Someone Like You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose and Harry used to be together. They were the couple who was inseparable... that is until they decided to go their separate ways.

"We'll find each other one day, and when we do, we'll go back to the way things were."

That was the promise Harry had made Rose before going on a world tour. That was five long years ago when they were both 18 years old. They're both 23 years old now and have gone on living their lives in their own ways.

Rose is still waiting for the day Harry will waltz back into her life, but she knows it won't happen, she's holding onto false hope. She works at a lousy job where she is forced to copy papers for a living and make coffee runs for the employees. She goes home after work to her cat, Crookshanks, and is by herself for 12 hours before repeating her day once more.

Harry, however, has long forgotten the promise he gave Rose. Harry has been married for a year to his wife, Mallory. Harry hasn't forgotten about Rose though. The rose flower running up his rig


2. Chapter 1

Rose stood at the large spewing machine watching thin pieces of white paper fly out of the mouth of the machine onto the blue plastic and filed onto the pile of paper. Rose was leaning against the machine and thrumming her fingers against the plastic.

Rose was unfortunately standing at a copy machine printing three copies of a four hundred page novel that was set to be read by some of the editors of the company. Rose didn't mind the task itself, but the fact she was stuck in a small room the size of a bedroom cupboard annoyed her to bits. There was a small table that sat in the room and had three chairs around it.

"So Ro," Rose's co-worker, Maggie said speaking up, "Have you got any plans this weekend?"

"No, and don't call me Ro," Rose snapped to Maggie.

Maggie was a year or so older than Rose yet she didn't act a day over eighteen. Maggie was a tall woman standing at five foot nine and was thin. She had long, curly blonde hair that parted down the middle of her head and had dazzling blue eyes. She was also a very chatty young woman always wanting to find something to talk about with just about everyone.

"Why not? It seems to fit your personality quite well," she said with a smile on her face. Maggie took a seat on one of the blue plastic chairs and propped her feet up on the wooden table and took her large phone out of her pocket.

"Oi! We're supposed to be working!" Rose snapped and Maggie gave her a look, "You could be asking the lot of them if they want anything."

"That would require doing work, Rose," Maggie said and Rose rolled her eyes at Maggie.

Rose absolutely loathed her job wanting to leave it the second she parked in the parking lot. Working at Ellison's Publishing & Co. had its perks, yes, but had many downsides as well. One of the downsides would be working in the copy room with one single copy machine and making coffee runs for the employees who get to sit on their arses and read the stories all day in their luxurious offices.

For the past five years, Rose has found herself being much more bitter and wanting to do things and get them done. She's also spent every single day for the past five years missing the love of her life, Harry. The only thing she's wanted to have was him in her arms once more. She wanted to feel his soft, gentle touch on her cheek as he caressed her cheek staring into her brown eyes with his captivating green eyes.

"Hello? Earth to Rose!" Maggie called waving her small hand in front of Rose's face.

"I'm here, what do you want, god damnit? You're annoying the hell out of me," she said and Maggie sighed.

"You need a boyfriend," Maggie thought out loud, "You seem to be the kind of girl who would go after someone quiet, mysterious..."

"If you say Zayn Malik I will shoot you," Rose snapped and Maggie rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Why would I ever mention that dirty name. One Direction has been a waste of space since like 2009," Maggie said and Rose mentally corrected the year, "Besides, you don't know how happy I am that they broke up. They're just like any other boy band now," she said with a smirk plastered on her face.

"Don't say that," Rose said softly as she bent over and grabbed the first stack of four hundred pages and brought it over to the table and placed it in front of her. She sighed and sat forward and began to stuff it in a yellow envelope.

The break up of One Direction was a tragic one for the majority of their fans. No one outside the band knows what really happened, but girls seemed to think it was the end of the entire world. Girls all over the world took their posters down and had a mourning session all on the same day.

Across the country in Holmes Chapel Harry was sat on his bed fully dressed and had his sleeves push up to his elbows. He sat there staring at the large tattoo that covered the entirety of his forearm. He reached over and traced his finger over the words "My Flower" on one of the petals.

"Harry, love," the soft voice of Mallory, his wife, spoke as she entered the bedroom. Harry looked up to greet his wife's awaiting gaze.

"What is it?" he asked her as he pulled his sleeves down.

