From Brown Eyes To Purple

Chloe Maria " I hear him call me name what does he want "
He steps closer and closer i get chill bumps up my arm and i feel my legs go weak
all i hear is a noise and my mind goes black and i see him smile and steps closer to were
i can feel his breath hit my face and he puts his lips on mine and then i all of the sudden i black out and i hear him yelling at some one.
"I didnt want to do it she isn't ready she doesn't even know what i am she only knows me as a famous singer "
and at that i wake up with Purple eyes and my voice as changed i feel different i feel unstoppable .


3. the prank

 I don't know what to think my favorite singer and crush is a freaking i don't know . i lift my head up and i see Cody looking at the ground then he looks up at me and ran his hand threw his hair and got up and started to walk to me i moved back as far as possible but i couldn't anymore. I don't know what got into me i wasn't that scared of them before but why am i now.

" I think i can answer that question and i am not going to hurt you ?" he says slowly walking to me .

oh great he can read minds just what else can he do and what is he and why does he want me . " i think to myself hoping he couldn't tell what i was thinking but as i finished that thought he stopped right in front of me and set down and just looked at the ground . 

"I'm not going to hurt you and the reason you saw me was because i was walking in the woods and i heard you singing and you can sing really good and i watched you dance around and then our eyes met and when im shocked they turn green and i was walking to go to some houses to surprise some people and heard my last name being called and i saw what was going on so please believe me ." i heard him say while his hands went threw his hair.

I looked up slowly and just looked at him and it was like he wasn't a famous singer but just a regular boy well almost regular. so  i got on my knees and went over to him and set right in front of him . I want to believe him but something is telling me not to.We just sit there silent looking at the ground thinking then we look up at the same time and stare into each others eyes and i see them flash green then back to brown and i do a half smile but then we heard some one knock on the door so we sit on the bed and turn a random movie on and try to act like we were hanging out . I see him grab my hand and i smile at him. Cody unlocks the door and jumps on the bed and a guy walks in with a black hood on and a white shirt on and black pants and white supras . He looks up and it Justin Bieber i smile like a idiot and so does he i put my head on Cody shoulder and notice were watching "FRIENDS" . i pick my head up from his shoulder and sit up . 

"Justin whats up this is my friend Chloe."' he says pointing to me as we both stand up.

'Nice to meet you im Justin " he says giving me a hug 

" I know im kinda a fan" i say blushing

WAIT A SECOND SHE JUST ISN'T A FAN SHE IS A TOTALLY BELIEBER!!!"i hear Danielle walk in eating Sour Patch Kids i keep in my purse.

"okay maybe and give me those"i say grabbing them from her and  eat them still blushing.

"Hey were you get those from ?" i hear justin asking

"I kinda always carry some with me .' i say smiling handing him some

"Hey Cody if you to don't work out can i have her?" i hear Justin asking smiling at me.

"Yea but why." i hear Cody asking 

"Dude she likes Friends and Sour Patch Kids and like Pranks from the video i saw on twitter and she's cute when she blushes she is mother freaking perfect." i hear Justin say with a serious face. We all just start busting out laughing. I walk back to were we were sitting  when we first came onto the bus. I set in the middle and Justin on one side and Cody on the other and Danielle was on her phone sitting on the table and Kayla was in the bathroom fixing her makeup probably .

"Hey yall want anything im going to place a pick up order for Zaxbys " i hear cody ask while standing up.

" Sure can i get a big zax snack meal please ." i say smiling while putting my head on Justin shoulder and he must have smiled because Danielle said something that i wish she didn't

"Hey Bieber don't get the wrong ides Chloe puts her head on anyone if she is either tired or bored ." she says i smile at it and Justin wraps his arms around my waist while we watch Friends.I start to feel sleepy when i feel a blanket be put over me  and the couch sink in beside me . I look up to see Kayla on her phone and smiling i look up to see Justin  asleep to  i smile because you know how many girls would like to be in Cody Simpson tour bus with Justin Bieber watching friends . I hear the door open so i just act asleep and i hear my phone go off it sounds like a twitter notification .

"Hey Cody." i hear kayla say

" Hey Kayla is she asleep i can tell Justin is and he never falls asleep after a show for hours." i hear cody say .

"Yea we should wake them up to eat then we can hang around a little longer then we have to go we have school tomorrow." i hear Kayla say 

"Hang on not yet " i hear some one say and i hear a few clicks like a camera from a phone then i hear ice moving .

"Don't even think about it " i say smiling

"I knew you were awake and here is your phone." i hear kayla say as she hands me my phone.

"But you can put the ice on him." i say pointing to Justin.

we get a our phones out and start to record its .

"Hey guys its me Cody." i hear him say

"And me Chloe Maria from StarBucks see where goofing off can get you if the right people see it or is there.

"Anyways we want to eat and we can't because of a certain Canadian popstar won't get up so were going to surprise him with a little ice." and at that the bucket of ice was all over Justin he shot up and then i heard thunder and lightning i jumped up and everyone laughed at me and Justin.

"What the freak who threw the ice on me." i hear just yell/ask

"it was Cody" me and Kayla say pointing to Cody.

"But it was Chloe's idea" Cody says.

Justin looks at me and he did something i wasn't expecting  .


sorry if its messed up i have writers block 

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