Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


9. Chapter 8

It was early the next morning when Rose found herself waking up. She stretched her arms as best she could considering Harry was spooning with her. She stifled a soft chuckle and glanced at Harry's sleeping face. His eyes were shut tightly from what she was able to tell considering a few locks of his hair hung over his eyes lightly touching his nose. As he breathed, the few strands would move tickling his nostril making him scrunch his nose lightly every once in a while. His lips were parted and heavy breaths escaped through there as he slept.

Rose smiled at the curly haired boy and picked up his limp arm that was draped over her torso and slid out of the bed. She watched as Harry curled his arm under his body and mindlessly adjusted to the empty space beside him. Rose grabbed a hold of the thick duvet and pulled it over Harry's naked body and tucked him back in. She smiled looking at the man she was in love with.

Rose walked over to the window and peeked her head behind the curtain glancing outside. The sun was just rising over the horizon. Rose was surprised that Louis had relocated his life to Bradford just to be closer to Zayn and help Perrie out however he could. Louis had grown up and though his personality was still somewhat the same, he wasn't the same Louis she knew all those years ago.

Bending down, Rose dug around in her suitcase for something to wear for the day. She found a pair of trousers and sighed not wanting to wear any of the tops she brought along. She found a t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She walked over to Harry's bags quietly and dug around and smiled when she saw his purple Jack Wills jumper messily folded at the bottom of his bag. She pulled it over her head and grabbed the collar and brought it to her nose and inhaled its scent. She brought it away from her nose and smiled.

She stood up and walked out of the bedroom and quietly shut the door. She was wracking her brain trying to remember the way back to the stairs. She walked down the hallway, but found a dead end since she ended up by the bedroom doors at the end of the hallway. She walked to the opposite end and smiled when she saw the staircase. She descended the stairs and ended up in the living room.

Glancing around, she noticed Louis asleep on the couch with a small infant resting on his chest raising up and down as its father slept. Rose walked over and saw the small infant laying there motionless with its eyes open and looking around the room. Rose smiled at the small baby and he looked at her curiously. The infant couldn't have been older than a month or so old since he was so small.

"Hello there," Rose cooed and the baby's lips parted gently as the baby's tongue poked from between its lips.

Rose heard a soft sigh and glanced at Louis and saw him sitting up. Out of instinct, Rose reached out with both of her hands and held onto the baby. Louis' eyes widened when he realized he was holding onto the baby. He stopped moving and put his hands on the baby adjusting the infant in his arms.

"Late night?" Rose asked Louis after a few minutes. Louis nodded and rubbed his eyes trying to get the sleep out of his system.

"Yeah, he was up most of the night. I didn't want to wake you or Harry so I brought him down here. Eleanor could use the sleep anyways," Louis said and rubbing his hand over his son's back.

"That was sweet, but you didn't have to do that. Harry and I would have dealt with it. We did bring headphones," Rose said with a soft smile on her face. Louis let out a chuckle and looked at the baby in his arms and saw him staring at Rose in curiosity.

"He seems to be taking an interest in you, Rose," Louis said with a soft grin on his face and rubbed his thumb against his son's soft, baby skinned, cheek. Rose smiled at Louis and he glance averted back to the infant's whose eyes met her own pair and he just watched her. "Do you want to hold him?" Louis questioned looking at Rose.

"Oh, I don't really know. I mean, I am the youngest and-"

"Nonsense, you are allowed to hold my son if I want you to. Besides, I have to go for a wee," Louis said and Rose giggled softly and looked at the ground with a light blush tainting her cheeks.

Louis got himself off the couch and stood in front of Rose lightly bouncing. Louis never understood why he bounced his son even if he wasn't crying, maybe it was because it calmed Louis. Even though Louis has been at the parenting thing for about a month now, he still finds himself extremely nervous when he holds his son despite the amount of practice he received with his sisters.

Louis took a step forward and began to hand Rose his baby. Rose panicked slightly and took the baby in her arms. The small child began to whimper lightly, his bottom lip stuck out and quivering as he was exchanged into a stranger's arms.

