Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


11. Chapter 10

A week and a half has passed since the pair arrived in Bradford to visit Zayn and the reunion with the other boys. Rose and Harry decided it would be in their best interest to return back to their normal lives apart from each other. Rose working her painfully horrible job and Harry dedicating his life to teaching young children to appreciate music. Both Rose and Harry never thought they would have to leave each other, but they knew in the back of their minds they had to. For if they didn’t, people would begin to suspect that something was going on between the two. The only person they really feared of ever finding out was a female who goes by the name of Mallory Styles.

 When Harry brought Rose home, Rose was in tears. Tears ran down her face in quick strides falling to the cloth of her shirt. Harry had brought her in a large hug holding her body close to his and pressing her against his chest as best as he could. Her head was pressed against his chest and he felt her damp tears seep through the cloth of his shirt. Soft cries shook her body as she wept for not being able to see him every morning. She would miss waking up to his bright green eyes watching her as she slept peacefully.

 Rose knew that come the morning, and even that night, when she lay in her bed under her thick duvet, she would begin to feel the emptiness of not having Harry with her. She would begin to miss his good morning kisses when they woke up from the previous night’s sleep of cuddling and spooning. She would miss his strong arms wrapped around her waist. Most of all, she would miss getting the chance to make love with Harry whenever she wanted to. She didn’t have to worry about Mallory being there and finding them together.

 Harry held her in his arms for the longest while never wanting to let her leave his arms. He wanted to stand here forever and just hold her and give her as many kisses that he could. He wanted to savour the taste of her kiss. He wanted to keep feeling her lips against his and most of all, he just wanted her. He didn’t want to return to the life he had in Holmes Chapel, he wanted the life here… the one with Rose. Rose was his whole world and he never thought he would have a double life like he has, but the sooner things ended between him and Mallory the better things would be for him. The only conflict he has is finding a way to present those papers to Mallory.

 As Harry drove off from the parking lot at Rose’s complex, all he was able to think of was the face she made while looking at him. She stood in the parking lot under the dim, yellow street lamp with her bags by her feet and her arms were crossed tightly across her chest and she sobbed to herself as she watched Harry leave. Her hands were wiping the tears away frantically as they rolled uncontrollably down her face. When he looked in his rear view mirror, he was able to see Rose standing there. The look on her face broke his heart, but he stopped himself from looking at her longer than he could. He knew that if he looked back one more time, he would never want to leave. He would never return to the life people thought he held so he knew he had to refrain from looking back at the girl he fell in love with.

 Late that evening, Harry pulled into the driveway of his home in Holmes Chapel. He sat in his car for a period of time before taking off his seatbelt and climbing out of the car. He walked slowly to the back of the beat up car and grabbed his large bags from the back seat of the car slinging them over his shoulder and pulling his keys from his pocket. His fingers mindlessly searched for the large remote and he down forcefully on the black car remote. His car flashed for a few seconds with an accompanying beeping noise and then it was dark again.

 The wind blew briskly chilling Harry’s body as he walked down long, and rather narrow driveway to his front door. He fumbled with his keys as he searched for the house key wrapped in silver tape. When he found it, he stuck it in the bronze handle and turned the key opening the heavy door and taking a step inside the dimly lit house. He threw his keys on the table next to the door. He closed the door leaning his weight against it. He reached up and chained the door shut and locked it up.

 He heard creaking from upstairs then the quick shuffling of feet. Harry knew it was Mallory getting out of her bed and running down the hallway. He saw Mallory standing at the top of the stairs in a small, black night gown that hung down to her mid thighs. Her grin grew when she saw her husband. Her smile reminded Harry of someone who had just won the lottery. She ran down the stairs in a loud, thundering fashion and launched herself into Harry’s arms wrapping her arms around Harry’s neck. Mallory took no wasted time and pressed her own pair of lips to Harry’s in a kiss that she has yearned for.

 Harry was surprised at the sudden weight against him and the lips on top of his. The bags he had slung over his shoulder and in his grasp fell to the ground and his hands wrapped around Mallory’s small body as they shared this kiss. He kissed her back because he was almost compelled to because he had to keep up his appearance as the perfect husband. Mallory pulled away and looked at Harry examining his face to see if anything about him had changed over the last ten days since she last saw him in person. Luckily, she noticed nothing had changed about her husband apart from the fact that he seemed happier. She hoped it was due to him seeing the One Direction boys once again. 

 Mallory pressed her lips against Harry’s lips once again and entwined her fingers into his messy curls. She walked forward making Harry’s back slam against the door. His back stung with the impact making his back sore. Mallory began to suck on Harry’s neck biting on it softly. Harry let out a low moan as Mallory sucked on the place where it drove him crazy. Harry threw his head back colliding with the door as his body yearned for more attention at this spot on his neck.

