Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


6. Chapter 5

Rose stood in front of Harry unsure of what she should say next. Instead of speaking any words at all, she took off as quick as lightning. Her hair swaying behind her in the wind as she ran down the streets towards her parents' home. Harry stood there unsure of what to do. His hands were jammed into the pockets of his trousers and he stood there with wide eyes unsure if the words that came from Rose's mouth were real. 

Rose quickly reached her parents' home and ran up to her battered, old red car and fumbled with the handle and hopped in and started the ignition almost immediately. She threw her seatbelt on and pulled out of the driveway not giving her family a single goodbye, but she couldn't bear saying goodbye to them since she was in no state to do so.  

As she drove, she bit the side of her cheek feeling sobs erupt in the back of her throat and wanting to be let out. She leaned against the window with he right arm and had her hand placed under her chin and began to let her vision blur. Rose signaled left and pulled off to the side of the road and put the car in park and clicked the button behind the steering wheel making the lights flash on and off in a steady rhythm. 

She let out a loud sob and ran her hand through her hair and then covered her face as she began to shake violently as the cries erupted from her chest. Rose unclicked her seatbelt and slid down in the seat of her car and looked out the window, but was unable to see since she was blinded by her own tears. Rose crossed her right arm underneath her chest and rested her left arm's elbow on her right hand and her left hand was placed under her chin as she cried. 

Rose felt that what she had just done was the most idiotic thing that could ever be done. She couldn't even begin to know what Harry was thinking about because of her words. Rose feared that he would tell Mallory what she said and Mallory would hate her for the rest of her existence. Rose never wanted to hurt anyone, but she ended up hurting herself in the end because of her stupid, rash decisions. 

Seeing Harry again, Rose felt that her feelings, which never diminished, had begun to resurface once more. Those feelings' resurfacing is what made her feel so stupid. She couldn't even express her love or him because of the big brick in the centre of the road which was named Mallory. Sure, she loved Harry, but even if there was the slightest chance of him loving her back, she could never do that to a girl like Mallory. Besides, being in love made a woman do stupid things like admit that she is in love with a married man. 

Mallory, in Rose's opinion, was very talkative, but she wasn't a bad person. Rose felt that Mallory knew about the tattoo and figured out that she and Harry were together at one point in time and felt that she needed to express what was hers. If not, Harry could have told her, but Rose found that very unlikely since she has found that Harry has always been a quiet person and didn't relay information to just anyone...not even the people he loved the most. 

Rose had calmed herself down enough to drive home. Rose noticed that with her mood, the skies have mimicked her as well letting tears pour from the dark skies of the night. If anything, the rain calmed her as she drove home. The steady beating of millions of small droplets of water pounded against the glass and metal of the car was like a calming mechanism. 

She pulled into the driveway of her complex, after about twenty minutes of driving, and pulled into her usual parking stall and parked the car. Rose leaned over to her left and grabbed her purse and glanced through it to make sure she had everything. She saw her phone was lit up with various messages asking where she had gone and what happened. She stopped reading after the third message because she didn't want to deal with it anymore. Rose wanted to forget about what had happened in Holmes Chapel and just move on with her life. She wanted the problems to disappear and never resurface. 

The only thing on her mind was figuring out on how to move on from the problem at hand. She felt like she had just five years previous when her and Harry had broken up. Her heart had shattered inside of her chest and her tears were the pieces of her heart falling to the ground. Rose couldn't help but worry for herself since her life has become her own nightmare. 

Rose stepped out of the car and slung her bag over her shoulder quickly. She felt the water drip down her hair and seep onto her clothes wetting the fabric. She wanted to go inside so badly, but she forgot to grab her keys from her purse. She ducked into her car once more and dug through her bag pulling out the jingling keys and zipped the bag closed once more. She stood up and repeated her actions of slinging the bag over her shoulder.  

Thunder clashed in the sky making the skies seem to roll. Stop. Rose wanted it all to just stop. She shut her eyes tightly and looked up at the flashing sky and stared at the miniscule water droplets falling down from the night sky. Rose wanted everything to stop. Her love for Harry, her job...even her own life. Rose didn't find the point in living anymore if there was nothing to live for. There was nothing worth fighting for like the Disney film Mulan states. Rose gave up. Rose didn't want to be in this world anymore, she just wanted to drown in the rain and never fight for another thing in her life. 