"You're alright there, love, you're fine," Louis cooed to the baby with a smile. Louis poked his son's bottom lip as if her were trying to make him put it back in his mouth.

"What's his name?" Rose asked shifting the baby boy in her arms so he didn't look like he was sitting so awkwardly.

"Robert Harry Tomlinson," Louis said with a small smile on his aging face, "Robbie for short," he said and then hopped lightly, "I have to go for a wee, I will be right back," Louis said and scampered off towards the toilet.

Rose let out a soft chuckle and walked around the room carrying the small baby in her arms. She rocked him gently in her arms and looked at him in awe. She was in awe of how Louis Tomlinson, the person who will forever be a child, was now responsible for another human being. He was doing such a good job as far as she was able to tell.

"You are such a beautiful little boy, Robbie," Rose said with a smile on her face bringing one of her hands near him. His small, pudgy hand reached out and took a hold of her finger and holding it tight in his clasp. "You're quite strong there, too, love. Probably got that from your mum."

Harry stood across the room leaning against the doorframe watching Rose with Louis' baby. He had his arms crossed over his bare torso and was watching her every movement. As she walked across the room looking at the infant, her hips swung side to side as if she were rocking him and dancing with him gently. She was talking to him, too, but he was unable to make out her words due to her quiet whispering.

"Hey Haz," a voice said softly coming up from behind Harry. Harry jumped and turned around to see Louis standing behind him zipping up the zipper on his trousers, "Watching Rose?"

"Yeah, she's pretty good with your... son?" Harry asked and Louis smiled and nodded and pat Harry on the back.

"Yeah, it's a boy," Louis said with a smile on his face. Louis stared at Harry and saw him watching Rose in such fascination, "Mate, why don't you just end things with the woman you married? It's quite obvious you're not happy with her. Nip it in the bud."

"It's not that simple, Lou," Harry said with a sigh turning and pressing his back against the wall, "Mallory, she is like a best friend and she's someone I don't want to hurt, but I'm only hurting myself if I stay with her. In the end, she will get hurt and I don't want that."

"No matter how much you try and protect the woman you married, she's still going to get hurt, you know that, right?" Louis asked and Harry brushed his hand through his mess of curly hair, "I see how you look at Rose. I also see how you are when children are involved. Get a divorce, Harry, marriage is something that's forever and you're not giving Mallory her forever."

"She thinks I am, though, Louis," Harry said, "She thinks she's in love with me and I know in the back of my mind that she isn't. Or she is and I don't share the same feelings as her," Harry suggested to himself waving his arms around gesturing his meaning.

"Harry," Louis said taking a seat on the staircase behind him and patting the seat next to him. Harry obliged taking a seat to Louis' left just like old times in the X-Factor house.

"I don't know what to do. I can't talk to my mum or my sister about it. I surely can't talk to Mallory," Harry said placing his elbows on his knees and putting his hands against his forehead, "Help me. I'm stuck."

Louis let out a laugh and stopped almost immediately, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up. That- no, alright then," Louis said with a sigh upon seeing the same, stiff look Harry was given him, "I suppose what you could do is be honest with both of the girls."

"I have been completely honest...with Rose," Harry added and Louis snorted with laughter, "I can't tell Mallory. I don't want her to think of me as that kind of guy."

"Harry, you're sneaking around with someone you used to date. That is kind of screaming 'I'm that guy who cheats on his wife,'" Louis said making a hand gesture that seems as if lights were flashing.

"I'm just fucked up, aren't I?" Harry asked Louis, "I am in love with someone I didn't marry. Why the hell didn't I just find her in the first place?" Harry asked himself.

"Because you hurt her already by leaving. You didn't want to see if she moved on either," Louis said and Harry looked at the white carpet beneath his feet knowing Louis was right.

Harry let out a soft sigh and leaned against the railing of the stairs and brought his legs closer to his chest and wrapped his arms around them and stared at Rose who was still walking around bouncing the infant in her arms. Harry's lips were parted slightly as he watched her with his electrifying green eyes.

"I can't believe you're a dad, Lou," Harry said softly as he stared at the small month old baby in Rose's arms from the stairs.