 Mallory’s body was dangerously close to Harry’s. Her whole body was pressed against his torso. Mallory moved her hips making them rub against Harry’s manhood. Harry let a surprised gasp escape his lips and felt a bulge grown in his jeans. Mallory smirked as she felt Harry’s manhood become alive against her body. Harry’s head was thrown back against the door. Mallory took a hold of his belt and undid it pulling the black, leather belt from his jeans and throwing it to the ground. She undid his trousers and pulled them down so they sat on his ankles. 

 Her hands inched towards his boxers shorts. Her soft hands met the bulge and Harry’s hormones went wild. Her thumb rubbed over it gently squeezing his hard penis. Mallory toyed with him running her forefinger of the tip of it making Harry let out a soft growl-like noise. Mallory began to pump his erected member gently making Harry thrust his hips to her hand as she pumped his member in a rhythmic pattern. 

 As Mallory was playing with Harry, Harry’s mind seemed to come back to reality when he remembered why Mallory was acting this way towards him. His hands stretched out and pushed her away gently stopping the pleasure filled feeling in his body. She looked at him with furrowed brows and he pulled his trousers up over his erection and carefully zipped them up leaving the button undone.

 “Why? We can’t we just make love, Harry?” Mallory asked pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes.

 “Because! I know for a fact there is only one thing you want from me right now and that’s a baby,” Harry stated crossing his arms over his chest, “I don’t want a baby right now, Mal, we’re not financially stable right now. You don’t really have a job right now and I don’t make that much money.”

 “It’s not my fault I got laid off, Harry! They didn’t need me!” She said throwing her arms in the air, “All I want is a baby, is that too much to ask for?” 

 “Now is not the time, Mallory,” Harry said softly, “It’s not a good time.”

 “What happened to the money you made with One Direction? You were a millionaire when we met!” Mallory yelled and he looked at her with a hard look. He never knew Mallory to be someone to ask where his millions are. She never asked this when they were dating.

 “You don’t get it do you?” He asked walking towards her, “I had to pay for your engagement ring, our rings, our wedding, the cars, the house, your dress, our honeymoon, my college debts, and our house furnishings. Where do you think my money went? Why do you think I work so hard and do extracurriculars now? We’re almost broke! I sold my range rover to accommodate for your expensive taste!” Harry yelled at her and she sighed, “You’re ignorant and don’t think! Why do you think I cancelled our credit cards? I can’t live in debt my entire life, Mallory! All I want is some peace to myself! I don‘t want to be that person who isn’t able to provide money to their kids! I want to be able to buy them what they need and if we were to have a baby, I wouldn’t be able to do that! Do you know how much it hurts knowing I would never be able to buy them a nice swing to put in the backyard? I would love to do those things, but I can’t! ”

 “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” she asked looking at him with a small glare in her eye. 

 “I tried! I tried telling you a million times, but you never seem to listen to what I’m saying! We can’t afford to have a baby, Mallory! We can’t! Do you know how much hospital bills are? Doctor’s bills? Medicines? Having a baby takes planning and you obviously didn’t think about that! We just can’t afford all of it. Not right now anyways. Maybe in a few years, but definitely not now,” he said bending over to grab his things and headed upstairs.

 “Harry!” Mallory yelled, “Why the hell didn’t you tell me about this sooner?”

 “Like I said, I tried, but all you wanted was more things. If you don’t mind, I’m going to get rid of my problem,” he said giving her a hard look. 

 “Harry, we need to talk about this some more. We can manage!”

 “No we can’t! We can’t manage because we have so much useless shit in this house! Why do we need silk curtains? Couldn’t have gone with the cheap, heavy cotton? Why do we need the best mobile phones? We could just do with the equally nice, cheap ones. Why do we need the best clothes? Could have gone to the thrift store like I do,” Harry said and Mallory let out a frustrated scream.

 “I like to have nice things, Harry! You don’t get it do you? I’m a girl, I like nice things!”

 “I know, I like nice things, too, but your things cost ten times more than mine! You need to get a job,” he said and turned on his heel.

 “I don’t want a job!”

 “We need money, Mallory! We barely have enough to pay for all the damn bills! Get your ass up in the morning and go buy the paper and look for a fucking job! I’m tired of carrying all the weight in this family! You sit at home on your ass all day whining about how we should have a fucking baby when we can’t afford it!” he yelled and she backed up, fear screening over her eyes.

 Harry had never screamed at her in this manner before. Mallory’s lips quivered and looked at the floor and felt tears begin to well in her eyes. Harry’s eyes softened when he realized that he had gone too far with this argument. He never meant to take things this far with her and he looked at her with soft eyes. He let out a sigh and spoke softly.

