Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


7. Chapter 6

It's been a few days since the dinner in Holmes Chapel. It's been a few days since he's seen Rose and he was now at work. He was deep in contemplation about a various number of things. The main thing on his mind was the problem sitting right in front of him. One of them was Rose and wondering if she was going to give them a chance despite being betrothed to Mallory. Mallory was another thing on his mind because he didn't want to hurt her, but found he was never in love with her and that could be the most heart wrenching thing of it all.

Harry opened the centre of his desk drawer and saw the yellow envelope with papers hanging out of it. He grasped the folder and pulled it out and placed it gently on his desk as if it were breakable. He grabbed one of the corners and flipped it open gently. He glanced over the documents he had picked up and let out a soft sigh wondering how could he ever present these to a woman as nice as Mallory. He didn't know if he could give these to her since what he did was virtually unforgivable. He cheated on Mallory with the woman he truly loved. Harry didn't regret being in love with Rose, but he regretted not telling Mallory the real place his heart was.

Harry's large, school issued computer made a loud dinging noise signalling that a colleague had sent an email to him. He closed the yellow folder and slipped it back in the middle drawer of his desk. He glanced at his computer and opened his email. He saw that he had a staff meeting after school in the gymnasium. Harry grabbed a post it note from the colourful pile which was sat next to his rainbow coloured pen and pencil holder a student gave him. He wrote down a reminder note and placed it on the bottom of his computer monitor for a reminder.

He returned to scanning through his countless number of emails which seemed to enter his inbox faster than he was able to read. He was sitting rather lazily with his elbow resting on the wooden desk. His thumb and forefinger were pulling his bottom lip gently as he stared at the emails about random and idiotic things such as sporting events, class photos, conversations with other teachers. Harry let out a sigh and wanted to find something else to do for the next twenty minutes, but his mind couldn't think of anything productive to do for his job.  


Harry often finds himself with very little to do on days like this. Whenever Harry does have assignments to be graded and entered on the website for students to see their grades, he does that when he goes home. He's very good at getting his job done quickly so his students can see their progress. Whenever he has little tasks, he gets those done right away, he doesn't screw around and wait until the last minute. So days like this, he has nothing to do and finds himself in a very bored situation and mindlessly stares at emails that don't concern him.

Out of curiosity, Harry decided to click the staff listing list and scroll through there to see if any of the boys were teaching in the area. He knew there wasn't a very good chance, but since almost every single teacher from the country was in the contacts, he thought he would go through the list.

Back when Harry was in the band, Louis had often expressed his desire to be a drama teacher if he wasn't in the band. Harry had hoped there was a slight chance that Louis had done what he did and went back to school to finish his education to become a teacher much like he had.

Harry spent five to ten minutes scrolling through numerous amounts of T lettered last names. Harry almost fell off the edge of his chair in surprise when he saw the one name he intended on finding. Staring right at him in black letters was the name of one of his brothers who hadn't spoken to him in five years.

Louis Tomlinson:

Harry leaned back and stared at the name in awe. Harry ran his hand over his face and stared at the screen with a large smile on his face. Harry clicked the link to Louis' email and clicked on the white of the body paragraph where he could send a message to Louis.

Harry's finger tapped the mouse repeatedly unsure of what he should write to Louis. Harry didn't know what he would put in an email to an ex-band member after five years of no talking. Harry figured he would write a rough draft and then edit it, but never end up sending it.

In the back of his mind, Harry knew he was a coward for choosing to not send the email in the long run, but he had fears. His major fear was Louis telling him to never speak with him again and ignore his message. Harry hated the fact that his brothers probably despised him and he didn't want that even though he knew it was his fault.

"Mr. Styles call line 422, Mr. Styles call line 422," the woman in the office said over the PA system. Harry reached over and picked up the black, school issued phone placing it against his ear and dialled the numbers 4-2-2 with the tip of his middle finger. The phone's dial tone sounded and he heard someone pick up.

