My bullylover

Audrey Payne was your normal high school girl she was on the cheer-leading team since fifth grade through sophomore year she's a junior in school who gets bullied by her own brother and his friend but will 2 guys only do it out of live
this is a story based of my sister


1. first day

*my mamma told me no-. I hit the off button on my phone and texted my sister Grace to get up 

Let me introduce myself im Audrey my sister and i are in highschool we sort of look a like same hair eyes same height different age im 17 and shes 16 and our brother is Liam Payne, Yes THE  Liam Payne

"GRACE GET UP WHERE GONNA BE LATE!" I said pounding on her door 

"Hold on!"

"Come o-" i was cut off when i saw harry climbing out her window

"Please don't tell mom."

"I won't if you give me hundred bucks." 


"Hey, can i borrow your curling iron, i cant find mine?"Grace asked me 

"You left yours in my room."

                                     This is what they wore



                                 this is their hair



"Come on where gonna be late." I said

"I'm coming."Grace said

*skip car ride*

"What class do u have first?"Grace asked 

"Bio, you?" I replied

"AP English."

"See you after class."I said giving her a hug

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