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

 “You did, you meant to hurt me,” she said crossing her arms and avoided his eye contact, “You meant to yell at me! You’re yelling at me about stuff I don’t get and the only thing I want in life is a baby! Did you ever think that to make money you could sell your stuff from One Direction?”

 “That stuff is priceless, Mallory,” he said between gritted teeth, “Those are my memories and my belongings. If I get rid of it, I would never get it back. Those are my awards, my platinum and gold awards, all the things the boys and I worked for. You can’t make me get rid of my stuff.”

 “You’re trying to make me get rid of mine!”

 “Because yours are all materialistic items,” he spat and turned to go upstairs and this time ignored her incestuous yelling.

 Harry walked up into the bedroom and closed the door locking it behind him. He threw his things off to the side of the door and leaned against the door and rubbed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. He glanced down to see his member still alive and ready to fire. He pulled his trousers down and stepped out of them. He pulled off his jacket and his shirt making him almost naked. He grabbed his phone from his bag holding it in his clutch.

 Harry walked over to the bed and lay down it. He scrolled through his phone until he landed on a photo of Rose and his hands trailed down his torso and grasped his member. He began to pump himself his eyes closed picturing Rose. Her dark curly hair swaying as she walked. The way her hips swayed gently as she walked. Her brilliant brown eyes staring back at him. 

 Harry felt himself nearing his high in a short amount of time of him aggressively pumping his member. He let out a few choked gasps as his seed spilled from the tip and made his boxer shorts warm and wet sticking to his skin. His member fell limp and Harry let out a sigh before rolling out of his bed and stepped out of his pants pulling on a new pair. 

 Harry took a hold of his phone and looked at the beautiful photos he had taken of Rose. Her smile seemed to brighten his whole world and he missed having her next to his body. He wanted to hold her body close to his. The vanilla and cinnamon scent she had made his mind crave for that smell. His reason for being seemed almost nonexistent and he craved for Rose’s presence around him.

 Harry sat up leaning against the cold walls and looked out the large window at the gleaming moon. Pulled the thick duvet over his legs and brought his legs up and wrapped his long arms around them. The moon’s bright, white light shined into the bedroom and it reflected off of his silver wedding band. He played with it using his right hand. He pried it off of his finger and chucked it across the room making it hit the wall with a loud clunk. Tears began to stream from his eyes. He buried his head in his knees and cried into them. His body shook with sobs. Harry never asked for this. He never wanted this life where he was always fighting with the person he married. He never wanted to have these argument with that person. Of course he wanted a baby of his own to call him Dad and look up to him. He didn’t want Mum to be Mallory though, he wanted that girl to be Rose. He also wanted to have a sense of stability in his life so he could provide appropriate funds to that child to do what he or she wanted.

 Rose collected herself moments after Harry had driven off to return to his perfect life. She bent over and picked up her green suitcase and her keys that were thrown on the ground. She wiped her eyes dry of the tears and began to walk off towards the lift.

 She unlocked her door and entered her small flat. She saw Crookshanks sleeping on his large pillow on the floor. She looked at the couch and found her older brother sleeping on it flat on his stomach. She closes the door and places her keys on top of her green suitcase and walks over to her brother.

 She took a hold of his shoulder and gently shook him awake. He sat up and looked around with a dazed look on his face. He rubbed the sleep away from his eyes and looked to see who awoke him from his slumber. He saw it was Rose and immediately wrapped his arms around his sister in a comforting hug.

 “Where have you been?” he asked her as he sat up and embraced her in the hug.

 “Bradford,” Rose said softly pulling away from the hug.

 “Why were you there?” he asked looking at Rose with a hard look on his face, “You went with Harry didn’t you?”

 “Yes, I did,” Rose said and closed her eyes her thoughts flooding to the ill looking Zayn, “One of the boys from One Direction is sick and they needed Harry there and he needed me.”

 “Why not Mallory?”

 “The boys wanted to talk to me anyways,” Rose added ignoring her brothers question, “They wanted to apologize about something that happened a long while ago.”

 Isaac looked at his sister with his large blue eyes and stared at her. She looked broken over what had happened in Bradford. He knew that the boys in One Direction had always held a special place in her heart. She was always going to love Harry no matter how much he tried to pry her from loving him.

 “What did they need to apologize for? Is it them that’s the reason for-”

 “No, God no,” Rose said shaking her head roughly, “I overheard the lads say some things about how I was pulling Harry towards wanting to settle down and get married and they were afraid they were going to lose him. I just wish I knew what had happened between them. I am intrigued to know,” Rose said crossing one leg over the other and leaning on her knee with her elbow. She looked at Isaac, “Do you know what happened?”