"I want to talk to you," she said gently and he looked at her curiously, "We've been married for a year now and well.... I was thinking maybe we should start trying to maybe have a baby," she said sitting on Harry's lap and running her hands over his shoulders.

Harry's heart stopped and he looked at Mallory with wide eyes. Harry didn't know how to respond to his wife's pleas. He sat there with Mallory's gaze burning into him and he had no words to say. Of course Harry wanted kids, but he wasn't sure if he wanted them in the next nine months or so.

"Harry, what do you say?" she asked brushing back Harry's hair and looking at him with a smile on her face.

"I-" he started and then glanced at the clock, "I need to go to work," he said and lifted Mallory off of him and she frowned and crossed her arms looking at her husband.

"Harry, I want a baby!" Mallory yelled stomping her feet, "Don't you?" she asked walking over to her husband, "It would mean a great deal to me."

Harry stopped and looked at Mallory and let out a soft sigh and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around his wife and held her close to his body and rubbed her back. Harry wasn't going to admit this out loud, but the hugs he received from Mallory was nothing compared to that of Rose. Rose's were gentle, heart warming, and full of love. Whereas Mallory, there was something off about it, something was different and he didn't feel the connection.

"I'll think about it when I'm at work, alright?" he asked and Mallory nodded, "I do need to go, I have to teach little children about music," he said and kissed her lips gently, "I'll call you at my break."

"Will you tell me an answer then?" she asked him with pleading eyes.

"We'll see," he answered and kissed her forehead, "I'll see you later," he said and grabbed his book bag and walked out the door and to his black car sitting in the driveway of his home.

After One Direction had ended for Harry, he had enrolled back in school and worked hard to get an education. Harry graduated a year or so ago from the University of Manchester with a Music Education degree. Harry was very proud of himself and felt accomplished when he landed his first job at the school he was currently working at. Harry is the music teacher at a primary school for ages five through twelve.

"Morning Mr. Styles," a small child-like voice said as he walked into the school. He looked down to see one of his students sitting on the cement sidewalk with a book in her lap and she was looking at the photos.

"Hello there, Callie, what've you got there?" he asked bending over and speaking to the five year old.

"Animal book!" she said with a big smile on her face, "This is a big kitty! It go roar!" she exclaimed making a roaring noise and made claw-like motions with her hands making Harry chuckle.

"That's a lion, love," he said with a smile on his face, "But yes, they do go roar," he said, "I'll be seeing you later today, you take good care of that library book, alright?" he said and she nodded enthusiastically.

Truth be told, Harry had always wanted children, even at the young age of eighteen. However, this time was different, he didn't know if he wanted children with Mallory. Even though he was married to this woman, he knew it in his heart that he wasn't exactly in love with Mallory, he deeply knew that he was still very much in love with Rose, but he couldn't just leave Mallory after going through a large ceremony.

Harry entered the music room and placed his bag on the desk and walked across the room over to the shelves and pulled out three large baskets from the cupboards. He put them on the long table and started to place small percussion instruments on the tables and smiled and stacked the empty baskets on top of each other and set them on the counter.

The bell sounded in his ears and he heard the screaming and loud children's voices cease from outside the classroom. He glanced at the clock and saw that he had five to ten minutes for the class he was teaching came to his classroom.

"MR. STYLES!" a small voice screamed as she bounded into the classroom. She gave his legs a large hug and she grinned up at him.

"Hello there, how was your weekend?" he asked the little girl and she grinned and began to tell him all about her weekend. He grinned and nodded, "Alright, I've got to get class started, okay?" he asked and she nodded and went to take a seat in her assigned seat.

Harry stood in front of the classroom and began to teach today's music lesson. Harry felt happy when he was in front of all these small children. He didn't have to worry about his life problems, he just had to worry about giving these kids a good music lesson. He enjoyed teaching the children about many different instruments and how to read music. He enjoyed his life inside the classroom, but his life outside the classroom was vastly different.

Harry didn't know what he was going to do when Mallory called him, but he was sure of one thing. He had a huge decision to make and he didn't know which one he was going to make at this exact moment. He wanted to wait and see how things went, but he knew that Mallory would be bugging him for ages. Harry didn't want to say anything, but he was wishing his wife was Rose because then this would have been the easiest thing in the world.

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