"Mr. Styles?"  


"This is," Harry said picking up his black pen and spun it around between his fingers.

"You have a phone call, is it okay to redirect you?" she asked and he glanced at the clock seeing the time and mentally calculating when his next class should be arriving. 


"Do you know how long the phone call should take? I have a class in twenty minutes," Harry said still staring at the ticking hands, "Evelyn's class of third year students are supposed to be coming down here soon. If it's my wife, just tell her I'll call her back later, she'll understand."

"This phone call isn't from your wife, it's from another teacher. He said it was urgent he speak with you. For your class, we'll just have the year one teacher, Maria, take care of your students today," she said and Harry let out an audible sigh. He brushed his hand through his curls making his hair slick back.

"Redirect me, Cheryl," Harry said softly standing up slighting and taking a hold of the bottom of his chair sliding it farther up so he was sitting farther back on the seat. Harry heard the background noise of the phone change and adjusted himself on the chair leaning side ways cracking his back.

"This is Harry Styles speaking," Harry said uneasily as he was unsure as to who he was speaking to on the opposite end.

"Harry," the caller said and Harry's eyes widened in surprise. The voice belonging to someone he hadn't heard from in over five years.

"Louis," Harry said glancing at the email on his computer screen, "Um... can I ask what you want? While I'm at work nonetheless?" he asked curiously and worried he came off as harsh. Louis took in a shaky breath and Harry sat up almost immediately knowing something was wrong, "What's going on, Louis?"

"It's Zayn," Louis said just above a whisper. Harry swore he could hear his voice crack as he said it, too. "Zayn's sick and- and we wanted, no needed to call you," Louis croaked into the phone. Harry could hear Louis' voice cracking as he talked. It broke Harry's heart to hear him so sad, "I had to drive to work just to get your school's number. I was going to shoot you an email, but that would have been rude of me to do."

"Wh- What does Zayn have?" Harry asked running his hand over his face inwardly freaking out. Louis stayed silent, "Louis, seriously just tell me. I don't want to play the waiting game. Even if we haven't spoken if five years, I still consider him and the rest of you as my brothers."

"He has lung cancer," Louis said softly, "We all thought it was just a nasty habit that he did once in a while, but Eliza started to notice he was sick and asked Perrie-"

"Who's Eliza?" Harry asked throwing his hands up in confusion.

"Zayn and Perrie's four year old," Louis answered, "We've all had additions, Haz, but that's besides the point. They noticed Zayn was getting sick and he just didn't look good and they brought him in and they diagnosed him. We need you here, Haz, we really need you. Bring Rose-"

"I'm not really seeing Rose, well, I am, but its complicated," Harry said and Louis sighed.

"Haz, what happened?"

"I married Mallory and now I regret it all and I just want Rose. We're in love and I don't want to hurt either of them," Harry said and felt his eyes begin to water so he pinched the bridge of his nose, "Where is it that you guys live? I'll come down right away, I'll just get a sub for the next week or so."

"Bradford hospital," Louis said quietly, "The boys and I still want you to bring Rose. We need to apologize to her for something she heard. Just-just don't bring Mallory, Harry, she'll just cause a bunch of unnecessary stress on Zayn."

"I won't, I'll just tell her it's an emergency and we're talking or some other shit. She's been badgering me about seeing you guys again anyways," Harry said dropped his pen, "I'm going to go, I have to call for my substitute teacher, grab some clothes, phone Rose, pick Rose up, and then I'll see you tonight."

"Sounds good," Louis said and then gasped, "Oh, you two can stay at mine and Eleanor's so you don't have to get a hotel room."

"Good, I don't really want to spend that money on a hotel. Student debts, housing, wedding, and cars basically ate my money. Hence the reason for the job."

"Same, listen mate, I'm going to go. Liam and Niall came back with lunch and I haven't eaten since this morning. We'll see you in a few hours," Louis said and Harry was able to hear Niall bickering with Liam about what was his. Harry let out a soft laugh thinking about how some things never change, "Bye mate."