 “Does it look like I would know, Rose? I’m your brother,” Isaac said with a smile on his face. Rose let a soft sigh escape her lips and she rested her chin on the palm of her hand, “I miss the old times, Isaac. Sure, I have some of them back, but it’s not the same. You should have been there, it broke my heart to see their reunion.”

 “They weren’t speaking?” 

 “No,” Rose said and felt tears begin to sting at the rims of her eyes. She sucked in a soft, shaky breath and let it out once again. Isaac rubbed her back gently, “Harry broke when he saw them. He cried in Zayn’s arms,” she said in a shushed tone. Her voice cracking making her stumble over her words.

 “He missed them,” Isaac stated and Rose nodded.

 “They’re his brothers,” she whispered, “He was so scared to see them. I didn’t know how I was supposed to get him to go into that hospital room. Harry… he’s not happy with his life.”

 “Does he love, oh what’s her name? Ma…Mal-”

 “Mallory?” Rose questioned with a raised brow.

 “Yeah, that’s it, does he love Mallory?” Isaac asked and Rose let out a sigh and uncrossed her legs and sat back on the sofa and ran her hands over her thighs.

 “He says he doesn’t,” Rose said quietly, “He has divorce papers because he’s ready to leave her for me, but he can’t seem to present those papers to her. I don’t know why, but it feels like he doesn’t want to leave her. He told the boys that he’s with me.”

 “He’s conflicted then?” Isaac questioned and Rose gave a soft nod and let out a sigh, “People are conflicted all the time.”

 “He’s the only one who has every loved me in that way. He’s my entire world, Isaac, I can’t bear to lose him. He’s my one and only,” Rose said and Isaac nodded looking at his hands clasped on his lap. 

 Rose brought her legs up on the edge of the sofa and took a blanket and threw it over her lap. She looked at her brother and wondered and just thought. Thoughts about anything and everything filled her mind. Thoughts about the past, present, even the future consumed every ounce of her mind. Her mind was so full, Rose thought that she might just give up and slip into unconsciousness.

 “What are you thinking about?” Isaac questioned his silent sister.

 “Everything,” was her simple response, “I just wish things could be different. I wish everything was the way it was all those years ago.”

 Isaac didn’t respond to his sister. Instead, he sat there pondering on the words that could come next, but he didn’t know how to respond because nothing in life would ever be perfect. His sister’s life was always hard. At least from the moment she met Harry Styles. Her whole life had become complicated when they fell in love at seventeen or eighteen years old. Her whole world was compiled of one curly haired boy. 

 Isaac distinctly remembers his feeling of jealousy when she started dating him. Isaac liked being the number one guy in her life and with Harry in her life, he was losing that to him. He knew he wanted to see his sister happy and have a life of her own, but the feeling of him losing her to Harry tore him apart. He didn’t want his little sister to grow up yet.

 “Nothing is simple,” Isaac said after minutes of silence, “Life is definitely far from being simple.”

 “I know,” she said tilting her head to the side and looking at her hands, “I just wish life were, that’s all. I hate wondering the what if’s of life. There’s nothing worst than that. I just want to live my life not having to worry about any of those things.”

 “One day you won’t have to worry, Rose.”

 “There’s always going to be something to worry about,” she said pointedly to her brother. Isaac knew he wouldn’t be able to disagree with her because in all honesty, the only thing he ever worries about is Rose. 

 Silence overcame the pair of siblings as they sat in the dimly lit flat. Rose let out a loud yawn a strange noise erupting from the back of her throat. The noise made her blush from embarrassment since it was something she was never fond of. Rose leaned her head against the soft cushion of her sofa and stared at her silent brother.

 “You should go to bed, Rose,” Isaac said and Rose nodded letting out another yawn, “I’ll be here when you wake up.”

 “I just got home, I think I sho-”

 “No, you can put your things away tomorrow, Rose, don’t worry about it,” he said with a small chuckle in his voice, “I’ll make you breakfast or get you some breakfast. Go, go get some sleep, you look completely knackered.”

 “I am! I honestly didn’t get much sleep while in Bradford,” Rose said softly, “For a multitude of reasons,” she muttered to herself.

 “What was that?” Isaac asked with a raised brow looking at his sister.

 “Nothing,” Rose said quickly with a cheeky grin on her face, “I said nothing. I’m off to bed, night Isaac,” she said leaning over to kiss her brother on the cheek.

 Rose uncovered her legs and stood up and stretched her arms and walked to her bedroom. She got in her bedroom and stripped her clothes off. Rose walked to her wooden dresser and pulled open a drawer and found a nightgown out of the drawer and slipped it over her naked body. Rose shuffled over to her bed and climbed in and closed her eyes letting sleep overcome her exhausted body.


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