My bullylover

Audrey Payne was your normal high school girl she was on the cheer-leading team since fifth grade through sophomore year she's a junior in school who gets bullied by her own brother and his friend but will 2 guys only do it out of live
this is a story based of my sister


2. Lunch

*Skip Classes*

"You'll never guess who's back in school."My friend Katie said

"Who." i replied

"Zayn Malik." She said

"What, he got expelled after what he did to Grace."I half shouted

"Harry,stop it leave me alone and let me eat in peace."Grace shouted from Harry's table

"Let's go sit with Audrey in Katie, pweasse Hazza?" Grace begged

"Fine." Harry sighed

*Grace's POV

"Hey Katie hey sis."i said

"Zayn's back in school." audrey said

"I know he's in all my classes."I said 

"He's in my PE class." Audrey said

"What is that?" Audrey asked pointing to my wrist

"A tattoo please don't tell i'll give you $200 dollars to shut up."

"Babe, i gotta go."Harry said kissing me cheek

"Guy's Liam's coming."Katie said

"Oh brother." Audrey and i said at the same time

"Well well well, look what we have here."Liam said while walking up towards us

"Liam Really, don't make me tell them."

"Tell us what." Louis said

"That he's our brother."Audrey said


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