"Bye Louis," Harry stated and soon after heard the dial tone.

Harry pressed the receiver button and then let go of the button and called the office letting them know he needed a substitute teacher for the remainder of this week and possibly some time off for the following week. Harry also informed them that he will be leaving right away since it was an emergency.

Harry stood up and began to gathering his things and placing them in his bag. He heard the airy chatter of children and looked towards the door to see Maria leading the year three students into the classroom. They all looked confused as to why she was teaching them and not him. Harry grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair and put his arms through it and grabbed the folder and some other things from his desk placing them in his bag.

"Mr. Styles, why aren't you teaching us?" one of the students asking causing him to look up at a room of eight and nine year-olds staring at him.

"I have a family emergency to attend to. I'm not going to be back for a little while so in my absence, you will have a different teacher, but for today you'll have Ms. Jones," Harry said pulling his bag over his shoulder.

"Harry," he heard Maria say. Harry glanced up at the young teacher, "What is it that you want me to do with the students? And second, are you okay?"

"My lesson plans are on my desk and if you could, would you write them out for the sub and two, honestly, no. An old friend is sick and I have to be there for him," Harry said playing with the strap of his bag.

"From that famous band you were in?" she asked and Harry nodded, "Tell him to get better from me." Harry nodded half smiling at the young woman, "It's not the cute, blonde one is it?"

"No, it's Zayn," he said and looked at the clock, "I have to go and you have children waiting. I have to pick up one of my friends to take her with me."

"Be careful, Harry," she said and he nodded and walked out of his classroom and fumbled with his keys.

Harry walked up to his car and got in placing his bag in the seat behind him. He backed out of the parking stall and put the car in drive and drove towards his house. The whole time he worried about Zayn and wondered how advanced his illness was and if he would survive this. Harry worried about Zayn and often told him back when they still spoke that he absolutely hated his smoking habit, it would give him cancer one day. Harry didn't want to be right, he hated that he was right.

Harry pulled into the driveway and got out of his car and walked into the house and walked upstairs to find Mallory on her hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floors. She looked up and gave Harry a confused look as to why he was home already.

"Harry, why are you home early?" she asked getting up off the ground, but slipped on the floor and caught herself with the door handle.

"I have a family emergency," Harry responded grabbing a suitcase and packing his clothes into it quickly. Mallory walked into the bedroom and looked at her husband packing his things.

"What family emergency? We have the same family! We're married," she said crossed her arms across her chest.

"One Direction," Harry said and Mallory dropped her arms, "Louis called me at work and I need to go down to Yorkshire for a while and I don't know when I'll be back. I sorted it out for work and I just- they need me and I have to go."

"What's going on?" Mallory asked walking up to Harry and rubbed the side of his arm.

"Zayn's in the hospital," Harry said and Mallory looked at him with sympathetic eyes, "It sounds like he might be there for a while. I'm staying at Louis and Eleanor's house while I'm there so I won't be wasting money on hotels or anything. I'll be back soon."

"Why can't I come?" Mallory asked clearly offended that her husband thought he was leaving without her.

"No offence, love, the boys don't want me to bring you. They never really got to know you," he said and kissed the side of her cheek, "I need to go now, I promised Louis I would be there in a few hours," he said and Mallory nodded.

Harry grabbed a few other items stuffing them in his suitcase and zipped his luggage up and left his house quickly. He remembered Rose talking about her work and how it was a small publishing company so he drove to her work figuring that she probably was working that day.

He put his car in park and locked the door and walked into the small building. He walked up to the receptionist and asked where the copy room was and he explained to her that his friend worked in there. She pointed him in a general direction and he found it with some difficulty. He opened the door to see a girl at the table eating peanut butter from a jar and babbling about problems she had with the world.

