he said"

"THE FREAKING EYES THAT HAVE FOLLOWED ME WAS FREAKING UP" i say hitting my back on the corner wall sinking down to my knees .


Sorry its short im getting tired more tomorrow 

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