"I can't either," Louis said softly with a smile on his face, "Robbie's a good baby, though," he said with a grin on his face. Upon hearing the small baby's first name, Harry let out a soft chuckle shaking his head gently.

"You of all people would name your son Robbie," Harry said with a smile on his face. Louis shoved Harry gently making his body squish against the wooden railing.

"His name is Robert Harry Tomlinson," Louis said with a soft smile planted on his lips. Harry's ears perked upon hearing his first name and his eyes widened when realization took over and his heart beat quickened when he realized his best friend did indeed still care.

"Louis," Harry started with a small smile making its way to his lips.

"No, I don't want to hear it!" Louis said with a soft laugh, "You're still my best mate and I know what I said to you killed you, but I'm sorry and well, we haven't quite chosen godparents yet. Will you be his godfather?" Louis asked and Harry's grin grew.

"I would be honoured," Harry said with a smile firmly placed on his lips. Louis leaned over and took Harry into a hug bringing him close to his body.

"Louis, baby?" Eleanor's voice said from the top of the stairs. Louis and Harry pulled away from their brotherly hug and turned around looking up the stairs to find an exhausted looking Eleanor, "Hello Harry," she said with a smile.

"Could we go to the supermarket? We don't have enough food for the lot of us. Besides, Robbie is almost out of formula," Eleanor said and Louis nodded standing up.

"Will you and Rose be alright here by yourselves, Harry?" Louis asked and Harry nodded looking up at Louis.

"I'll grab Robbie from Rose, you go get his seat," Louis said and Eleanor nodded and gave Louis a sweet kiss on the lips. Louis walked into the living room up to Rose and told her they would be leave. Rose nodded and carefully handed the sleeping baby over to his father. Louis lifted him up and kissed his forehead gently.

Rose turned around looking to see if Harry was anywhere in sight. Her light brown hair hitting the sides of her face as she turned. Her eyes sparkled and her grin grew when she saw Harry sitting on the bottom stair of the staircase. She walked over to the shirtless boy she fell in love with and stood in front of him. Harry's eyes averted upward and stared into her eyes.

"When did you get up?" Rose asked swaying her hips side to side with a smile on her lips.

"Not that long ago. I was talking with Louis for a bit," Harry said and stood up and twisted round to the side making him crack his back.

Rose stepped forward and snaked her arms around Harry's waist bringing herself close to his body. Harry smiled and brought his hand up brushing her bangs back so he was able to see the entirety of her face. He leaned down and pressed his heart shaped lips against her cheek softly.

"I wish it was just me and you," Rose said softly bringing her hand up to Harry's cheek and pressing it against his face, "Then I could call you mine once more."

"I wish we could do that, too, but I still have to figure things out," Harry answered softly and Rose let out a sigh, "I don't want to leave Mallory without much of an explanation. Besides, it's more complicated than it was back then."

"I know, I just wish things weren't as complicated," Rose sighed pressing her head against Harry's chest.

"You're still my flower, you'll always be my flower, Rose," he said rubbing his hand up and down her back.

Rose looked up at Harry feeling the emotions she's always felt for him. She brought her hand up and pressed it against the back of his head bringing his face closer to hers and pressing her lips to his in a sweet, gentle kiss. Harry cupped her cheek and closed his eyes embracing the kiss.

Rose backed away being in a good mood and her hand trailed down Harry's arm letting it slowly slip from his waist. Harry didn't like her not being against his body. His body turned around to face her out of impulse. He saw her heading up the stairs with a playful smirk on her face.

"What are you up to, Rose Arthur?" Harry asked following her rather slowly.

"I haven't any idea as to what you are talking about," Rose said smiling suggestively and walking quickly up the stairs.

Harry's grin grew and went upstairs after Rose and found her in the bedroom they were sharing. Harry reached out and grabbed Rose by the waist and pulled her to him as she let out a loud squeak. Her back was to his chest and she seemed to mould perfectly to his body. Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around her and took one hand and brushed the hair away from her neck. Harry moved the fabric over on her shoulder and pressed his lips to her skin. Rose leaned her head back onto Harry and let him suck on the skin.