"But like, I don't get why some people- what the fuck? Rose, why is there one of those fucking boy band members here?" the blonde girl asked Rose as Rose stood at the copy machine making copies.

Rose turned around and was surprised to see Harry standing there at eleven in the morning. Rose knew that he should be at work right now, but figured something was wrong. She proved her theory right when she saw his lip begin to quiver and his eyes began to water. She walked into his arms and hugged him. He began to cry into her.

"I'm just going to-" Maggie said pointing to the door and leaving the room allowing Rose and Harry some time.

"What's going on, Harry?" Rose asked gently rubbing circles on Harry's back.

"Zayn's sick," he croaked and Rose gasped and hugged him tight against his chest, "I have to go to Bradford and they want you to come," Harry said and Rose looked at him, "Please, I need you there," he said and Rose nodded and he thanked her by kissing her neck gently.

"I have to tell them it's a family emergency so I'm going to go talk to my disgusting boss for a few moments. Excuse me," Rose said and left Harry in the copy room while she left to go find her boss.

She found Richard leaning over the reception desk flirting with the receptionist who was flirting back. Rose made a face of disgust and walked up to the pair and awkwardly stood there and then let out a loud cough as if she were clearing her throat, which she most definitely was not.

"Ah, Rose, what can I do you for?" Richard asked with a perverse smile placed on his lips.

"Umm... my friend came in and told me some upsetting news and I'm afraid I need to go down and visit a close family friend because he is sick," Rose said and Richard let out a sigh and looked at the receptionist.

"Rose, I need you here."

"Mr. Ellison, I understand that you need me here, but this is very important and Maggie doesn't do anything anyways! I do all the copying!" Rose said and Richard nodded, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," Rose said and with a smile on her face, "I do need to be leaving it is very important."

"Go before I change my mind you silly girl," he said and she nodded and went back to the copy room and collected her bag. She pulled Harry with her and they left. She got in her car and he got in his and they drove to her flat.

"How many days are we staying?" Rose asked Harry as they rode up the elevator.

"I took the rest of this week and next week off," Harry said and Rose gave a slight nod of the head. Rose knew that Harry had a tighter holiday schedule with his work since he worked with the school system.

Rose went to her bedroom and grabbed her lime green suitcase and threw it on the bed. Harry sauntered over to it and glanced at it and a smile came to his face when he saw the drawings on her bag which the boys and him had drawn on. He glanced at his drawings and saw one of himself, his signature, and a cat. Zayn had drawn a few cartoon figures. Louis some strange and random drawings/phrases. Niall drew some random stuff mostly food. Liam drew a few superhero characters and some toy story characters.

"Admiring my beautiful artwork?" Rose asked and Harry looked up at her, "I was going to get rid of it, but I loved it too much," she said and placed a few shirts in the bottom of the suitcase, "Are you okay?"

"Honestly? No," he said and she looked at him with a soft look, "I'm worried for him and I haven't even seen the poor lad in five years. Apparently he has a daughter and I didn't even know. What kind of best friend doesn't know that?" Harry asked and Rose sat down next to Harry and wrapped her arm around his side and cuddled into his side.

"You and the boys had your reasons for breaking things off, but whatever it is, it is all in the past. Just leave it in the past, Harry, it's so important to do that right now. You boys need to come together and help Zayn get through this," Rose said brushing Harry's hair back, "We have a long drive to Bradford, don't we? Let's get driving before we have the Sass Master from Doncaster giving us hell and breaks both of our asses," she said and Harry let out a soft chuckle, "Come on, you can do this."

"Alright," he said and they left her flat together.

Harry had to refrain himself from taking hold of her hand and entwining it with his own hand. He folded his own hands together and they hung down in front of his torso and his thoughts were consumed from years past. His mind wandered to the quaffed boy and how his life had taken a full three hundred and sixty degree turn into a life no one imagined for him. Harry was silently praying for Zayn's safety and recovery from this horrible illness.

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