From Brown Eyes To Purple

Chloe Maria " I hear him call me name what does he want "
He steps closer and closer i get chill bumps up my arm and i feel my legs go weak
all i hear is a noise and my mind goes black and i see him smile and steps closer to were
i can feel his breath hit my face and he puts his lips on mine and then i all of the sudden i black out and i hear him yelling at some one.
"I didnt want to do it she isn't ready she doesn't even know what i am she only knows me as a famous singer "
and at that i wake up with Purple eyes and my voice as changed i feel different i feel unstoppable .


1. First sight

Chloe come help me clean its 7 and your friends are going over at 8" i hear my mom yell from across the house.

"okay mom what do you want me to do " i say walking in to the kitchen to grab my headphones .

"Go check the pool so yall can get in there later tonight ." she says i put my headphones on and start to play "Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson" tonight he is playing my city but i couldn't go . I take the long was around the house so i can listen to the song. I get out my phone and tweet:

"@codysimpson wish i could make it tonight but sold out before i could get tickets have fun ."

I lock me screen and walk to the pool and as i get up from turning it on i see these eyes looking at me i turn around and walk it off and i walk to the backdoor and as i turn around i see them turn bright green then back to brown . I look at them i have seen them somewhere but where and im snapped out of my thoughts when i hear the doorbell ring and i throw up a peace song and shout "HEY THERE PRETTY BROWN EYES WHAT YA DOIN LATER TONIGHT " and i went inside and i looked threw the window and the eyes were gone. I walk to the door to see . Danielle and Haley .

"Hey whats up Chlo" I hear them both  scream hugging me .

"Hey what yall wanna do " i ask them 

"can we go walking i hear when the concert is over Cody likes to go goof around his tour bus and houses around the arena he likes to surprise girls"

"Heck yea but the concert has just started and has another 2 hours yall wanna get ready and go get some starbucks."

and we all go to my room and start to get ready listen to Pandora .Once we were done getting ready . 

 We grab our Iphones and pen and paper and our wallets and put them in our purses and head to the Starbucks down the road that's why i love living in the middle of everything it is all in walking distends. we start to walk we laugh the whole way singing to any song we hear over the radio . We hear our favorite radio station on one car say" If Your bored call the station and tell us what ya doing" We each get out our phones and dial the number since we call all the time.

"whats your name caller?" i hear the DJ ask

"Chloe and my friends Danielle and Haley ." i say still dancing down the street and we all see Starbucks.

"What ya doin with your friends." he says

" walking down the street singing to any song we hear over the radio in other cars." i say and we all bust out laughing even the DJ.

"Oh we got calls about you from 2 other people were ya headed." he ask still laughing 

"STARBUCKS " we all yell into the phone.

"cool were DJ from there tonight stop by we would love to see you bye. " he says not being able to stop laughing.

  "Bye" we all say and literally run into Starbucks and see the radio station set up . We walk over to talk .

"Hey we were just on the phone with yall were the ones that were singing and yelling."we say smiling.

"You girls were hilarious want to take a call dare." he asks

"Yes " we all yell we have always wanted to do call dare.

"you know the rules we say were we are and the caller has to give you a dare to go do here in this building."

we all nodded our heads and he announces it over the radio and in seconds we have 50+ people calling. We all pick 16 since cody simpson is 16 and my sweet 16 is coming up .


"Hello do you have a call dare for these three girls." he ask into the radio.

" Yes i do " a girl voice says  i heard that voice before.

"what is your dare." he says smiling 

"Chloe do you like Cody Simpson." she ask

" Hellz to the yea " i say and people start to laugh.

"Okay so your at Starbucks so go order your coffee and for name put your last name as "Simpson" so when he calls it people will stare and try to take pics and the same for Danielle but with the last name "Horan" and Haley the last name "Mahone" ." she says we all smile

"do you girls accept the challenge?" he ask

"YEA" we all yell and the DJ gets out a camera and we go to the person to order.

"welcome to Starbucks can i take your order" the person said that works there.

"  we will have a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappe with extra whip cream" i say

"Names please " he says

"Simpson" i say 

"Horan" i hear Danielle say

"Mahone" i hear Haley say 

The person looks up and looks shocked and we walk to a table and wave to the cameras.

"SIMPSON , HORAN , MAHONE " i  hear the person yell and people look around mostly girls ages from 13-17 we walk up to the casher and see it's some one different that didn't take our orders

"Thanks they had to leave we will take these since were there girlfriends." we say and walk away like celebrities and i see a few girls run to us. Then more so we start to run and we run to the bathroom after we lost them.

"That was fun wasn't it ?"i say smiling

"yea but we cant go out there without getting chased." i hear haley say.

"Hey Danielle , Chloe , Haley " i hear the girl Taylor from the radio stations voice.

" Yea " we say together

" Here are some hoodies to come back to the radio station table . 

We put them on and I get tweets on my phone from random people and i see....


What does she see stay tone please comment and favorite 

Twitter: @Favorite_Girl45

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