"Mmm," Rose moaned lightly as he sucked on the skin just below her jaw. Rose turned around and faced Harry. She put her arms around Harry's neck and pressed her lips to his. Harry's hands were placed on the middle of her back and he pushed her body close to his. Harry's hands trailed along the hem of his sweatshirt on her body. Their kiss split as Harry pulled the purple Jack Wills sweatshirt over her head and Rose took off her own shirt. They both stood there in their undergarments and trousers.

"You're so beautiful, Rose," Harry murmured and brought her into a kiss once again.

Harry took a hold of her by the waist and walked her over to the bed. Rose pushed Harry onto the bed and crawled onto the bed straddling his waist. She brushed her fingers through her messy hair and bent over and kissed his lips. Harry felt the bulge in his trousers grow as Rose was sat on top of him. Rose noticed the bulge in his trousers and moved down so she was sitting on his thighs. Harry watched Rose in awe as she undid the string on his trousers and pulled them down off of Harry. Harry kicked them off with his feet.

Rose pressed her hand lightly against his hard length and rubbed her thumb over it making Harry groan. Rose smiled seductively meeting Harry's eyes and began to pump him gently making Harry's head roll back in pleasure. Rose continued to pump Harry's length, but Harry began to feel tortured that he was unable to feel her tight walls around him. He needed

"I can't take it anymore," Harry grumbled sitting up on the bed.

He reached up and picked Rose up flipping them over on the bed so he was the one on top of her being in control of the situation. He reached down towards her jeans and played with the top of her trousers pulling them gently. He sat up and pried the button apart with his thumb and forefinger. Harry then trailed his finger down Rose's abdomen and stopped at her unbuttoned trousers. He took a grasp of the copper zipper and slowly unzipped her trousers. The whole time he was doing so, his eyes were locked onto Rose's as she stared back at him.

Harry leaned forward practically laying himself down on Rose's body. He reached behind her taking a hold of the clasps of her bra and unhooking it releasing the pressure on her body. The whole time, his emerald green eyes were connected with her chocolate brown ones. Harry took a hold of the white straps of Rose's bra. He slowly pulled it down off her shoulders. His pointer finger trailing down her arm making a shiver travel up her spine. The fabric was soon off of Rose's body and thrown on the ground next to the discarded clothing.  


Harry's eyes looked at Rose's bare chest and his hands trailing up to her chest. His large hands cupped the bottom of her breast and squeezed one of them gently with his hand. He then trailed his finger up to her nipple playing with it as it hardened beneath his finger tips. Rose had her eyes shut tight and enjoyed the small pleasuring Harry was doing to her.

Rose felt her insides going crazy with lust. Butterflies were erupting in her stomach as Harry teased her. Her body wanted him and she was just as sure that he wanted her, too. The large bulge in his pants were telling her this exact thing. Her heart was beating rapidly and her skin began to sweat becoming stained with sweat.

Harry reached down and played with the hem of her knickers with his fingers. He pulled them down off her body. He threw them on the floor and his hand trailed up her leg stopping at her inner thigh. Harry was able to feel the heat and moistness radiating off of her as his hand rested on her inner thigh. He pushed her legs apart and placed his hand in her clit rubbing his thumb against her nub making her gasp in surprise. She arched her back wanting this feeling to never end. She loved the way she felt when he touched her. Her body pulsated and she loved that feeling; all because it was Harry who made her feel this way.

Rose's hands were thrown above her head as she took a fist full of fabric as she moaned in pleasure. Harry decided to insert one finger inside her and she let out an exasperated moan and rolled her head to the side closing her eyes shut and letting out a loud moan. Harry placed a second finger in getting the same reaction from her and began to pump his fingers inside of her in a steady rhythm. Rose's hips rolled towards him and moving in a rhythm much like his hand.

"F-Faster. Go faster," Rose commanded with very little breath on her tongue. Her head was thrown back on the pillow and she let out soft grunts as his fingers pumped into her.

Harry happily obliged picking up the pace of his fingers. Hearing Rose's small pleas was music to his ears and made him want her even more. The way her hips moved towards him made him go crazy. It made the bulge in his pants intensify if that were even possible.