"Rose!" A voice called causing Rose to jump at the person calling her name frantically. She spun around and saw a tall figure standing across the parking lot water dripping from his hair. She squinted her eyes attempting to clear them from water and saw it was someone she had never expected to see standing in front of her, "Rose! Why in the world are you just standing in the rain?" 

"Why are you here?" She yelled back to the boy, "You're here to what? Tell me I was wrong with what I said to you? Well newsflash, Harry, I know that already!" she screamed and was silenced as the thunder and lightning sounded in the skies. 

"I didn't come to say that!" he yelled and began to take even strides towards her with his long legs, "I wanted-" 

"Me to stay away from you," she snapped and he let out an audible sigh and she was standing in a close proximity to him now.  

"Rose, no, just stop," he whispered softly. He reached up and brushed his hair back.  

The rain seeped through his shirt causing it to cling tightly to his bare skin making the ink penned on his skin visible for all to see. Rose couldn't help but stare at the two identical swallows on his chest near his collarbone. His necklaces he always wore sparkled in the dimly lit parking lot due to the water that clung to the cold metal. 

"Just go, Harry, you've done enough for now," Rose whispered and began to walk away, but her arm was tugged. She glanced down and saw Harry's large hand wrapped around her wrist and she was able to feel his gaze on her. 

Rose turned around and almost instantly she was met with a pair of warm, wet, plump lips against her soft ones. Shocked at first, Rose didn't kiss back, but she soon eased into the kiss and tangled her fingers in Harry's wet hair. Her lips moved in sync with his wanting to indulge as much of the kiss she could having yearned for his lips to be on hers for so long. Harry's hand caressed her cheek as he kissed back as well.  

Rose pulled away from the kiss and looked at him and then realized what she had just done. She had kissed a married man. She gasped looking at him and pushed herself away from his touch. Harry looked at her with a confused look and felt hurt by the fact she had shoved him away. 

"Rose," he whispered softly reaching out to touch her. 

"You're married," she said softly, "You're married to such a sweet woman and you drive all the way to Manchester and kiss me in the rain. You're confused, I get that, but please, don't leave your wife, she doesn't deserve that." 

"Rose, when will you get it through your thick head that I'm still in love with you? I've been in love with you for five years! Marrying her was the biggest mistake of my life," Harry said with the softest tone and had a soft look on his face. Harry took three steps towards her and picked up her hand and looked her directly in the eyes. Rose looked into his eyes searching for any indication that he was lying, but she found no evidence of him lying. 

Rose almost didn't want to believe the words coming out of his mouth. She knew that she loved him, too, and that she wanted to spend her life with him, but could she ask him to leave his wife for her? She didn't know if she could handle the pressure of being the blame for him leaving Mallory. She didn't want to look like the whore who took married men, but then again, she did love Harry first. 

"Rose," Harry said lifted her hand up and bringing to his chest where she could gently feel his heart thrumming in his chest, "I am so in love with you. All I want to do is call you mine," he whispered to her. Rose noticed the glimmering in his eyes as his eyes watered slightly in fear of rejection. 

"I'm in love with you too, but you're married, you gave me up a long time ago," Rose said her heart aching every second she said that.  

Harry looked down and shut his eyes to block the pain he was feeling. His hand was placed on top of Rose's and he could feel the warmth of her skin radiate off of it and seep onto his own skin. His hand clutched hers gently and he just wanted to keep holding onto it. 

"I never loved her," he whispered not looking up or even opening his eyes, "I never felt anything I felt with you towards her. She was something to fill the gap in my heart. She fell for me and I knew in the back of my mind she didn't really love me either. She's one of those people who is in love with the idea of love. She just wants to be in love, but is unsure of what it really is." 

"Harry," Rose whispered and Harry glanced up at her. 

"As far as I'm concerned, I've lost you and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself knowing that," he said with his voice cracking gently. 

