From Brown Eyes To Purple

Chloe Maria " I hear him call me name what does he want "
He steps closer and closer i get chill bumps up my arm and i feel my legs go weak
all i hear is a noise and my mind goes black and i see him smile and steps closer to were
i can feel his breath hit my face and he puts his lips on mine and then i all of the sudden i black out and i hear him yelling at some one.
"I didnt want to do it she isn't ready she doesn't even know what i am she only knows me as a famous singer "
and at that i wake up with Purple eyes and my voice as changed i feel different i feel unstoppable .


4. fixin

He looks at Kayla and see she is still recording he smiles and walks up to me and puts his arms around me and before i  know it he puts me on his shoulders and starts to spin around. 

"JUSTIN DREW BIEBER PUT ME DOWN" i yell hitting his shoulders  .

"promise me something" i hear him say.

"what" i say laughing

"Go on a date with me tomorrow " i hear him say . 

I look up to see Danielle standing behind Kayla and Cody who stopped recording . i look at Cody last and i see his eye flash blue and green he gives me a look like "go ahead".

"Sure" i say he puts me down and smiles and i just look at the ground.

"You know im only 15 but about to be 16 and your 19 and that would be weird" i say walking to get my food.

"Yea but one date wont hurt right' i hear him say me and Kayla and Danielle sit down and the boys eat at the table . We are almost done eating when i hear yelling and crashing . We all run to the kitchen to see Cody on the floor with a bloody nose , black eye and i see a window open and i see a black shadow across the street.

"Please don't go tomorrow " i hear a voice say.

i turn around a see Cody trying to get up we all go help him and clean up his face and we have to leave. We get our stuff and start to walk out the door when i feel someone grab my wrist i look up to see a perfectly healed and healthy Cody.

"I thought you -" i was cut off by him kissing me.

i didn't know what to do then i all of the sudden put my arms around his neck and kissed back and i could feel him smile after i did that. we pull apart and his eyes go to a baby blue with pink outline. he put something in my jacket pocket probably there number 

"remember im something special please don't go tomorrow Justin is something but not as nice as me." and at that he kisses me but instead i pull away and remember Justin and our date and i run out of the bus pass the guards and fans that are camping out . I run strait home and get on my phone and blast Selena Gomez new album and i go change and dance around my room trying to forget. 

"Found her" i hear Kayla scream 

i see Danielle run into my room and they all sit on my bed on my bed. they can tell somethings wrong. 

"What happened after we left the bus Chloe' i hear Kayla say.

"Nothing important he just gave me there numbers" i say fixing my hair for bed.

"no something else you can out running" i hear Danielle say 

i give up and tell them it all but the part but about the shadow and Codys eyes changing . They just sit there shocked we all just sit there and chill it was getting late so we all head to sleep because we have school tomorrow . 


Sorry it is late 

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