"H-Harry," Rose gasped clutching the duvet tightly in her hands, "I-I need," she all but screamed to Harry. Harry retracted his fingers from her opening as he looked her in the eyes. Rose was gasping for more air and keeping her eyes on Harry. She watched him as he brought his large hands up to his mouth and sucked her juices off of his fingers.

Harry pulled his pants off revealing his full length which seemed to spring to life once the pants were off his body. Rose reached for Harry's wallet sitting on the bedside table and grabbed a condom out of it and ripped the small, gold package apart and pulling the wrapped up rubber circle out. Harry let out a loud moan as Rose's hands felt him up as the rubber protector was put onto him.

"Make love to me, Harry."

"I would be honoured," he whispered in her ear and placed a sweet, gentle kiss on her lips before looking her in the eyes.

As he looked into her eyes, he pried her legs farther apart granting him easier access to her. He then slowly guided himself into her quickly glancing down to make sure he didn't hit and miss. Rose felt the pressure of him entering her and she wrapped her arms around his torso and her nails dug into his shoulder blades. Harry moved his hips slowly, gently into hers as he began to make sweet love to her.

Rose began to move her hips upward with each thrust Harry made. Rose wrapped her legs around Harry's waist making them move in sync with one another. One of her hands was entwined in Harry's curls. Harry had his head buried in the crook of Rose's neck. His low grunts were audible despite the fact that his face was buried in skin.

Harry's thrusts were slow and steady as he made sweet love to Rose. He never wanted to rush into things with her and this is one of those instances. He wanted to feel her, feel her walls clamp around him. He just wanted to savour the moments that he had with her when he is forced to go back with Mallory and spend time with her once again.

"Harry," Rose groaned as her head fell back, "I need you to speed up, please," she begged adjusting herself with Harry's large penis. She sat up pressing her chest against Harry's swallows.

Harry quickly obliged to her requests and began to speed up. Grunts and the slapping of skin was the only thing that was heard as the two worked together and made love. Harry had one hand on the mattress and the other placed on Rose's back as he held her to his chest and made quick, deep thrusts.

As Harry hit a spot, Rose let out a loud scream filled with pleasure. She let out a loud, lustful scream every time Harry hit that one spot. Harry smirked realizing he hit a good place and proceeded to hit that spot every time he thrust into her. Her screams made his stomach tie in knots and realized his release was coming soon. Rose, too, felt the knots in her stomach and was slapping Harry's back as if she were telling him to go faster. She felt that she couldn't speak for if she did, only screams would come out.

As if he could tell what she was thinking, Harry began to thrust into Rose at the fastest pace possible. His thrusts became sloppy and quick. He didn't care if he hit the same, satisfying spot every time, but he knew he was close and could tell that Rose was, too.

Rose felt her walls clench tightly around Harry and her stomach knot in an uncomfortable knot. Harry hit that one spot and sent her over the edge. Rose let out a loud scream yelling Harry's name so loudly, Holmes Chapel probably heard her. Harry's release came and his seed spilled inside the condom.

The two unravelled from each other and collapsed on the bed next to each other. Both covered in sweat and catching their breath's from what had just happened. Harry had Rose pressed against his chest and sweat dripped down his forehead making his dark curls stick to his skin.

"I love you, Harry," Rose murmured pressing her lips against one of the swallows on his chest and glancing up at one of his green eyes. Harry brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

"I love you, too, Rose, I love you so much," he said and rubbed his hand over her bare back.

Harry couldn't help but think of how things should be like this for him every day. He should always be waking up with Rose wrapped securely in his arms and they should be able to make love to her whenever he wants to. He wants to be able to officially call her his.

Rose's fingers trailed up and down his chest tracing the designs of his tattoos imprinted on his skin. A tingle travelled its way up his skin giving him a chill at her delicate touch. Her head was resting on his right arm and she was laying on her side.

"Why do you always trace my tattoos?" Harry questioned curiously.

"Because they're a part of who you are and I love you," Rose said with a small smile, "They make you... you. You're my Harry and when I look you in the eyes, I know that everything will be alright."

"Everything will be alright as long as you're right here by my side."

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