"You never lost me, Harry," Rose said and he looked at her, "I just can't bear to be the one who is at fault for your marriage being destroyed. Let's go inside and talk," Rose suggested and he nodded. 

She led him inside the complex and clicked the lift button indicating she wanted to go upstairs. The lift opened and the pair stepped in the lift where the lights flickered and the wallpaper was peeling off the wall. Rose pressed her floor's number and she stood there next to Harry awkwardly. The only sound was the squeaking from the lift's doors as it shut. Once it was shut they could hear the water droplets dropping onto the floor from their clothing which clung to their skin. 

Rose could feel Harry's stare on her every once in a while leaving her to blush a shade of red. She tucked a piece of her wet hair behind her ear and stared at the ground with a goofy smile plastered on her face. She glanced up and looked at Harry to see him bouncing lightly and mouthing words, probably a song. 

The lift opened the they walked out and she reached her puke green coloured door and unlocked it allowing Harry to walk in. She was greeted with a friendly meow from her cat to which she smiled and scratched behind his ear. She shut the front door and threw the keys on the counter and looked at Harry. 

"I meant what I said," Harry said after a few minutes, "I'm still in love with you. Always have been, always will be," he said and she nodded and stared at his green eyes, "What will it take for you to believe me?" 

"I do believe you," Rose voiced and he smiled at her, "I just don't know how it would work." 

"We'll make it work," Harry said with a smile dancing on his lips, "I want this. I want us and I don't care if I have to lie to be with you, I just want you," he said and Rose's lips turned upward slightly. 

"I want you, too. I've wanted you for five years," Rose whispered and he grinned widely his dimples appearing on his cheeks. 

He went over to Rose and pulled her close to his body and engulfed her in a kiss. He pushed her against the kitchen counter. He lifted her up onto the counter and wrapped his fingers in her dark hair and pulled her as close to him as he could without pulling her off the counter. 

Rose glanced down and Harry attacked the skin just under her jaw line making her moan aloud and throw her head back. She reached to his chest and grabbed the shirt and began to pry the white buttons open. Harry pulled the shirt off and threw it on the floor. He pulled Rose's pink shirt over her head and tossed it somewhere off to the side as well. Harry reached into his pocket grabbed his wallet and putting it on the counter digging in his wallet all while keeping his lips pressed against Rose's. 

Rose fumbled with Harry's belt and pulled that and his trousers and pants down off of his body. Rose slid forward and let Harry pull her trousers and pants off of his body. She felt him reach behind and unclasp her lace bra and he slid it off her shoulders and dropped it on the ground. She took the small square package and opened it with her teeth and took the rubber circle out and rolled it onto Harry's hard length. 

Harry carefully slid her closer to him making her bare bum hang on the counter just barely. He pushed himself against her penetrating her opening. She let out a loud moan and buried her head into the crook of Harry's neck. Harry pushed forward gently thrusting into her body feeling her walls against his length. 

"Mmm... don't tease me, please," Rose whimpered. 

Harry obliged and thrust forward and began to quicken his pace making Rose go crazy. Her fingers dug into Harry's back and his lips were pressed against her chest as he made rhythmic thrusts into her. Low grunts erupted from the back of his throat. His hands clenched the counter and his knuckles had turned white. 

"You feel so good," he grunted in a low tone.  

"I'd love to have you as my teacher," Rose whispered in his ear and shivers rolled down his spine.  

Rose began to feel her woman hood tighten around Harry and begin to pulsate wanting to release making her climax. She could tell Harry was coming close as well since his once steady thrusts were now uneven and quick. She felt herself begin to let go and her body trembled as her fluids spilled onto the rubbed condom protecting her youth. Harry released soon after burying his head in the valley between Rose's breasts and bit down on the tissue of one of her breasts. 

Harry gently pulled out of her and took a few deep breaths and looked at her with his vibrant green eyes. Rose brought both of her hands to his face and placed them both on his cheeks. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss and pressed her forehead against his and closed her eyes. 

"It's like you never left," she whispered softly her lips brushing the bridge of his nose. Harry held her in a sweet embrace planning to never let her go. However, one thing clung to his mind like sour milk...Mallory.

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